Essentials of Computer Programming
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8:30 am to 4:00 pm (Duration 8 Hrs)

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July 6th - July 10th at UMass Boston
Russell Zahniser, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Learning to program a computer is challenging, not so much because of the cryptic nature of computer languages, but because those languages are designed to express realities that have no analog in human language or even in the physical world. This class will focus on not merely learning to program, but also acquiring a deep understanding of the big, unfamiliar ideas that undergird all of computer science. In one week, we will cover the first few months of an introductory Java programming class, using software called CodeMotion that supports the learning of programming by building visual intuition for how a computer program works. You will find that our instructional approach, which focuses on experimentation and collaboration rather than direct instruction, can be readily adapted into your own teaching of introductory or AP computer science.

Location: UMB Healey Library, LL, P5