Conservation New England

Past, Present, & Future

"Conserve and be mindful in good conscience of future generations.  They will want oysters and quahaugs, mackeral and cod, and they may need even whales.  The Mayflower fathers could suck the abundance of the seas but their children proudly looking over their genealogies in the eighth and ninth generations must mind their soils and their sea bottoms.  It is a delicate task to live well in relation to the earth mother and in due regard for all her children."
                                        -- Albert Perry Brigham (1920)
                                            Cape Cod and the Old Colony

Take a stroll (or a paddle) through a selection of New England ecosystems:


 - Agriculture and  - Impact of Dams on - Salt Marshes   - The Sacred Cod
  Forest Cover       Anadromous Fish - History of the Common
 - Non-Native Plants  - Atlantic Salmon in the      Reed Phragmites 
 - Hunting and Trapping        Merrimack River - Cranberry Cultivation
 - Community forests,  Community Stewardship
 - Old Growth Forests

The Conservation New England web site is a product of the students participating in "Conservation Biology of New England", a graduate level course offered by Dr. Robert Stevenson through the Biology Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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