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1. a weblog

The oaxaqueño gringo, my self-label.
March 10, 2006 foto by Paul Kyba

“For Better lives for our children’s grandchildren ”, at
, where you are welcome to post appropriate items, and two listservs:
2. Notes of an anarchist physicist (noaap) at;
3. Oaxaca Pro-Palestinians Group (oppg) at
      This earlier website has 7 main folders and a host of subfolders. Each main folder has a home page that includes information about the folder, with a list of any subfolders and files it contains. Some subfolders and files could logically be in any one of several locations; where I put such an item was therefore arbitrary. The 7 main folders and some of the subfolders
of the earlier site are:

1. Strategy for revolution. Initially this main folder had two major essays: Getting Free and Communality and Autonomy, each in its own subfolder. These emphasize autonomous local communities as the basis for transforming the entire global society. I later added 4 more subfolders: Discussion (of strategy for revolution), with other essays of long-term interest; Salz-mania, with items of an "emergency" nature, written to try to affect events of the moment; Other papers that don't quite fit in either the "Discussion"or the "Salz-mania" subfolders, but are germane to a strategy for revolution and Brief notes that were of current interest, included for the record.

2. Grassroots activism - a world on fire!. Grassroots activism for transforming the world, i.e. for replacing capitalism and all of the other deadly institutions. Building the Global Grassroots Infrastructure is the key, with dual foci — 1) local struggles for communality, autonomy, sustainable development and as much self-suficiency as is possible and desirable — and 2) development of the global network linking local efforts, to end their isolation. Development of the global grassroots communication infrastructure is the top priority of the unification effort. This main folder contains subfolders and files on local grassroots efforts in Mexico and in the U.S., and a series of essays on aspects of the struggles. Some grassroots groups are listed, a group mainly in the Boston area, at
and another group, mainly in the state of Oaxaca, at

3. Mexico. In the introduction to this folder I argue that developments in Mexico deserve our partisan interest. The folder includes an account of a 1998 trip to a Zapatista base community in the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas, several subfolders of essays written after coming to live in Mexico (in 1999), as well as other material, and links to articles published on other websites.

4. Science for Humane Survival. Interdisciplinary radical science courses developed at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. It was for these courses that I began the website.

5. Anarchist perspectives. Several opinion pieces, including the essay, “On the Need for Anarchism.”.

6. Notes on greed. Greed as a core cultural value, its manifestations and dangers, written in my final years at the Univ of Massachusetts Boston campus. Includes “The Gold Rush”, the series Greed 001, 101,...,104, my correspondence with the then science dean regarding my niggardly pay as a part-time faculty member after formal retirement, the piece “Pigs & Paupers”, and an article written for the newsletter of the group RESIST.

7. In memory of Freda. Notes on the professional and personal life and struggles of my wife, a founding faculty member of the Physics Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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