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      All material I prepared for this website is copyright protected to prevent its use for commercial purposes. For educational use that does not profit (in money or its equivalent) any individual or any institution, it may be freely reproduced, unedited and with indication of the source. The only exception is material copyrighted by other parties, as, for example, those topical handouts (prepared for the Science for Humane Survival courses) for whose use permission has not been granted. The Topical Handouts file in the Science for Humane Survival folder contains the following caution:

Copyright notice

      Those handouts preceded by * are available for use in conformity with the Anti-Copyright Statement. For such items, if multiple copies are available, I'll be glad to provide more than a single copy. Items for which I have not obtained a copyright release are preceded by X; I can at most provide a single copy of such items. Links are provided for items posted on the website.

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