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Bikes Not Bombs, at
      Bikes Not Bombs (BNB) uses bicycles as a means of promoting individual and community health. Aside from the obvious benefits of reduced air pollution that would result from substantial reduction in automobile use in Boston, and from regular moderate exercise, the group teaches mainly young people to repair and maintain bicycles, and how to ride them safely, and enables them to earn their own bicycles.
      The group, which began during the Regan administration in opposition to the CIA-mounted Contra War to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, was originally "Bikes Not Bombs for Nicaragua." Now it works both abroad and locally in the Roxbury community, where it has developed a solid base. BNB accepts and repairs used bicycles, and ships many of them to foreign grassroots groups. It operates the Bicycle Recycling and Youth Training Center in Roxbury to promote environmental education, meaningful employment, and safe sustainable communities, both in Roxbury and abroad.
      Bikes Not Bombs
      59 Amory Street #103
      Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119
      Tel: 617-442-0004
The new edition of
Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Our Bodies Ourselves, at
      Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), also known as the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, empowers women with information about health, sexuality, and reproduction. We work in and for the public interest, promote equality between women and men, and build bridges among social justice movements.
      This group began in 1969 at a workshop in a conference on women's liberation at Emanuel College, Boston. It's impact has been world-wide, as indicated by the fact that Our Bodies, Ourselves has been translated and/or adapted into 19 languages. Recent editions include Armenian, Bulgarian, and Serbian versions.
      34 Plympton Street
      Boston, Massachusetts 02118
      Tel: 617-451-3666 , Fax: 617-451-3664

TecsChange, Technology for Social Change, at
      TecsChange is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization in Roxbury, Massachusetts. It offers a computer repair course for community residents and organizers; equipment, training and tech support from their skilled volunteers for grassroots nonprofits here and abroad; a youth program on technology and media literacy; and presentations on technology and social change.
      Its Computer Repair Course is for community residents, activists and organizers who want to gain hands-on experience in repairing and refurbishing computers and to have the opportunity to earn a refurbished computer upon graduation.
      Its YouthTech program teaches young people about media literacy and helps them become active producers of their own media. It works with young people involved in progressive organizations who are addressing issues critical to them and their communities, and who seek to strengthen their organizing and activism through media.
      TecsChange - Technology for Social Change
      83 Highland Street
      Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119
      Tel: 617-442-4456; Fax: 617-442-3742

Lucy Parsons Center -- Radical, Independent Bookstore and Community Center, at
      The Lucy Parsons Center, formerly The Redbook, is a collectively-run bookstore and community center. This remarkable project began in 1969. See its website for an excellent historical account. The bookstore is well-stocked, diverse, and non-sectarian, though radical. It maintains sections on women's issues, children's literature, books by and about Latinos (including titles in Spanish), American Indians, Blacks, gays and lesbians, as well as titles in anarchism and pretty much the entire range of left classics. There's also a phenomenally rich, diverse offering of periodical literature. It's barely more than one block east of Massachusetts Ave, only a few streets from Symphony Hall.
      Lucy Parsons Center
      549 Columbus Avenue
      Boston, Massachusetts 02118-1125
      Tel: 617-267-6272

Resist, Inc Funding social change since 1967, at
      Resist is a unique funding organization that supports a wealth of small, local grassroots efforts throughout the US. It began in August 1966 with a "Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority" directed, at that time, against the war in Vietnam. Its one-time grants, though small in the arena of foundation funders, act to catalyze organizing efforts. It publishes a monthly newsletter.
      Resist, Inc.
      259 Elm Street
      Somerville, Massacusetts 02144
      Tel: 617-623-5110

Grassroots International, at
      Grassroots International (GRI) takes as its mission the promotion of global justice through partnerships with social change organizations. It works for political, economic and social rights and supports development alternatives through grantmaking, education and advocacy. To maintain its independence it does not accept U.S. government funds. Since its founding in 1983, GRI has disbursed $20 million to its partner organizations and campaigned in support of their struggles for equality, development, independence, and self-reliance. It has programs in Brazil, Eritrea, Haiti, Mexico and Palestine, and had one in East Timor from1999 to 2002. There was also a program in the Philippines a few years ago.
      GRI takes as a given that social change is only successful when people in their own communities address the root causes of their problems. My introduction to Oaxaca was as a member of a Grassroots International delegation in 1996.
      Grassroots International
      179 Boylston Street 4th Fl
      Boston, Massachusetts 02130
      Tel: 617-524-1400