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Open letter to a disillusioned Israeli Jewess, 28 January 2008, posted 15 February 2008
    Doreen Dotan is an intense person who says straightforwardly what she thinks, even if it is likely to cause an adversary some discomfort. I admire that quality, that insistence on honest discourse. She and I disagree strongly on some critically important issues. But her honesty apparently offered me an opportunity to learn the current perspective of some Israeli Jews who live in the occupied parts of Palestine. . . To see entire item, (htm), For print version, (htm).

Harvard, the intellectual “School of the Americas”, to honor Mexico’s President Calderón, 10 February 2008
    Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government (KSG) showed up in Oaxaca in March 2007 to try to help legitimate the fascist regime of governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. I wrote “In Oaxaca, Harvard Comes to the Rescue – of Capitalism” to expose Harvard’s intervention here. This is the same KSG that gave the mass murderer Guatemalan General Hector Alejandro Gramajo Morales a Mason fellowship to study in those ‘hallowed halls’, and then, in 1991, awarded him a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Now once again the intellectual ‘School of the Americas’ extends its bloody hand to help a dictatorial ‘friend of the U.S.’
    Here in Oaxaca we continue to live in a state of siege by state and federal military and militarized police forces. Calderón, like Bush, should not be honored.. . . To see entire item, (htm).

The Nation-State of Israel is a crime against humanity, 5 February 2008
    The Strangulation of Gaza. "Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution, with the knowledge, acquiescence and – some would say – encouragement of the international community, the commissioner-general of UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) warned recently. . . To see entire item, (htm).

Emergency after Emergency, 22 January 2008
    Although I don’t believe we, the world’s peoples, are in a position to immediately stop the ongoing murder of Palestinians by the Jewish state of Israel, we must find a way to bring this genocidal policy to a halt as soon as we possibly can. I had not intended to again send messages to my entire e-mail list, but the urgency of the situation impells me to share my rage and sense of impotence in this crisis with you. ... To see entire item, (htm). For print version, (htm).

Anarchist Physicist’s Notes, 21 January 2008
To see Notes, (htm). For print version, (htm).

The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Bank Yisra'el, Rich vs. Poor, Israelis and Palestinians, 19 January 2008, posted 20 January 2008
    A completely unanticipated e-mail on 16 Jan 2008 ... put me in direct e-mail contact with a vigorous correspondent who I believe is a forthright, totally honest Israeli who is neither a Zionist nor an anti-Zionist. Fiercely independent, she says, “I’ll not wear either of those hats”... I am a firmly committed anti-Zionist, an ideological position I believe is unequivocally justified. Nevertheless there is a major issue on which we agree and which I believe is of extreme importance to everyone. Therefore, although I have not as yet responded to her last message, I think this exchange may be of interest to many people . . . To see entire item, (htm).

William Engdahl, is he a slanderer not to be trusted? Gene Sharp, is he compromised?, 13 January 2008, posted 20 January 2008
    This sad tale of an experience in what ought to be “the movement” for a decent world tells of my disenchantment with each of three “activists”: 1. F. William Engdahl, who I believe slandered Gene Sharp and his institute, 2. Sharp, who I believe compromised himself and his institute by training young Venezuelan ‘activists’ in Boston in non-violent strategy for getting rid of the Hugo Chavez government, and 3. George Lakey, who rationalized training students seeking to ‘bring democracy’ to their nations by unseating the government even when such efforts happen to support American foreign policy objectives. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

The Einstein sisters tackle Christian Zionism, a political satire by Irving Hall, 7 January 2008
    . . . The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys ... Albert Einstein’s precocious great-great granddaughters attack anti-Semitism, lampoon Christian Zionists, Likudniks (Benyamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon), and their neo-con bedmates (Bush, Cheney, Rove, DeLay, Wolfowitz, Perle, and Feith) — finally burying the bunch of them in a bomb shelter and claiming they were “Raptured”. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Raw Hate, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year — a Christmas rant, 25 December 2007, posted 5 January 2008
    . . . We need to be able to laugh while we live through times of tragedy, and to not lose hope. As always, hate and love are in plentiful supply. I live in a state of rage much of the time, rage at my inability to counter significantly the enormous web of lies in which so much of the misnamed ‘civilized world’ is enmeshed. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Successful Palestine National Initiative (PNI) Conference Affirms Popular Non-Violent Resistance as National Strategy to End Israeli Occupation and Apartheid, 30 December 2007
    Here is news of such importance that I am putting aside an essay, already delayed more than a week, to send this out right away. . . . To see entire item, (rtf).

On ‘conspiracists’, ‘apologists’, ‘denialists’, social pathology, 23 June 2007, posted 12 December 2007
    This is an indictment of the behavior of all of us who, whether often or infrequently, scoff at people with whom we disagree ... It’s a mistake, a psychologically driven indulgence, a real shortcoming.that we ought to avoid. When we do it, we are the victims of a social pathology ... caused by our indoctrination into the cultural values that have shaped our individual lives. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Mark Bruzonsky tells it like it is. We may be in Armageddon, but don’t despair, 2 December 2007, posted 12 December 2007
    Nearly seven years ago Mark Bruzonsky gave an invited talk to three thousand or so undergraduate students at one of the elite American universities. It was 31 January 2002, not quite five months after Sept 11 when he delivered a blistering critique of the conduct of world affairs ... how did they respond, those mostly quite privileged elite American university students? They thanked him with ... a startlingly impressive prolonged standing ovation . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Land is life; dollars are death, 28 November 2007, posted 30 November 2007
    Three grassroots media articles on revolutionary struggle. 1. CIA Venezuela Destabilization Memo Surfaces, by James Petras, 2. One Hundred Years of “Imposed Ignorance” by the Commercial Media, by George Salzman, and 3. $500,000 in Department of Defense Funding to Kansas University for Mapping of Communally Held Indigenous Lands in La Huasteca and Oaxaca, Mexico, by Simón Sedillo . . . To see entire item, (htm).

A hundred years, not of solitude but of suffering, 27 November 2007, posted 29 November 2007
    Mexico’s a-cookin’. Columnists contemplate a popular explosion just three years from now. How come? Well, the hundred years will be up. On September 16, 1810 Miguel Hidalgo called on his parishioners in the town of Dolores to rise up against the ruling Spanish regime in Mexico – his famous ‘cry of Dolores’ that marked the start of the War of Independence, now celebrated as Independence Day. A hundred years later, on November 20, 1910 Francisco Madero published his “Plan de San Luis” (supposedly in San Luis Potosí, but actually from his refuge in the United States) repudiating the fraudulent reelection of tyrannical President Porforio Días. This date is celebrated as Revolution Day . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Hopeful news in dismal days – a kaleidoscope of initiatives, 17 November 2007.
    “In less than two years, the lease on the largest and most important US military base in Latin America will run out. The base is in Manta, Ecuador, and Rafael Correa, the country’s leftist president, has pronounced that he will renew the lease ‘on one condition: that they let us put a base in Miami — an Ecuadorean base. If there is no problem having foreign soldiers on a country’s soil, surely they’ll let us have an Ecuadorean base in the United States.’”
    So begins Naomi Klein’s recent article – upbeat all the way – “Latin America’s Shock Resistance” . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Best of the New York Times – too bad, not good enough, 26 October 2007, posted 11 November 2007.
    You ought not be surprised to discover that Howard Zinn is not a regular columnist for the New York Times. Of course not, he’s opposed to silencing voices critical of actions of the state of Israel . . .
    Surprisingly, I found myself reading two items in the New York Times today, a Maureen Dowd column with a catchy introductory observation, Now comes “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” recommended to me by Eldad Benary, and the other . . . from Liz Burbank’s valuable digest . . . the article by Daniel Gross, titled “Money in New York: The Capital of Capital No More?” . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Mazin Qumsiyeh, a voice worth listening to, 27 October 2007.
    There aren’t many people who I think can always be counted on to say something worth my attention . . . William Blum whose monthly Anti-empire reports are never a disappointment . . . Immanuel Wallerstein , whose twice-monthly commentaries are usually very impressive with their broad historical sweep . . . In a different category than either Blum or Wallerstein is Mazin Qumsiyeh, who is both a keen intellectual, as are Wallerstein and Blum, but also an activist par excellence, in my opinion an admirable combination of thought and action . . . here’s Mazin’s latest . . . To see entire item, (htm).

The need for anti-Semitism, 12 September to 20 October 2007.
    Hold on! Don't jump to conclusions. I'm not a Jew-hater — either of other Jews or of myself. But also don't kid yourself. The crude stereotype of Jews brimming with loathsome qualities is alive, not very vigorous but alive in America. Never mind the calculated alarms drummed out periodically by the Anti-Defamation League and various other such so-called mainstream Jewish organizations in their well-funded and well-orchestrated anti-Palestinian, Arab and Muslim frenzies. Anti-semitism is real, . . . To see entire item, (htm); for print version (htm).

Into the Valley of Death rode the Israel Lobby – Part III, 17 October 2007.
    Clearly the challenge to the Jewish-American parts of the Israel Lobby that are trying to prevent open discussion of the Israel-Palestine conflict and Zionism is leading to a major contest between opposing ideologies — not civilizations but ideologies! Today’s New York Times column by Maureen Dowd, with the provocative heading Rudy Roughs Up Arabs begins,
    Now comes “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.” . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Into the Valley of Death rode the Israel Lobby – Part II, 14 October 2007.
    The first response to my e-mail of 9 Oct [see prior posting] led to an exchange with challenging implications. The correspondent, Keith Davies <>, at one point wrote correctly, “Confession is the beginning of healing.” He then posed a question and ended, “If you can answer this question with intellectual honesty you will then understand the truth and what really needs to be recognized and then acted upon.” The challenge, aside from striving to be intellectually honest, is to understand the truth. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Into the Valley of Death rode the Israel Lobby – Part I, 9 October 2007.
    What a struggle it is to keep one’s sense of humor alive. We are all so serious, we who want to save the world. Having fun doesn’t rank high enough on our priority list to find much place in our daily lives, and we envy the little children having fun, playing their games in innocence of what the future holds for them. We Jews like to believe we have good senses of humor. I’m sure that’s true of most if not all ethnic groups. A common joke has it that any three Jews represent at least four political parties. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

‘Higher education’ in the service of empire as 286 university presidents goose-step to the dictates of the American Jewish Congress, 7 October 2007, posted 8 October 2007.
    "Our educational system", wrote Upton Sinclair, "is not a public service, but an instrument of special privilege; its purpose is not to further the welfare of mankind, but merely to keep America capitalist. To establish this thesis is the purpose of The Goose-step" To keep America capitalist requires maintaining the empire, which right now includes maintaining Israel as the top regional military power in the mideast. To keep American public opinion committed to that position is a goal of the American Jewish Congress (AJC). So when the AJC signals for the goose-step parade to commence, President Bollinger of Columbia . . . To see entire item, (htm).

A world in flames: Can academia help end the inferno?, 4 October 2007.
    . . . an e-mail from Dennis Fox announced a forthcoming First International Academic Conference on “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Pathways to Peace” set for 28-30 March 2008 at the Central Connecticut State University . . . It seems clear to me that the wall of indifference in America towards the ominous fate planned by the Israeli government for the remaining Palestinians, i.e. those not yet in the diaspora, is being steadily breached, particularly among young college people. This growing shift in opinion deserves encouragement. To see entire item, (htm).

In the heat of the struggle — Everywhere! And unrelenting, 26 September 2007.
    . . . Knowing what is going on in the world, not in minute detail but overall, means for me avoiding the mass media, almost all of which is controlled by giant corporations or the national governments, which big money essentially owns and controls. I turn instead to individuals in whom I have confidence, and try to patch together my understanding. Here’s an initial list of some of my sources, with a few links and comments, to which I will keep adding in subsequent notes. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Government agents violently kidnapped two people 25 May 2007 in Oaxaca City, ‘disappeared’ them 4 months ago, 25 September 2007.
    An urgent call from the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights for international pressure on the officials and agencies of the Mexican Federal and Oaxaca State governments. It is of course feared that they were murdered, but the demand is that the two men be produced alive. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Difficult days, gotta keep going, 21 September 2007.
    Yes, these are difficult days. Everywhere the forces of fascism seem to be in ascendency. Yet I know the world is full of good people who, like me, abhor the wanton destruction of so much that is wonderful about our species. How can it be, we must ask, that humanity has evolved a set of institutions that is ripping apart the very biosphere on which all life depends? And . . . above all, we must act! Because time is running out. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Addendum to Turning History Around: and other folks we ought to know, 20 September 2007.
    Amy Hendrickson of Brookline PeaceWorks said, We sponsored Mazin [Qumsiyeh] . . . There was quite an effort to cancel the event by the pressure group CAMERA . . . who called the High School where the event was scheduled, the superintendant of schools and even the police dept. . . the superintendant of schools stood up for free speech and refused to cancel the event.
    Mazin is a terrific speaker . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Turning History Around: a man we ought to know, 19 September 2007.
    Fact is, there are many good people we ought to know. Mazin Qumsiyeh is one of them. Every day I get notes from some of them suggesting things to read. And lots of the suggestions are excellent, though there are too many to pass on to my own list. . . [I]t’s always a matter of selection, and good stuff gets omitted. Mazin Qumsiyeh is a real powerhouse. Here’s his latest. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Why you can’t find William Blum in the New York Times, 15 August 2007.
    Tony Fresques is an American Indian of the Oglala-Lakota nation. When I arrived at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota at the start of the 1994-95 academic year ever-affable Tony was the Acting College President. One day he saw a pile of New York Times on a shelf next to my desk, smiled as he went by and greeted me with, “the newspaper for those who like to think they think.” Of course he was right. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Saving an open, democratic internet, 13 August 2007.
    Carmelo Ruiz Marrero <> is actively involved in the struggle to maintain the liveability of the planet. He harbors, it seems to me, few if any illusions of the danger global human society is facing. Use of the internet is one of his tools. Just the other day I got from Carmelo an alert about possible U.S. congressional legislation to alter the regulation of the internet. A clear danger signal. Carmelo's e-mail contained the following: . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Oaxaca is so civilized! — Compared to Israel, 28 July 2007, posted 5 August 2007.
    Although I don’t for a minute believe the governments, state or federal, have any commitment to protecting human rights, what is significant is that in Mexico the governments feel obliged to make the pretense that they are committed to treating people in a civilized manner, as a great number of Mexicans demand. By contrast in Israel, as I understand, the deeply embedded hatred of Palestinian Arabs within the bulk of the Israeli Jewish population is such that there is but an insignificant (from the political perspective) outcry against the murder of young Palestinians, . . . To see entire item, (htm).

A Call for International Solidarity: Oaxaca, 20 July 2007
    The struggle between the popular movement of rebellion and the governement’s actions to totally crush it is at a critical point. I believe the situation is extremely dangerous for many oaxaqueños. Four days ago the governments (Oaxaca State, Mexican Federal, and I’m sure, fully backed by the United States) planned and executed a successful provocation followed by a savage attack on civilians. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

The People are Deciding, every day! Report from Oaxaca, Mexico, 8 to 13 July 2007, with note added on 15 July, posted 15 July.
    ... The exuberance of the people on Friday and yesterday still needs to be adequately told. Today [Sunday, 15 July] is the second day of the peoples’ Guelaguetza, their grand annual festival. Last night the zócalo was jammed with oaxaqueños of all ages, with bands and a grand march and a lavish display of fireworks – bombs bursting in air – high above the plaza of the Cathedral. But a quiet lady, a teacher. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Bob McKinney and James Herod, The grace of ordinary common decency, 2 July 2007
    Few people I know write with as straightforward, simple language as James Herod ... Late last year he sent me a memorial note he had written about Bob McKinney, a comrade of his who died. It says much about McKinney, a plumber by trade, and much about James Herod’s thoughts concerning the human qualities that we must not let be eroded by capitalist culture. These are the qualities that I think should bind us all together in a true global human community. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Is there a Jewish gene?, 4 May to 3 June 2007
    A long-time friend recently wrote me (25 April) “I am glad that I was born Jewish, I’m known as a Jew, and I’m known for supporting justice and opposing injustice. I don’t like to see Jews acting below their heritage, exploiting people, the environment, social and political systems, no matter if they’re a professor, CEO, plant manager, farmer or diplomat.”
    Then I got in the mail (on 3 May) an article headlined “Promoting Hate. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Ulises Ruiz y Alan Dershowitz contra la verdad en Oaxaca y en Israel, respectivamente
Ulises Ruiz and Alan Dershowitz against the truth in Oaxaca and in Israel, respectively
, 25 April 2007
    On 22 April I sent out an e-mail distribution with the subject as given above. It led to a lively exchange that I think is worth sharing because it is suggestive of how one-on-one trust may sometimes be built, of course with patience and some effort to communicate. First, the e-mail distribution, and then the correspondence. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Fraud by Anti-Finkelstein U.S.-based Jewish Mafia, Beyond Dershowitz, institutionalized fraud, 22 April 2007
    A really vicious campaign to pressure DePaul University to deny tenure to Norman G. Finkelstein is ongoing. It is employing multifacted lying, slander and fraud in the a priori illegitimate effort to intrude in the normal process of tenure consideration in order to have the university fire Finkelstein ... But Dershowitz, the notorious Jewish American Harvard law professor, is only one prominent part of the assault against truth. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Dershowitz vs. Finkelstein IV, Beyond Dershowitz, institutionalized fraud , 18 April 2007
    I was surprised to get an e-mail announcing that I had endorsed a petition opposed to Norman G. Finkelstein's tenure, a total fraud. Mine was not the only name on the petition calling for non-interference in the DePaul University process considering tenure for Norman G. Finkelstein that was fraudulently placed on the petition opposing his tenure. Here's an update on this little episode, which isn't yet finished. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

The PRI vs. the People of Oaxaca, I, The PRI government is faltering. The people are winning, 14 April 2007
    Friends, It is impossible for me to keep up with local developments here and to get the information out to you in a timely fashion. Unfortunately the local daily newspaper Noticias does not maintain a website that is regularly either up to date or complete. Thus even readers of Spanish who go to the Noticias website, at , can not be sure of being able to get current or past coverage of events reported in the printed edition. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Dershowitz vs. Finkelstein III, The real problem is much deeper. James Petras and Bill Templer are straightening me out, 12 April 2007
    Both Bill Templer and James Petras wrote me, emphasizing the importance of confronting the Zionist infrastructure in the U.S. that works to propagate Zionist ideology and to implement the Zionist program in accord with that ideology. I wrote today to a number of people, a letter that said in part . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Help prevent Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz from intervening in De Paul University to get Norman G. Finkelstein fired, 9 April 2007, posted 11 April 2007
    Norman G. Finkelstein is a rock of solidity in academia. His effectiveness in making known much of the truth about the Israel-Palestine conflict is so great that Alan Dershowitz of Harvard University has mounted a disgraceful one-person campaign to try to bury his voice by preventing him from gaining tenure in De Paul University, i.e. by getting him fired. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

In Oaxaca, Harvard Comes to the Rescue – of Capitalism, 1 April 2007, posted 9 April 2007
    Harvard contributes to reconstructing Oaxaca is the grand headline splashed across the Sunday, March 25, 2007 front page of NOTICIAS VOZ E IMAGEN DE OAXACA (NEWS VOICE AND IMAGES OF OAXACA), the major daily newspaper published in Oaxaca City. When I saw that announcement this morning I thought, “Oh, my God! That’s both good news and bad news.” . . . To see entire item, (htm).

A dangerous struggle to bury the truth, 8 April 2007
    Norman G. Finkelstein is a treasure of the academic world. His effectiveness in making known much of the truth about the Israel-Palestine conflict is so great that Alan Dershowitz of Harvard University has mounted a disgraceful one-person campaign to try to bury his voice by preventing him from gaining tenure in De Paul University, i.e. by getting him fired. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

A heartwarming victory for press freedom in Oaxaca. But don’t overcelebrate, the struggle isn’t over, 14 March 2007
    It is amazing to me to experience the steady rise of optimism of many people here that the popular struggle to change Oaxaca in a deep way will succeed. The struggle of the newspaper Noticias that I told a bit about, and its editorial were obviously inadequate to give much more than the pleasure of knowing the paper wasn't destroyed. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Support the distant social struggle in Oaxaca, 22 February 2007
    Here is an urgent appeal on behalf of a defender of human rights, one of many who have been threatened and jailed by the governments in order to prevent them from acting on behalf of political prisoners. They are requesting statements be sent from all countries to various Oaxaca State and Mexican Federal officials strongly urging them to obey the laws, the Mexican constitution, and international agreements on human rights to which Mexico is signatory. . . . To see entire item, (htm).

Oaxaca, the Great Mexican Social Volcano Rumbles , 31 January 2007, posted 11 February 2007
    The great Mexican volcano, Popocatepetl, ... on 19 September 1985 ... brought unprecedented devastation to Mexico City. A massive self-mobilization of ordinary citizens responded spontaneously to rescue as many as possible of those trapped alive in the wreckage. Many speak of that event, which shook the heart of Mexico, as the beginning of an enormous surge in Mexican civil society. It is that civil society, triggered by the uprising in Oaxaca, that is now making the Mexican state tremble, . . . To see entire item, (htm). For print version, (click here).

Abir Aramin, 26 January 2007
Dear friend:
    Ten-year-old Abir Aramin died on January 18th, 2 days after her skull was fractured. She was on her way home from school in the walled-off West Bank town of Anata when an Israeli Border Police jeep drove provocatively through the school zone. Eyewitnesses say the jeep was firing stun grenades and rubber bullets at the children when Abir dropped to the ground, bleeding from the head. . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Fun in the revolution — a letter to my friends in Science for the People, 8 September 2006, posted 25 January 2007
    Thanks to all of you who read my recent message to Science for the People and who didn’t immediately believe I’d gone absolutely bonkers, soliciting support for the Oaxaqueños in rebellion. After all, you might have thought, there are lots of people who never heard of Oaxaca, a remote region in southern Mexico, and here's this old guy puffing up its potential importance (and with it his own) in world history with the ludicrous claim that there's an incipient non-violent revolution in progress — out there in the boonies, and of all places, in Mexico, land of the machetes! . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Anonymity and clandestinity, trust and distrust, 9 January 2006, posted 22 January 2007
    Yesterday was another emotionally tumultous day for Nancy and me. The day before, 7 January, Al Giordano, publisher of the Narco News Bulletin, received an accusatory e-mail from Rebeca Romero with specific focus on Nancy’s writing.[1] Rebeca Romero is a pseudo-journalist whose trashy distortions have regularly been offered up by the Associated Press (AP) to help hide from the American people the truth of the fascist governments’ attempts — those of Oaxaca State, Mexico, and, I should add, the U.S. (which is backing them to the hilt) — to crush the popular uprising in Oaxaca. . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Anonymity, a cloak for cowardice and treachery in Oaxaca, 2 January 2007, posted 5 January 2007
    Nancy and I have been struck, and humbled, again and again, by the sheer courage of many of the people here in Oaxaca City. Coming, as we do, from middle-class American backgrounds, it's been shocking to meet people who see themsleves up against an insufferable, brutal government — the Oaxaca State government — backed up by an equally brutal federal government, but who refuse to succumb to the terror campaign designed to force them to abandon their struggle for justice and lives with dignity. . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Popular Assemblies and the Growing Popular Assembly Movement, 4 January 2007
    A popular assembly is a self-organized, autonomous, non-hierarchical group of people who come together spontaneously. They come together as gente (people) and metamorphose into pueblo (We the people, not them). In many cases the assemblies are based geographically (by neighborhood, town, county, state, etc.) as in Argentina or Bolivia. (The union base itself is not a popular assembly because it excludes those who don’t belong to the union. Nevertheless, the Bolivian Water Wars depended on the spontaneous participation of the non-union population ready to struggle). . . . To see entire item, (htm)

The APPO Lives, 11 December 2006, posted 16 December 2006
    Sunday, December 10 was Human Rights Day. It was also the day for the eighth mega-march, called by the Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) to reaffirm their presence and their determination.
    The on-lookers arrived in a slow stream, through the Plaza de la Danza, down the stairs and along the street. They arrived like mercury, silently moving in the bright sun. It was not the march that moved me to tears. It was those small clusters of onlookers along the way, positioned in the shade of small parks and plazas. A few applauded when the leaders went by, arm in arm, representing the APPO, the teachers, the indigenous municipalities, the families of the dead, tortured, disappeared and imprisoned, and the PRD. A few applauded when families marched past holding aloft their family photos. . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Middle-class sympathies: 2 Oaxacans and 2 Americans in Oaxaca City, 3 December 2006.
    . . . Both middle-class oaxaqueños are sympathetic to the popular struggle typified by APPO, and both middle-class Americans are more critical of APPO than of the governments’ repressive policies. I believe these conflicting sympathies point to cultural differences that override simple class categories. The four items that follow are:
1: Two letters from a teacher in Oaxaca City.
2: Letter from a an American resident to a friend in the U.S.
3: Response to the letters from the teacher, by an American resident, Shirley Gray
4: Interview of journalist Jaime Medina by David Bacon for Truthout . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Assembly of the Zapoteco, Mixe and Chinanteco Peoples of the Sierra Juárez – Declaration of Guelatao, 19 November 2006, posted 24 November 2006.
    The municipal and communal authorities, representatives of community and regional organizations, citizen men and women from the communities and municipalites of San Miguel Cajonos, San Francisco Cajonos, . . . belonging to the Zapoteco, Mixe and Chinanteco peoples, met in the municipality of San Pablo Guelatao de Juárez, Oaxaca México; with the goal of analyzing and reflecting on the reality in which our communities are living, and proposing our form of participation in the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, We say and we demand . . . To see entire item, (rtf)

From the mountain communities in the northern Sierras of Oaxaca, 13 November 2006, posted 23 November 2006.
    Oaxaca, the state of the Mexican republic with about 70 per cent of its inhabitants claiming they belong to one or another indigenous people (of the 16 that exist there), is convulsed by the stupidity of an incompetent governor who persists in power despite being generally repudiated.
    The indigenous communities and peoples of Oaxaca have borne centuries of oppression, not without resorting at various moments of their history to uprisings to show they were fed up and to make demands. . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Revving up the dirty war in Oaxaca, 11 November 2006.
    . . . the combined level of the dirty war by the Oaxaca PRI contingent of Ulises Ruiz and the Federal Preventive Police mushroomed — so intolerably in fact that the church offered asylum to members of the popular movement because of the threats and the jump in the numbers of dead, arrested, and disappeared, . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Attack on the University Radio, Thursday 2 Nov 2006, posted 6 November 2006.
    Radio Universidad at 1400 am remains a strong voice at 1:30 pm, but how much longer it will continue is unclear. As the only station still broadcasting for the Popular Assembly movement of Oaxaca, . . . To see entire item, (htm)

Coverage of the Oaxaca Rebellion in the Narco News Bulletin, List I, from 26 May 2006 to 22 October 2006.
    This list may provide the most intense coverage for these first five months of the uprising. To see the list, (htm)

Excellent column by Gilberto López y Rivas in La Jornada, 20 October 2006.
    The meaning of APPO. It’s not by chance that Oaxaca is the [first] state of the Mexican republic where a popular non-violent civil insurrection of transcendent historical importance, in both its form and content, is taking place. Initially a conflict of a teachers’ union with a corrupt and authoritarian state government, the movement was transformed starting from the brutal repression on the teachers’ encampment by the police and paramilitaries of governor Ulises Ruiz. It became the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) on 17 June of this year. ... To see entire item, (htm)

“A revolution with an absolute minimum of violence”. It’s not ‘news’ – but it should be, 13 October 2006.
    Today it’s Sunday (8 Oct 2006) in Oaxaca, beautiful clear air, sunny, a morning to enjoy a tamale mole and hot coffee for breakfast. So I walked down the street to the market, Mercado Sanchez Pasques, to get tamales for Nancy and me. The market was teeming, people and dogs moving uncertainly in all directions. I slowly worked my way through the crowd towards the tamale lady’s great aluminum vessel sitting on a glowing brazier. From the towel across the top of the giant pot containing the tamales steam escaped, condensing into the fresh morning air. ... To see entire item, (htm)

Oaxaca state government not to be trusted, 9 October 2006.
    A plan prepared by the Oaxaca state government came to light some days ago. On Friday 6 October at a press conference, the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO, its initials in Spanish) disclosed a so-called Iron plan to attack and arrest the protestors. Here is a translation of the report from La Jornada on 7 October ... To see entire item, (htm)

Striking Gold: The genesis of this “strategy for revolution” project, 30 August 1996, posted 8 October 2006.
    In 1996, within a period of three-and-a-half months, I “lucked out”, first because James Herod gave me a copy of the first draft of Getting Free, and then I came upon a copy of Jaime Martínez Luna’s Comunalidad y Autonomía (Communality and Autonomy) ... I have no doubt that the ideas expressed in these essays are absolutely crucial for the social revolution so many of us are striving to achieve (as the massive actions against the World Trade Organization in Seattle a few short weeks ago make clear). If these ideas prevail, it will be a revolution with an absolute minimum of violence. ... To see entire item, (htm)

Oaxaca Study-Action Group expelled from Oaxaca Lending Library: anonymous accusations lead to ouster, 28 September 2006, posted 5 October 2006.
    In a sordid series of events, the Manager and the Board Chairman of the Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) threw the Oaxaca Study-Action Group (OSAG) out of the Library. After meeting there weekly since the end of 2005, and being welcome, these two brave Board members suddenly withdrew the welcome the night before Stephen Dunifer of Project TUPA and Free Radio Berkeley was to give a previously scheduled public presentation on community radio. Their abrupt action followed receipt of an anonymous e-mail accusing four members of OSAG, including two who are Board members of OLL, and the group itself, of illegal activities that were endangering the library. The Oaxaca U.S. Consular Agent was also involved, in a highly questionable role. ... To see entire item, (htm)

Request for basic honesty at the Oaxaca Lending Library, 19 September 2006.
    The more I think about it the more I am struck by the absurdity of the last anonymous e-mail you included in your request last night asking that OSAG not meet in the OLL. The very idea it proposed, namely that a bunch of state hoodlums (in or out of uniform) might storm into the library to rough up and arrest a handful of older Americans and in the process might beat up "innocent" old folks who happened to be there (with their canes, walkers and wheelchairs) and who were not OSAG members (and hence not "guilty"), is so riduculous that it's almost laughable, were it not the creation of someone(s) who is/are completely bonkers. ... To see entire item, (htm)

The Oaxaca Lending Library and the Oaxaca Study-Action Group Harrassment by cowardly anonymous Americans, 18 September 2006, posted 28 September 2006.
    Regretfully, the library needs to withdraw its invitation to hold the talk by Dunifer at the Library. We are getting just too much “heat” from our membership over this. As you know, this is a time of volatile feelings and the library cannot afford to be caught in the middle of all of this. As you also know, the library has only recently come through years of conflict into a time of peace and calm. The library simply cannot afford to go back into a time of such strife. You know I have tried to be supportive but the library's needs ultimately come first and I believe that withdrawing the invitation (in consultation with Board President Bill Pumphrey) is in the best interest of the library.
David Myler,
Library Manager ... To see entire item, (htm)

Oaxaca City, a ‘dangerous destination’ – ‘in the grip of anarchy’, 17 September 2006.
    Every day I get letters from folks who had been contemplating a visit to this wonderful city, fearful now of the supposed danger in which such a visit would place them. Here’s one that came yesterday: ... So, if you’re one of those potential visitors who has been frightened into cancelling your trip, I understand why, and how effective propaganda can be in instilling fear. It’s well to have in mind that in all likelihood the concerted effort to prevent tourism in Oaxaca right now has nothing to do with your personal security, but everything to do with the big capitalists and their agents both in and out of governments trying to starve the movement headed by APPO into subservience and surrender. You can help the struggle for human dignity here in one of the poorest states of Mexico simply by coming to visit as a tourist, because tourism has been a crucial part of the state’s economy, and you can do so at no more personal risk than visiting, for example, Boston. ... To see entire item, (htm)

A general loss of fear, an e-mail to my entire “large” list, 11 September 2006.
    It is far easier to catch the spirit of the people during these now-peaceful days and nights than to keep track of the multiple details of the struggle as it progresses throughout the state of Oaxaca, and increasingly, in other parts of Mexico. As I stepped out yesterday morning to go to the Sanchez Pasques market a block away to buy our usual Sunday morning tamales, bright early sunlight on my back, Colorado-blue sky above, a few men and women on our quiet street, Callejón del Carmen, on their way to and from the market, it all said softly, “This may not be heaven but it’s about as close as you can get.” ... To see entire item, (htm)

Building a Oaxaca information and solidarity communication network, 9 September 2006, posted 10 September 2006.
    Without a clue of the attack by state operatives to come six or so hours later, and confident that after the fiasco of his June 14th attack on the sleeping teachers in the center of the city the governor would not again try a heavy-handed assault, they [the teachers guarding the TV & FM tower] joked, ate the piedras, asked (as usual here) where I came from and how I liked Oaxaca, lied about how good my Spanish was, and insisted on posing for a group picture just below the chain-link fence that protected the transmission installation. ... To see entire item, (htm)

In Oaxaca the Revolution isn’t just schlepping along, it’s in full-tilt, 3 September 2006, posted 4 September 2006.
     The rebirth of Mexico is proceeding apace, miraculously so far with a show of strength and commitment to non-violent civil disobedience by a popular movement that stirs the hearts of those of us who seek peace, true peace with dignity for all people. And who seek no vengeance. And no power except the power to control our own lives.
     It’s a formula for revolution that terrifies the ruling power structure. Ignore the panic-driven lies of the corporate media. They are trying to stir fears in the minds of decent people ... To see entire item, (htm)

Incipient Revolution in Oaxaca, 29 August 2006, posted 2 September 2006.
    Oaxaca shares, with Chiapas and Guerrero, the distinction of being the three most impoverished states of Mexico. These three contiguous bastions of extreme poverty, among the richest states of Mexico in natural resources, lie along the Pacific coastline in southeastern Mexico. Oaxaca, shown darkened on the map, is flanked to its east by Chiapas and to its west by Guerrero. Its population, about 3 and 1/2 million (2003 estimate), is unique ... To see entire item, (htm)

The Real Thing. The people take back their own celebration, 17 July 2006, posted 29 July 2006.
    When the first little girl stepped out onto the platform, holding high the orange satin skirt of her costume and clutching on top of her head a basket of flowers, she was grinning with such evident combination of pride, glee and terror that tears sprang to my eyes. I had to get out of my folding chair on the crooked pavement and go stand in the back of the crowd so’s nobody would notice my attack of sentimentality. ... To see entire item, (htm)

A few of many strands in the struggle for life with dignity: Palestine and Oaxaca, and now Lebanon . . ., posted 27 July 2006.

Where hope lives, even revolution is thinkable
Oaxaca, sÍ; United States, no. Imagine, if you can, any place in the U.S. where the main, centrally located park of a major city could be occupied for over a month by a people’s movement intent on replacing the political government of that state by a statewide “Popular Assembly of the People”, and a multitude of popular assemblies in all the villages, towns and city neighborhoods throughout the state, all of them without any political party involvement. Beyond imagination in the U.S.A. today, isn’t it? But in Oaxaca that’s exactly what is going on, as this picture illustrates.To see entire item, (htm)

At a cusp in human affairs: the struggle for human dignity in Oaxaca, a southern state of Mexico, posted 7 July 2006.
    The struggle for life with dignity is surging in the southern (and poorest part) of Mexico, where the teachers’ strike in the state of Oaxaca has become a massive popular movement to oust the dictatorial governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO), and, more significantly, to replace the long-standing political government by a Popular Assembly with no political parties. This breath-taking explosion of anger, confidence and joyous pre-celebration . . . To see entire item, (htm)

We are Constructing a Movement in Defense of Life, posted 29 June 2006.
    Oaxaca is one of the states with major inequities and socioeconomic disparities among its diverse social classes and population groups. These inequities have been aggravated by the governmental economic policies of structural adjustment and free trade that have brought as consequences major economic and social poverty for the economically weak part of the population.To see entire item, (htm)

Israel, a “Shylock” nation-state — living the stereotype, and dying. end of a brief, contentious exchange, posted May 31, 2006.
    Lest any of the Israel über alles apologists for the ongoing destruction of Palestinian society by Israel inadvertently misunderstand me, Israel is not unique – except in one regard – among the world’s nation-states, all of whom, almost without exception, behave as disgustingly as Israel, lying, stealing, killing, debasing the lives of “their” citizens and anyone else who opposes the drive for more and more concentration of wealth and power under control of the hierarchical ruling class. What makes Israel unique is that it is Jewish. To see entire item, (htm)

Curiosity, not real interest, but more than just idle curiosity – a brief, contentious exchange, posted May 18, 2006.
    George: Was wondering if you knew about the Arab conference before I mentioned it to you which took place right after the Six Day War where eight Arab leaders issued what is known as The Khartoum Resolutions of 1967?
    This Resolution has been the basis of Arab policy with the exceptions of Egypt and Jordan who have signed peace treaties with Israel. Notice, Israel did trade land for peace with both of these nations. ... To see entire item, (htm)

Counter-campaigns and autonomous communities: Mexico’s Zapatistas continue their fight, posted May 17, 2006.
      “We are fighters, but not with guns,” said the man in the ski mask, one of a group of masked peasants addressing us and a dozen other visitors. “We invite all of the common people, who are of the left, who are not with the government, to join us in struggle,” he continued, speaking in the Mayan Tzotzil language. “Because we know the government will never hear our word, and will never help us.”
      This masked man is one of the many voices of the Mexican Zapatista movement today. ... To see entire item, (htm)

The “Jewish” Problem, microcosm of the Human Problem, posted May 13, 2006.

Priorities in struggle; keeping our focus on the primacy of our
“On the Ground” effort to build grassroots infrastructure
1. I believe the top priority in our struggle for liberation — right after not losing our sense of humor — ought to be our effort to build our own grassroots infrastructure in direct opposition to the dominant global capitalist web. It’s fun working on things we really want to do, but that’s not why, or at least not the major reason why I keep trying to pull myself away from getting entangled in endless theoretical arguments. It's because positive, constructive efforts will, if enough of us undertake them, enable us in the long run to actually gain control over our collective and individual lives. ... To see entire item, (htm)

Arenas of struggle: keeping our perspective — a reply to Bill Templer’s “The Last Taboo?”, posted May 2, 2006.
    A principal arena in the struggle for liberation is that of direct resistance to repression by governments and their corporate bedfellows, the giant capitalists. Equally important are the struggles to build our own grassroots infrastructure, our “On the Ground” efforts opposed to the suffocating dominant infrastructure. Far less significant are the debates among academics and intellectuals on the precise meanings of words, who said what, what it means and how it might be misinterpreted by right-wing hatemongers. As an unregenerate “self-hating academic” (and a Jew), I am determined not to get sucked into such diversions, a variety of intellectual masturbation. Hence my “answer” to Bill Templer. ... To see entire item, (htm)

An open letter to Manuel Garcia — on Kim Peterson’s rebuke of William Blum for using the term “Israel Lobby”, posted April 28, 2006.

Preface on “horizontal” communication.
Enlightenment is not a worthy goal. Well, of course it is, but not all by itself. Enlightment is only the first step; we first have to understand what’s wrong with the world, then figure out how to correct it, and then the critical final step, we need to act. ... To see entire item, (htm)

William Blum’s Anti–Empire Report — it’s “must” reading, posted 22 April 2006.
      One of the really great truth-tellers I’ve come to rely on is William Blum. His once-a-month Anti-Empire Report is something I just don’t miss. Today his latest issue came, with the first item on the debate following the Mearsheimer-Walt paper, “The Israel Lobby”. ... To see this item and the notes for the entire paper, (htm)

The Jewish-Israeli Lobby and Noam Chomsky: an exchange between Jeffrey Blankfort and George Salzman, posted 9 April 2006.
      When I came upon Jeffrey Blankfort’s work about a year ago, it was at once clear that he was incredibly informed, in detail, about efforts of groups and individuals to control public discourse in the U.S. regarding the state of Israel. ... To see entire paper, (htm)

Hey man! there’s only one way to learn the truth. You gotta keep trying, posted 29 March 2006.
Keep an open mind (but as Betrand Russell said, not so open that your brains fall out), search for honest people who are well-informed, listen to (and/or read) what they think, and try to evaluate it critically. No one “knows it all”, but some people know an awful lot. Just do your best to understand, and keep at it. None of us is born stupid, but we’re all born ignorant. ... To see entire paper, (htm)

Changing History, 1, posted 18 March 2006.
Of course one can’t change what has happened in the past. One can only wish it had been different. What’s done is done. But for the present and the future, we do have choices. This paper is the start of an effort to discover how we, the entire human species, can maximize our chances for robust humane survival here on the earth. ... To see entire paper, (htm)

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The New York Times doing “damage control” for the Israeli Government, posted 10 March 2006. (htm)
This e-mail to my list, like the last one, is posted here temporarily, until the blog is working better, along with reader’s comments and more letters.
Suppressing Truth in the Theatre — Anne Frank’s Diary good, Rachel Corrie’s bad!, posted 9 March 2006. (htm)
This e-mail to my list is posted here temporarily, until the blog is working better, along with reader’s comments and more letters. This e-mail led to a second one two days later, and more comments and letters.
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3. The Hamas electoral victory, Hugo Chavez, and the American Jewish Congress, posted 22 Feb 2006.(htm)

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1. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Evo Morales, Indigenism and Identity Politics, posted 15 Feb 2006.(htm)

Out of the box! Towards humane survival, posted 18 Feb 2006.
Once upon a time
there lived a very smart Jew. At age 70 he received a letter from a rabbi, who explained that he had sought in vain to comfort his 19-year-old daughter over the death of her sister, “a sinless, beautiful, 16-year-old child.”

      In reply the elderly Jew wrote, “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty. ...
The Hamas electoral victory: a chance to break out of the box?
Or are we prisoners still?

      The January 25th Palestinian vote carried a strong message to all who would listen. ... To see entire paper, (htm).

Swimming in flood tide: I need a change of pace — or something, posted 5 Feb 2006.
      My last two essays, the top two listed [below this] and linked to on the just-revised page,, got a fair number of replies from readers. That motivated me to try to post the resulting correspondance so that all of you can read it and, if you wish, join in the discussion. I included contact information so you can write each other directly. And it works! One example: a message from Wayne Cooke <> on Feb 3 says . . . To see entire paper, and a good picture of Wayne on Mt. Ranier (htm).
On ideology and truth: Evo Morales’ speech, “I believe only in the power of the people”, posted 9 Jan 2006.
Ideological conformity — an impediment to truth
      Many of us have learned – with good reason – to distrust the corporate media and have turned increasingly to a host of internet web sites and other non-corporate-controlled sources for news and analysis. Of course it’s in our interest to make all our grassroots information sources as trustworthy as possible. So it’s troubling when incorrect or otherwise misleading information is distributed by our own sources. To see entire paper (htm).
For readers’ comments and more letters see (htm), posted 2006-01-23.
Bleed the Monster, or, we gotta get the world straightened out, posted 19 Dec 2005.

Immersed in disaster, and not just in Iraq, and
not “just” the United States of America
      A giant being sucked irrevocably into a maelstrom, death as inevitable and excruciating as that of a victim in Kafka's In the Penal Colony.[1] For the United States is a mighty giant in the world today, mighty and fearful, able to spread destruction on a scale never before even imagined in the councils of the powerful. To see entire paper (htm).
For readers’ comments and more letters see (htm), posted 2006-01-29.
Let me tell you about my prostate – or, Why are old people so interesting? (htm), posted 2005-11-28.

Activism! — Even heroes can be frustrated without it (htm), posted 2005-11-24.

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THE Number 1 Problem — Destruction of the global ecosphere (htm), posted 2005-10-11.

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The Scale of it All ― Oaxaca's dirty laundry ― well, some of it (htm) or (doc), written 2005-07-30, posted 2005-10-03.

Communality, local autonomy, and local self-sufficiency ― three essentials for long-term survival (htm), posted 2005-09-28.

Developing community, increasing local self-sufficiency and local autonomy (htm), posted 2005-09-27.

Bibliography on Peak Oil (htm), posted 2005-09-27.

The Petroleum Commons: Local, Islamic, and Global (htm), posted 2005-09-27.

We don't need a hurricane; the time for revolution is now! (htm), posted 2005-09-22.

Disrespect hurts Science for the People list, and the “left” in general, by eroding mutual trust (htm), posted 2005-09-14.

The Fall 2005 Wheels of Justice bus tour (htm), posted 2005-09-13.

Reject and campaign vigorously against representative government (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-08-04.

Back to basics ― James Herod on reality (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-08-03.

Government siege of Oaxaca newspaper continues ― Renewed call for a tourist boycott (htm), posted 2005-07-19.

The pageantry of Joe Bageantry, or, we gotta get America straightened out (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-07-16.

Call for a tourist boycott of Oaxaca City (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-06-29.

True peace and reconciliation in Israel-Palestine (htm), posted 2005-06-16.

Three voices of sanity (htm), posted 2005-05-25.

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Rachel Corrie, an American victim of America (htm), (doc), posted 2005-03-28.

Telling it like it is: Amy Goodman, John Perkins, Mark Bruzonsky ― they don't soft-pedal the truth (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-03-18.

Palestine. More than ‘just’ divestment. Upping the ante to break the Israeli death grip (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-03-07.

Participation and Community (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-03-04.

Trust the humble, everyday people, our best bet (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-03-02.

The archaic burden on the global movement (htm), (doc), posted 2005-02-28.

On the Tsunami, and more on Upton Sinclair (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-02-18.

Contemplating the Tsunami (htm), (doc), posted 2005-02-09.

Reaching out in time of social crisis — some notes from an old teacher (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-02-02.

Colleges and Universities from Coast to Coast. Who Runs Them? And for What Purpose? (htm), (rtf), posted 2005-01-31.

Stop the U. S. drive for global domination ― a call to the world’s people (htm), (rtf), written 2005-01-04 to 21, posted 2005-01-21.

From Inclusion to Participation: Elections and Protests, Part III (htm), (rtf), written 2004-12-28, posted 2005-01-03.

Beheading America, an open letter to Alberto Giordano on the deadly corporate media (htm), (rtf), written 2004-12-15 to 30, posted 2004-12-31.

The election is being strongly contested. Join in! Don't give up! (htm), (rtf), posted 2004-12-23.

Arizona – a hotbed of peace: grassroots initiatives for ending war (htm), (rtf), posted 2004-12-15.

Man! Do we ever need grassroots authentic media in order to know the truth! (htm), posted 2004-12-10.

Elections and Protests (htm), written 2004-12-01, posted 2004-12-09.

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