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first posted 26 Oct 2002,   last update 18 Oct 2010


      In reverse chronological order, most recent first, from July 27, 1998 to October 2, 2005.

AMLO in Oaxaca), first posted 2005-10-02, last update 2010-10-02.

The Scale of it All, Oaxaca's dirty laundry ― well, some of it), first posted 2005-07-30, last update 2010-10-16.

Where Doctors Make House Calls, first posted 2004-04-02, last update 2010-10-18.

Segundo, a tale of Oaxaca, first posted 2002-10-26, last update 2010-10-15.

Prologue to: What I saw at the Revolution, first posted 2001-06-09, last update 2010-10-17.

Claudia's World, Oaxaca vignette, first posted 2001-05-06, last update 2001-05-06.

Votes, Drugs and the PRI, Oaxaca vignette, first posted 2001-04-02, last update 2001-04-02.

Heading for the Last Round-up: The Preliminaries Are Over, an article on the Zapatista arrival in Mexico City, first posted 2001-03-16, last update 2001-03-16.

Weather Update for Oaxaca, Oaxaca vignette first posted 2000-04-14, last update 2000-04-14.

The Porto-Potty Election Rally, Oaxaca vignette first posted 2000-02-11, last update 2000-02-11.

The Coca-Cola Tree, Oaxaca vignette first posted 1999-12-25, last update 1999-12-25.

Baptism and Beds for Dogs, Oaxaca vignette first posted 1999-12-18, last update 1999-12-23.

The Thanksgiving Journey, account of a trip in southern Mexico with a Mexico Solidarity Network Environmental Justice delegation in late November 1999, and then nine days of independent travel, first posted 1999-12-10, last update 1999-12-10.

Tourists to the Rebellion: a Socially Pro-active Vacation, account of a trip to La Garrucha, a Zapatista base area in the mountains of Chiapas, with a Chiapas Media Project delegation, first posted 1998-07-27, last update 2010-10-16.

Other essays of Nancy's from Mexico are not yet posted here.

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