Fraud by Anti-Finkelstein
U.S.-based Jewish Mafia

Beyond Dershowitz, institutionalized fraud

22 April 2007
by G.S.  <>

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      A really vicious campaign to pressure DePaul University to deny tenure to Norman G. Finkelstein is ongoing. It is employing multifacted lying, slander and fraud in the a priori illegitimate effort to intrude in the normal process of tenure consideration in order to have the university fire Finkelstein.

      With my narrow focus on the magnificent struggle of the Oaxaca peoples here at home, I only learned of the Jihad against Finkelstein (Noam Chomsky’s characterization of Alan Dershowitz’s role) by an e-mail on 6 April, as reported in my posting at . But Dershowitz, the notorious Jewish American Harvard law professor, is only one prominent part of the assault against truth.

      Not until 17 April did I learn explicitly about another part of the U.S.-based Jewish Mafia, an ‘Israel Über Alles’ (IÜA) group that calls itself Stand With Us (SWU). On that day an e-mail (mis)informed me that I had signed a “No Tenure for Finkelstein” petition. That was false. What I had signed was a “We Support A Fair Tenure Process for Dr. Norman Finkelstein”, a petition which begins, “We are deeply concerned about reports of outside interference into the tenure and promotion case of Dr. Norman Finkelstein ...” The two petitions, each hosted by Petition Online, are not diametrically opposite.

The ‘Israel Über Alles’ Group, aka ‘Stand With Us (SWU)’

      The IÜA (or SWU) group, along with Alan Dershowitz, wants DePaul University to fire Norman Finkelstein. Pure and simple. Get rid of him. The IÜA petition is at . It begins, “We Urge DePaul University not to grant tenure to Dr. Norman Finkelstein.” The other petition, initiated by an individual, Vicki Johnson, although expressing confidence in Finkelstein’s integrity and scholarship, i.e. supporting him as a credible academic, explicitly calls for non-interference in DePaul University’s normal tenure considerations, concluding with “We support a fair tenure process for Dr. Finkelstein.” Vicki Johnson’s petition is at .

      The IÜA’s ‘Dump Finkelstein’ petition site says, at the bottom of the page, “The No Tenure for Dr. Norman Finkelstein Petition to DePaul University Faculty and Leadership was created by and written by Roz Rothstein (” On 17 April I wrote Rosalyn Rothstein, saying in part, that she should “either
1) carry out a thorough search for other forged signatures taken from the petition, We Support A Fair Tenure Process for Dr. Norman Finkelstein, which is at, and remove each forged signature, or
2) arrange with Petition Online to have her entire petition removed.”

      More than five full days (more than 120 hours) have elapsed since I first wrote her. Others have also written her, and CC’d me. Since then four other confirmed forged signatures have been uncovered, probably a fifth, and a number of double postings, all on her petition. She has been notified, she has written three notes that I have copies of, and it is now perfectly clear that either a) she has lied repeatedly about her supposed efforts to correct her petition, or b) she is incompetent, unable to make corrections that are in her power to effect. I can assert this with confidence because Vicki Johnson, whose petition is also on Petition Online, wrote me

Subject: Re: Continuing fraud by the Rosalyn Rothstein “No Tenure for Dr. Norman Finkelstein” group
From: Vicki Johnson <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:39:14 -0700 I see your entry is still on the “no tenure” petition.  I don’t understand why a responsible person would not remove this entry, after numerous statements from you that it is fraudulent.

When I created the petition at, I was sent an administrator’s web page. I have attached a couple screen shots. One function lets me void out entries, just by entering the line number. Takes 2 seconds. Another option ... I think Rothstein could easily avail herself of these options, if she wished.

      The two “screen shots” Vicki attached are:
To read the smaller print, click .

and 2)

      Rosalyn Rothstein's IÜA group has an affiliate IÜA campus group, on whose website I found the following yesterday:

Read the No Tenure for Dr. Norman Finkelstein Petition (at 12 noon CDST 21 April 2007)

PETITION: No Tenure for Finkelstein
116 Reads
Instead of engaging in reasonable and respectful debate, Dr. Finkelstein defames and demonizes scholars and others who disagree with him. In our opinion, Finkelstein's association with DePaul University will damage DePaul's reputation. DePaul will be seen as a school that fosters irresponsible scholarship, extremism and childish, hateful debate.
Please Click Here to Sign the Petition
Anti Israel Events
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Posted by: aero780
on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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      As of 2 pm CDST yesterday, by going to the IÜA petition and clicking on the link 3446 , I found that the following fraudulent entries remained. (Note: Since the block numbers change, evidentally someone is altering the posted ‘Dump Finkelstein’ petition. In order to see this particular fraudulent group of entries, numbers 3207 to 3212, click on the link with the first number above or equal to 3212.):

3212. Charlie Pottins  
3211. Paula Abrams-Hourani  
3210. Miriam M. Reik, PhD  
3209. Kevin Murray  
3208. Kevin Murray  
3207. George Salzman, PhD, Prof Emeritus, Physics Dept, Univ of Massachusetts at Boston - Write directly to the President of DePaul, Dennis H. Holtschneider (

      Rosalyn Rothstein identifies herself as the National Director of the ‘Israel Über Alles’ group, Stand With Us. She set up the ‘Dump Finkelstein’ petition and is responsible for maintaining the fraudulent signatures on that petition and the petition itself. It’s important to understand that this is not just an academic dispute between individuals who disagree but each of whom is respectful of honest differences. Alan Dershowitz, Rosalyn Rothstein and the entire Anti-Finkelstein U.S.-based Jewish Mafia is engaged in a no-holds-barred campaign to prevent any adverse criticism, including honest and warranted criticisms, of the state of Israel. Here are the three notes of hers that I have received, and a fourth note that came yesterday, which had no message.:

From: Roz Rothstein <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:57:44 -0700

Hello Dr. Saltzman,
Per your note below, please be advised that we are not forging signatures.

I have no idea who would do such a thing.... because obviously something is wrong.
We are in the business of playing fairly, but playing.

We entered the debate about this because there was a “pro” tenure petition going around.
Certainly, we have not been monitoring the petition to see if there is a misuse of your petition, and certainly there may or may not be....

You believe that Dr. Finkelstein deserves tenure, and my “camp” does not. That is really about the extent of it.

That does not mean that we would ever deliberately sign on academics that have not signed the petition.

As a child of Holocaust Survivors, I must tell you that I am deeply concerned with the messages that Norman Finkelstein brings to the Israel/Palestinian debate. That being said, I am not in favor of “cheating” on a petition.

Any names that you have identified that are unlikely to have signed, please do let me know, and we will request that they be immediately removed. We will also take a moment to review the signatures posted at this time.

All the best,
Roz Rothstein, National Director,

From: Roz Rothstein <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:24:20 -0700

Dear George et al
Per your note below:
I am concerned that I am not able to communicate to all the receiver’s of Georges notes, and that people may think that we are taking this whole thing lightly for some reason.
I can understand that you want the petition rectified because we do as well!!
look at some of the vile language on our petition...on around five or six of the entries.
Look at your own!! I’m sure you are not pleased with some of the language on some of your own entries...

Please let your list know that we are actively and repeatedly trying to rectify this petition site. Please let everyone know that we are ethical.
They are not responding.
Again: They are simply not responding.
Do you think that we are enjoying the vile language on some of the entries??
While we may disagree about the granting of tenure, I can assure you that we do NOT disagree about working to maintain an ethical petition.
Again... All the best to you and please convey this message to the group that you are copying.
Roz Rothstein

From: Roz Rothstein <>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 09:18:59 -0700
To: <>
CC: <>, ...

      Thank you for the editing. [Ellen had written the day before: “A mild editorial note: plurals are formed without apostrophes. Hence, if you have two receivers, they are “receivers” and not “receiver’s.” But perhaps this particular error — as well as the heated emotion indicated by the !!s and the ??s [editing requires a cool head] casts some light on the apparent lack of editing on the “Anti” petition.”]
And do you think you can please convey to your list that we are working to correct the petition? I would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you,
Roz Rothstein

Subject: Response to Chandler Davis re NO TENURE petition site
From: Roz Rothstein <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 18:06:26 -0700
To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

[There was no message. —G.S.]

      When we compare the information from Vicki Johnson to the performance of Rosalyn Rothstein we see that at the very least Rothstein is grossly incompetent. She keeps claiming that she’s working to remove fraudulent signatures, but gives no specific information about why she is unable to do so, merely complaining that Petition Online is not responding to her. Using the same Petition Online facility, Vicki has used the site’s tools to keep her petition against interference in DePaul’s normal tenure process an honest and dignified effort.

      My personal belief is that what we are confronted with here is probably not just incompetence (thought there’s that too), but a sinister effort by Rothstein to cover up her misdeeds by lying. That behavior mode has been part and parcel of the entire history of the U.S.-based Jewish Mafia since the establishment of the Israeli state. The motivation for attacking Finkelstein is totally evident. He has been eminently successful in exposing the disgraceful machinations of the groups who have sought to benefit by exploiting the German Nazi’s Judeocide. That’s what drives Alan Dershowitz bananas, into a fuming irrational rage of lies and slander against Finkelstein, who lays out the facts.

      I think it is a mistake to be misled by Rothstein’s seeming respectfulness and politeness. If she were really concerned that the continuing fraud was harmful to her group and their goal, and that Petition Online was culpable, as her complaints allege, she could easily have obtained the services of that aggressive lawyer Alan Dershowitz to initiate suit against Petition Online. But to my knowledge she hasn’t tried to get her fraudulent petition removed from the site. It’s worth noting that her behavior so far has been consistent with her beliefs as expressed in the following item from her Israel Über Alles website in that it represents total, unprincipled support for the government of Israel, i.e. for the Jewish Nazis who are in charge. The following is from her site, at

Action #3   General letters to President Bush NOW:
A. Write to the President frequently, use your fax and call the comment line. The message must be: Please support Israel’s fight against terrorism. There cannot be a double standard between the war being fought by the US on terrorism, and Israel’s same war. TERRORISM MUST NEVER BE SUPPORTED OR REWARDED. Include: I appreciate all that you have done in this war against terrorism.
B. Kids letters to President Bush: Apparently President Bush likes to read children’s mail. Talk to the kids in your life. Get them writing, and send snail mail. Keep those letters flowing. Do letters at gatherings. The letters should be personal, no “form” letters. Give your kids a few brief facts, and let them write.

So there’s Rosalyn Rothstein curling up with one of history’s greatest international terrorists and mass murderers, her way of “supporting” the state of Israel. Oi! Oi! Oi! as we groan (in Yiddish). Jews like her we need like a hole in the head.

      One of the hesitations that I think academics ought to overcome is a reluctance to violate the ‘norms of academic discourse’ by saying (when deserved) things that are offensive to individuals being criticized. In an examplary instance of refusal to clothe the truth with polite euphemisms, Noam Chomsky, on the Democracy Now program on 17 April did not hesitate to state that Alan Dershowitz has repeatedly, deliberately and flagrantly lied in attacking Finkelstein. You can watch the Chomsky interview at . Amy Goodman’s interview with Chomsky starts at about 14 minutes into the hour-long program. As usual, Noam is calm, lucid, and absolutely incisive in expressing his thoughts.

      Being forthright in calling things what they are ought to apply right across the board, not just to lying professors like Alan Dershowitz, but to others who deliberately engage in dishonest and potentially harmful actions. I think Ellen Cantarow’s suggestion that it’s important to write individual letters to the president [and dean, I would add] of DePaul University is well taken. I appreciate all the information and individual efforts that went into our collective endeavor to expose and hopefully eliminate this particular fraud.

      Here’s the current list of fraudulent signatures (as of 8:50 pm CDST on 22 April):
4197. Ellen Cantarow, Ph.D., Harvard University, 1971
4188. Charlie Pottins
4181. Miriam M. Reik, PhD
3212. Charlie Pottins
3211. Paula Abrams-Hourani
3210. Miriam M. Reik, PhD
3209. Kevin Murray
3208. Kevin Murray
3207. George Salzman, PhD, Prof Emeritus, Physics Dept, Univ of Massachusetts at Boston - Write directly to the President of DePaul, Dennis H. Holtschneider (
2993. David Rolde
2992. Peter Lowney
2392. tom hussey Dr. Finkelstein's only "crime" is that he has uttered truths that Israel's apologists would like covered up.
1580. thomas j. hussey Norman Finkelstein has been a beacon throught the years for Jews who are concerned about the criminality of the Israeli government and its North American fifth column. DO NOT SILENCE DR. FINKELSTEIN'S ELOQUENT VOICE. GRANT HIM TENURE!!

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