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      There are too many bases to touch, at least for me. Every day I feel engulfed by news that ought to be spread. I try to save stuff on my C-drive to use later, but the drive gets cluttered — like my brain — and when I write a note to my list I invariably forget about some things. Not very good. Knowing what is going on in the world, not in minute detail but overall, means for me avoiding the mass media, almost all of which is controlled by giant corporations or the national governments, which big money essentially owns and controls. I turn instead to individuals in whom I have confidence, and try to patch together my understanding. Here’s an initial list of some of my sources, with a few links and comments, to which I will keep adding in subsequent notes.

Some sources of information I tend to rely on.
I will flesh out (and correct) the descriptions in time.

Greg Palast, an investigative journalist who works with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). . 1) Big Easy to Big Empty: The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans, an investigation by Greg Palast for Democracy Now! Interviews by Palast and Amy Goodman of heroes and villains - the deep horror, the dark humor and the no-bullshit truth you won't get on CNN.
. New Orleans two years after. Published August 29th, 2007. 2) Bush’s Fake Sheik Whacked: The Surge and the Al Qaeda Bunny . 3) Student Tasered for ‘Armed Madhouse’ Question to Kerry . 4) Silenced Rather Sues CBS-Read the story behind the lawsuit . September 19th 2007- Dan Rather has filed a lawsuit against CBS claiming violation of his contract- read the real story behind Bush’s guard service and the necklace-ing of the media from Palast’s Armed Madhouse. 5) DAN RATHER: TASED AND CONFUSED . The Still-Unreported Story of “Top Gun” George Bush. Monday September 24, 2007.
Carmelo Ruiz Marrero <> focuses principally on ecological issues as impacted by social/political/economic forces. Puerto Rico is his “local” beat, but he is also global in his interests. Usually I get a couple of e-mails daily. Lots on genetically modified crops. . . To send him messages,  <> . Much of his writing is in Spanish, though he is bilingual. Today he sent an article from the América Latina en movimiento website titled
El Banco del Sur en perspectiva ambiental , Bueno sería que el Banco del Sur, desde su concepción, definiera una agenda operacional orientada hacia estilos alternativos de desarrollo. Escribe Héctor Alimonda  (25/09/07).
The Bank of the South in environmental perspective , It would be good for the Bank of the South, from its conception, to define an agenda oriented towards alternative styles of development. Written by Héctor Alimonda (25/09/07).

Mazin Qumsiyeh <>, <> is a remarkable and inspiring human being. I’ve written about him before. See my Turning History Around: a man we ought to know, at and Addendum to Turning History Around: and other folks we ought to know, at . Yesterday he sent another encouraging e-mail, with Subject: [HumanRights] More Jews are dissenting, and action items. As usual, full of information. You can get on his list by sending a blank message to <>

And fascism is working hard right here in Oaxaca

My most recent posting is the following:
Government agents violently kidnapped two people 25 May 2007 in Oaxaca City, ‘disappeared’ them 4 months ago, 25 September 2007.
      An urgent call from the Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights for international pressure on the officials and agencies of the Mexican Federal and Oaxaca State governments. It is of course feared that they were murdered, but the demand is that the two men be produced alive. . . . To see entire item, (
       Yesterday’s NOTICIAS VOZ E IMAGEN DE OAXACA reported
“En ambos juicios de amparo, subrayó, una vez que todas las autoridades señaladas como responsables negaron haber detenido, tener incomunicados, torturados y víctimas de tratos crueles, el PJF ordenó suspender el procedimiento el pasado día 7 y ordenó dar parte al Ministerio Público Federal para investigar los hechos.”
“In both amparo* judgments, the judge [of the Federal Judicial Tribunal, PJF in its Spanish initials] underlined that once all the authorities designated as responsible denied arresting, holding incommunicado, torturing and cruelly victimizing the prisoners, ordered suspension of the proceedings of the 7th of September, and ordered the Federal District Attorney to investigate the facts.”
* An amparo is a judicial order issued by a judge to protect someone against a feared or threatened action, e.g. against illegal arrest.
      There are several items on this in yesterday’s NOTICIAS  which I would like to translate and post to the Oaxaca Study-Action Group discussion list, at , but have not yet been able to get to it.
      It is important that the government officials hear from the international community on this issue. They are sensative to protests from abroad, and are clearly feeling they must make believe they are going to seriously investigate. Everyone knows they will not actually do more than make these pronouncements, but it is significant that they feel pressured. Their inability to act effectively (except by repression) continues to illegitimize the government in the people’s eyes. Letters can be in any language — Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, etc. — and can be brief. Many thanks.

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