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21 January 2008

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New notes. 1. William Engdahl, is he a slanderer not to be trusted? Gene Sharp, is he compromised?, at .

2. The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Bank Yisra'el, Rich vs. Poor, Israelis and Palestinians, at .

3. Watch for a new Oaxacan Pro-Palestinians Solidarity Group. At the moment, the listserv host says, “ Due to technical difficulties, Riseup is not currently accepting new lists. We hope to begin again shortly.” This has persisted for several days. As soon as possible I will test the statement below to see whether the proposed name of the group, which includes a non-English letter, is acceptable. The statement (with the tentative group name) is also available at . I will let you know when the new group listserv is open for subscriptions.

4. Israel’s abominations in savaging the Palestinians must somehow be ended. A note yesterday from Mazin Qumsiyeh contained the following:
“Yesterday in Connecticut, we had the honor to hear from the father, mother, and sister of 10-year-old Abir Aramin who was murdered by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in occupied Anata, Jerusalem, Palestine. We also heard from Israeli refusenik Yonatan Shapira. Abir’s father Bassam Aramin was jailed in Israel starting at age 17. When released he and Yonatan cofounded Combatants for Peace which combined Israelis and Palestinians who now advocate nonviolence and justice. He and others continued with the group even after his daughter was murdered in front of her school and while walking with other classmates, friends, as well as her sister (who gave us a heart-wrenching account of what happened and who spoke movingly about how Palestinian Children want to live like other children).”
Qumsiyeh’s listserv is invaluable. . You can subscribe by sending an e-mail (no message is necessary) to

5. New group tentative statement.

English version below
      Estamos formando un grupo nuevo de solidaridad para apoyar la lucha de los palestinos por libertad, derechos humanos, dignidad y justícia. Se llama “oaxaca-pro-palestinians-group” Si leyeras la lógica (abajo) y estuviras de acuerdo con la intención del grupo, puedes afiliarte con un correo electrónica (un mensaje no es necesario) a Si después quisieras anular tu suscripción sólo necescitarías enviar un c.e. (un mensaje no es necesario) a

La lógica
      La intención de este grupo es mantenerse a flote en solidaridad con los pueblos palestinos. Su lucha contra la conquista es similar a la de los oaxaqueños, que son en gran parte indígenas. Las dos son opuestas a la deshumanización y marginalización cultural. Cada grupo enfrenta la represión militar despiadada por el régimen en el poder. Los ya ricos buscan más engrandecimiento expropiando el terreno para explotar los recursos naturales y el trabajo de los empobrecidos. Muchos de los pueblos indígenas (los indios en Oaxaca, los palestinos en Israel/Palestina) están forzados a emigrar porque no pueden sobrevivir económicamente en sus comunidades de origen. En los dos lugares las luchas de las poblaciones indígenas son las luchas para una civilización verdadera, contra las fuerzas del capitalismo global.
      Este grupo de solidaridad consta por lo general de los pueblos de origen de Oaxaca que viven aquí o fuera de Oaxaca, y ‘gringos’ que viven aquí o que han visitado Oaxaca y sienten una afinidad con muchos de los valores tradicionales que aún están vivos entre muchos oaxaqueños indígenas. Ademas de los que nacieron o vivieron aquí y no quieren la destrucción de las comunidades y las culturas indígenas, otros son bienvenidos si ellos están de acuerdo con la intención y el espíritu que anima al grupo. Los anuncios, etc. serán generalmente en español y/o inglés.


      We are forming a new solidarity group to help the struggle of the Palestinians for liberty, human rights, dignity and justice. Its name is “oaxaca-pro-palestinians-group.” If you read the rationale (below) and are in agreement with the purpose of the group, you can join by sending an e-mail (no message is necessary) to
If later you wish to cancel your subscription all that is needed is to send an e-mail (no message necessary) to

      The purpose of this group is to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian peoples. Their struggle against conquest is similar to that of the largely indigenous peoples of Oaxaca. Both are opposing dehumanization and economic and cultural marginalization. Each faces ruthless military repression by the ruling regime. The already wealthy seek further aggrandizement by expropriation of territory and by exploiting the natural resources and the labor of the impoverished. Many indigenous peoples (Indians in Oaxaca, Palestinians in Israel/Palestine) are forced to migrate because they cannot survive economically in their native communities. In both arenas the struggle of the indigenous populations is a struggle for a true civilization, against the destructive forces of global capitalism.
      This solidarity group consists mainly of people who are native Oaxaqueños living here or elsewhere, and ‘gringos’ who live here or who have visited Oaxaca and feel a strong affinity for many of the traditional values still alive among many indigenous Oaxaqueños. In addition to those who were born or lived here and who don't want the indigenous communities and cultures destroyed, others are welcome if they agree with the purpose and the animating spirit of the group. Postings to the group will usually be in English and/or Spanish.

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