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Discussion of strategy for revolution (en Español)

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      This subfolder of the Strategy for Revolution folder contains items shorter than Getting Free or Communality and Autonomy, items I believe are also relevant for thinking strategically about the global revolutionary struggle.

Items in this subfolder, most recent first

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2005-12-18 Bleed the Monster, or, we gotta get the world straightened out (htm), by George Salzman

2005-10-11 THE Number 1 Problem — Destruction of the global ecosphere (htm), by George Salzman

2005-08-03 Back to basics ― James Herod on reality (htm) or (rtf), by James Herod

2005-07-31 Reject and campaign vigorously against representative government (htm) or (rtf), by James Herod

2005-07-16 The pageantry of Joe Bageantry, or, we gotta get America straightened out (htm) or (rtf), by George Salzman

2005-04-30 Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict (htm) or (rtf), by Jeffrey Blankfort

2005-04-09 The Jewish Threat ― real or imaginary? ― follow-up ― trying to learn the truth (htm), by George Salzman

2005-04-14 War for Israel (htm) or (rtf), by Jeffrey Blankfort

2005-04-09 The Israel Lobby and the Left ― Uneasy questions (htm) or (rtf), by Jeffrey Blankfort

2005-04-09 The Jewish Threat ― real or imaginary? ― trying to learn the truth (htm) or (rtf), by George Salzman

2005-03-02 Palestine. More than ‘just’ divestment. Upping the ante to break the Israeli death grip (htm) or (rtf), by Zeev bin Natan

2005-02-25 The archaic burden on the global movement (htm) or (doc), by Andrej Grubacic

2005-02-06 Contemplating the Tsunami (htm) or (doc), by Bill Templer

2005-02-02 Participation and Community (htm) or (rtf), by Nancy Davies

2005-01-21 Stop the U. S. drive for global domination ― a call to the world’s people (htm) or (rtf), by George Salzman

2004-12-30 Beheading America: an open letter to Alberto Giordano on the deadly corporate media (htm) or (rtf), by George Salzman

2004-12-28 From Inclusion to Participation: Elections and Protests, Part III (htm) or (rtf), by Nancy Davies

2004-12-14 Participation and Democracy: Why aren't the people the government? Elections and Protests, Part II (htm) or (rtf), by Nancy Davies

2004-12-10 The Petroleum Commons: Local, Islamic, and Global (htm), by George Caffentzis

2004-12-06 Blessed be the killers, Part III (htm), by George Salzman

2004-12-01 Elections and Protests (htm), by Nancy Davies

2004-11-22 Blessed be the killers, Part II (htm), by George Salzman

2004-11-13 Blessed be the killers, Part I (htm), by George Salzman

2004-10-27 This time round, mind the ballot: Too many lives depend on it (rtf), by Bill Templer

2004-08-16 Assault on the USS Liberty - 2 in pursuit of truth (htm), by George Salzman

2004-06-11 The Cooperation Manifesto (htm) or (rtf), by Nancy Davies

2004-05-28 The Israel-Palestine Conflict-2 (htm), by George Salzman

2004-05-22 The Israel-Palestine Conflict-1: Edward, I was wrong about Sharon (htm) or (rtf), by George Salzman

2004-04-03 Welcome to Their Nightmare: Orwell and Kafka in Israel/Palestine (htm) or (rtf), by Lawrence Davidson

2004-02-20 On the Nature of Zionism. Zionist ideology, not Sharon, is the problem (htm), by Ghada Karmi

2003-07-16 A July 2003 interview with Stan Goff (htm) or (rtf), interview by Jennifer Van Bergen

2003-01-12 Americans, oppose the threatened war (rtf), by George Salzman.

2002-12-22 Alberto Giordano: Chronology of the Venezuelan Strike that Wasn't.

2002-12-20 Alberto Giordano's views on Venezuela, the media and anarchism: an interview by the San Francisco Independent Media Center.

2002-12-12 A New Pearl Harbor, by John Pilger.

2002-12-05 Review of The Pity of It All: A History of Jews in Germany, 1743-1933, by Amos Elon (htm) or (rtf), review by Gordon A. Craig.

2002-10-26 Pax Americana Alert, by Steve Fine.

2002-10-10 An empire by any other name, by Jay Bookman.

2002-10-06 Reaction to 'Bush's Real Goal in Iraq': Comparing America to Ancient Empires is 'ludicrous', by Donald Kagan.

2002-10-00 Respect Your Enemies--The First Rule of Peace; An Essay Addressed to the U.S. Anti-war Movement, by Midnight Notes.

2002-09-30 Call to stop the U.S. government's drive for global domination, by George Salzman.

2002-09-29 The president's real goal in Iraq, by Jay Bookman.

2002-09-18 Come September (htm) or (rtf), by Arundhati Roy.

2002-06-00 Strategizing for a Living Revolution (pdf), (htm) or (rtf), by George Lakey.

2002-04-25 Breaking Free Of The Protest Mentality, by Marc Silverstein.

2001-10-10 The So-Called Evidence [on 9/11] Is a Farce, by Stan Goff.

2001-09-03 Reflections on Zionism From a Dissident Jew, by Tim Wise.

2000-11-00 From voting and majority rule to assemblies and consensus, by Libertus Radix, translation by George Salzman.

1999-11-16 Letter responding to Getting Free, from Gustavo Esteva to Jared James.

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