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      This subfolder of the Strategy for Revolution folder is a new addition to the site, which I started February 18, 2005. Previously I had added the Salz-mania subfolder, but now it turns out that I'm writing a little more often, and with shorter e-mails that go out to my entire distribution list (currently with about 1300 entries), primarily to inform the recipients of new postings on the site, but with a few additional remarks.

Items in this subfolder, most recent first

Note: the links (htm), (rtf), (doc) are, respectively, to hypertext markup language, rich text format, word document files.

2005-11-28 Let me tell you about my prostate – or, Why are old people so interesting? (htm)

2005-11-24 Activism! — Even heroes can be frustrated without it (htm)

2005-09-28 Communality, local autonomy, and local self-sufficiency ― three essentials for long-term survival (htm)

2005-09-26 Developing community, increasing local self-sufficiency and local autonomy (htm)

2005-09-24 Bibliography on peak oil (htm)

2005-09-22 We don't need a hurricane; the time for revolution is now! (htm)

2005-09-14 Disrespect hurts Science for the People list, and the “left” in general, by eroding mutual trust (htm)

2005-09-12 The Fall 2005 Wheels of Justice bus tour (htm)

2005-05-24 Three voices of sanity (htm)

2005-05-21 I Want a world of happy children (htm), (doc)

2005-03-27 Rachel Corrie, an American victim of America (htm), (doc)

2005-03-18 Telling it like it is: Amy Goodman, John Perkins, Mark Bruzonsky ― they don't soft-pedal the truth (htm), (rtf)

2005-03-01 Trust the humble, everyday people, our best bet (htm), (rtf)

2005-02-15 On the Tsunami, and more on Upton Sinclair (htm), (rtf)

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