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Writings in the Strategy for Revolution folder

      The "Strategy for revolution" folder contains the two major essays on this website: Getting Free by Jared James and Communality and Autonomy by Jaime Martínez Luna, each located in its own subfolder. It also contains three other subfolders: "Discussion of strategy", "Salz-mania" and "Other essays". The "Discussion of strategy" subfolder contains items by various authors, shorter than Getting Free or Communality and Autonomy, judged to be of strategic relevance for global revolutionary change. The "Salz-mania" subfolder contains items written under the pressure of unfolding events in efforts to affect the course of history in the short run, items of an "activist" rather than "contemplative" nature. The "Other essays" subfolder contains articles, by various authors, some of which precede my time in Mexico, that don't quite fit in either the "Discussion of strategy"or the "Salz-mania" subfolders.

Contents of the "Other essays" subfolder
In reverse chronological order, most recent first, from June 1998 to March 22, 2003

Report from Oaxaca on anti-war protests, students organizing against the U.S. attack on Iraq, March 22, 2003.

A Letter to Science for the People, about recent developments in Mexico, and which seeks support for a legal struggle on behalf of freedom of the press, March 20, 2001.

Zapatistas Arrive In Mexico City, a letter to the heartland, March 19, 2001.
México en la Lucha VI, "so Mexico will never be lost again", a letter from Oaxaca, March 19, 2001.

México en la Lucha V, from the Zapatista caravan, in Morelia, Michoacán, February 23, 2001.

México en la Lucha IV, Zapatista caravan a-coming, from San Cristóbal, Chiapas, February 23, 2001.

México en la Lucha III, translation of La Jornada action to free political prisoners in Chiapas, December 13, 2000.

Call for massive mobilization in support of indigenous rights, December 6, 2000.

México en la Lucha II, my open letter to president-elect Fox, in English and Spanish, October 30, 2000.

México en la Lucha I, translation of La Jornada editorial on Fox facing budget reality, Oct 30, 2000.

México en la Lucha I/Mexico in the Struggle I, translation of a La Jornada editorial from Spanish to English. On the budgetary problems the incoming president faces, October 28, 2000.

Prague report in La Jornada, translation of article on IMF and World Bank protests, September 28, 2000.

An Anarchist, but I'll vote "for" Nader -- with my eyes open, September 26, 2000.

An Anarchist, but I'll vote "for" Nader -- with my eyes open, September 26, 2000. [Note: This posting, to the Boston Indymedia website, is only partially available there. The almost-entire item (as much as I could retrieve) is on my website -- the entry just above this one.]

Venezuelan Yanomami reported killed by US-based anthropological research project, September 21, 2000.

Translation of Una Nueva Ofensiva, from Megaproyecto del Istmo, September 18, 2000.

¡Aplausos y aclamaciones por acción directa!, from ACERCA report on Oaxaca meeting, September 17, 2000.

Translation of Partir in Dos al País from Megaproyecto del Istmo, September 16, 2000.

Comment on interview with Javier Elorriaga of FZLN, August 10, 2000.

My God! So this is Mexico?, first letter from Oaxaca, with early, still vivid impressions, September 25, 1999.

La Garrucha, account of a trip with the Chiapas Media Project into the Lacandon jungle, Oct 10,1998.

Work I proposed to do in Oaxaca state, a statement of the kinds of developments that might enable Mexico, and by example other countries as well, to free themselves from the bonds, both ideological and financial, to which dominant world powers subject them, and of my ambition to contribute towards such liberating efforts through my work. I prepared the statement in June 1998 as part of an unsuccessful application for a Fulbright award, June 1998.

Writings in other folders of the website

      The folder Grassroots activism: A world in flames! currently contains six subfolders:

1. Building the Global Grassroots Infrastructure: a task both local and global, which contains a series of essays, some on global aspects of the effort, others on local grassroots efforts,
2. Conflict in Tanetze de Zaragoza, documenting a local effort to maintain a cooperative in the face of state-supported local efforts to destroy it,
3. San Sebastian Totontepec, mainly about a local grassroots initiative to establish a communal university with substantial autonomy,
4. Communal land of Cerro Tepezcuintle, about a small community's effort to maintain its near-total self-sufficiency in food-cultivation along with development of sustainable crop cultivation for limited commercial sale,
5. Conflict in San Augustín Loxicha, about a particularly bloody attack by the state government, allied with local individuals, to repress efforts at communal self-government, and
6. The Local Grassroots Infrastructure Trust, about my effort to build a local part of the grassroots infrastructure in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

      Considerable work remains to prepare subfolders 4 and 5 for posting.

      The Mexico folder contains the writings of Nancy Davies, my companion of the past thirteen years (since shortly before the first U.S. assault against Iraq). She sees things quite differently than I do, and her writings offer a perspective and information that complement my pieces. As a writer of fiction, she is not anally compulsive about getting each fact absolutely correct, but her views are a contribution to learning "the truth."

      The Science for Humane Survival folder contains materials from my notoriously unpopular (with some faculty members and administrators) radical science course, because it was enormously popular with students, many of whom were open to hearing subversive ideas, an anathema to reactionary faculty and more than a few administrators.

      The folder Anarchist perspectives contains some of my writings from the period November 25, 1976 to November 16, 1998, all done while I was at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, except for On the need for anarchism, when I was at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. There's no strict logical reason to keep them in a separate folder, because all my writings for many years reflect my anarchist perspective, but for now (January 2004) I'm leaving them as is because it's already a lot of effort to reorganize the website. Maybe someday I'll make another change by incorporating them into other folders.

      The Notes on Greed folder contains, in addition to several earlier pieces, writings inspired by a struggle over inadequate pay for teachers, including my own during the short period when I taught on a post-retirement basis as a part-time faculty member.

      The folder In memory of Freda Friedman Salzman: May 12, 1927 - April 1, 1981 documents the fearful and destructive struggle of my wife of nearly a third of a century (February 17, 1948 to April 1, 1981) to lead a dignified and professional life. These writings, by various people, deserve a place of their own.

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