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October 26, 2004

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Subject: What about voting? Should we, and if so for whom? -- the answer!
George Salzman <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 16:13:11 -0500
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      The legitimacy of the de facto U.S. government and of its conduct is for us to decide, not those political appointees—those so-called justices in black robes with their look of respectablity and authority, sitting in a massive austere building, of whom we are supposed to be in awe.

      Almost a year ago I mailed my letter headed

To the shoemaker, there’s nothing like leather
Subject: What about voting? Should we, and if so for whom?
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 08:40:53 -0600
The letter, which proved very controversial, is posted on my website at

      The answer to that question about voting is clear. Right now, we damn well better vote. We are poised but one week before the U.S. presidential election. I already submitted my absentee ballot to the U.S. Consular Office here in Oaxaca. If it is indeed not discarded by the Republican-controlled administrative agents, it will be counted “for” Kerry, i.e. it is against Bush and his neo-Nazi cabal. But I have no confidence in the government or its agents. And even if the Democratic candidates emerge the winners, which I hope, I have no illusions that that will signal a significant advance of the struggle for democracy. Kerry is no democrat. The Democratic Party is not democratic. Congress, as we all know, is for sale. The entire judicial system is by now weighted towards the right-oriented faction of the Republican Party. America is a mess.

      The efforts we must make to establish a humane society are urgent, but first of all we must get rid of Bush and his gang. With this top priority in mind, I pass on a statement by the group, Republicans for Kerry:

Who Are We?

We are ordinary Republicans from across the political spectrum -- moderate, conservative, and progressive -- who believe in the sanctity of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This unites us in our desire to return our country and our party to the traditional values that have been abandoned by the present extremist administration and their exclusionary allies in Congress. We have taken the unusual step of supporting a Democrat, John Kerry, because we believe he more honestly represents these values so vital to the health and well-being of our democracy. On the important issues of foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, tax policy, energy, the environment, media consolidation, civil liberties and trust, history has shown us all too clearly that John Kerry will be a far better steward than the present administration. We believe that all Americans should heed George Washington's wisdom and put country before party.

      It’s at the website, The leading item on the homepage of their site is headed:
Texas Republican Says "Country Must Come Before Party"
by Mitch Dworkin
It’s worth reading.

      A good analysis of the difference between Bush and Kerry is at, on the website of Jewish Voice for Peace. It is a measured, careful, coherent and, I hope, persuasive argument for voting “for” Kerry.

      Some of my anarchist friends will criticize me for advocating voting and for acting not as a true anarchist but with what they will see as liberal behavior. But those of you who think that are mistaken. I remain as committed an anarchist as always, but one who strives to be non-dogmatic. While we are forced to live in the world as it is, we have to use the existing institutions, at the same time that we work towards the fundamental changes we desire. For example, I do not believe that money, or any form of “measured exchange” is desirable, rather a social order based on mutual aid is preferable. However, this does not prevent me from using money to obtain bread. Doing so is not a violation of my principled belief. Enough said.

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