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December 23, 2004

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      This is not the time to fall into a state of depressed resignation over Bush’s supposed victory. Although the mainstream media has continued for almost two months now to foster a belief in the inevitability of renewed Republican rule for another four years, the chips aren’t all in yet. The corporate media is struggling mightily to hide them.

      Representative John Conyers of Michigan and his Democratic colleagues on the House Committee on the Judiciary have held meetings in Washington DC and in Columbus OH revealing the presence of massive fraud in Ohio. The website has substantial coverage, but in the so-called mainstream these revelations are either totally ignored, or inadequately reported, effectively scoffed at as being not newsworthy.

      Today’s truthout site includes a Dec 22 release by the Scripps Howard News Service headed, “In Ohio, Almost 1 in 50 Votes for President Don't Count” by Michael Collins.1 The article that follows this flashy headline is typical: It begins by mentioning “complaints about voting irregularities” and says, “Elections experts say a large number of missing votes in a high-profile race like president should raise a red flag that something may be amiss.” These preliminary cautions are in the first four sentences.

      The rest of the article is devoted to statements by Blackwell (identified only as Secretary of State Ken Blackwell) and other Ohio election officials who seek to explain away the election irregularities as though they were not, of course, due to fraud, but to some honest errors, a bit of machine malfunction, normal voter attitudes, human nature, reluctance of Amish people to judge other people -- so much eyewash. No sense of the raging struggle is conveyed. No mention that Blackwell, who was also the chair of the Ohio Republican Election Campaign, has refused to testify under oath about the election,2 as stated in the article recommended in the next paragraph.

      A much more honest portrayal of the reality of the struggle is in the Dec 22 article, “Ohio electoral fight becomes 'biggest deal since Selma' as GOP stonewalls”, by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman in the Columbus (Ohio) Free Press3. The three authors are of course partisan, as an honest person must be. The dishonest corporate media is just as partisan in its support for the Republicans’ supposed victory. The Fitrakis, Rosenfeld and Wasserman article is a “must read.”

      Besides burying the Conyers-led investigations by the Democratic Congressional Representatives on ‘his’ committee, the mainstream is trying to ignore the Dec 17 petition to the Ohio Supreme Court, which is asked to rule the Ohio vote a victory for the Democrats. This major legal effort, well worth downloading and reading (it’s a 1.2 megabyte pdf file),4 makes a very strong case for massive fraud, and concludes:

95. The number of votes listed above which were deducted from those cast for the Kerry-Edwards ticket and then added to those actually cast for the Bush-Cheney ticket is at least 130,656 votes. In the Certified Results, Defendents-Contestees Bush and Cheney (as a ticket) received 118,775 more votes than candidates Kerry and Edwards (as a ticket). After correcting for the at least 130,613 [should be 130,656 - G.S.] votes improperly and unlawfully deducted from those actually cast for the Kerry-Edwards ticket and the at least 130, 613 [same error - G.S.] votes improperly and unlawfully added to those actually cast for the Bush-Cheney ticket, the true result was that the Kerry-Edwards ticket won Ohio by at least 142,537 votes. Accordingly, contestors seek an order directing the Secretary of State to: [and so on - G.S.]

      Among the telling evidence for fraud, the legal brief contains:

71. Just before the first polls close, the only available information about the voters’ actual choices comes from the exit polls. As the polls close and the votes are counted, “official” tabulated results become available. On November 2, 2004, following the closing of the polls in each venue, the NEP [the National Election Pool, a consortium whose membership consists of AP, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC, the latter 5 owned by 5 conglomerates (info from section 66 of the petition) - G.S.] “corrected” its results by combining actual vote data with exit poll data to permit the exit poll results to conform to the reported “official” results. In the process, any evidence of fraud as shown by a difference between the exit polls and the “official” results was erased as the so-called exit poll results (as reported the day after the election on November 3, 2004) were forced to correspond to the “official” results.

72. The NEP did not post “corrected” results for several hours on the evening and early morning of November 3, 2004. The uncorrected NEP exit polls results were available on the CNN website until early on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2004. Copies (screenshots) of the images from the website showing the uncorrected results of the exit polls in about 46 states were obtained. As discussed below, when these uncorrected results are compared to the “official” state-by-state results, it is clear that election fraud (or other irregularity) occurred in the counting of the vote in Ohio and a number of other states.

      Representative Conyers has asked the NEP to provide his committee with the pre-“corrected” exit poll data. What I have read indicates that there is no reason to believe the NEP will readily “give” its private property away (after all, they paid for it). So we shall see.


1 Michael Collins article is available at, and is also posted on the truthout site.

2 The Fitrakis, Rosenfeld and Wasserman article reports, "Republican Blackwell's attorney at the Secretary of State’s office told the attorneys issuing the notice of deposition and subpoena that Blackwell will not testify under oath. The Republican-controlled Attorney General's office has labeled any attempt to put Blackwell under oath, "harassment." Blackwell supervised the November 2 vote in Ohio at the same time he served as co-chair of the state's Bush-Cheney campaign."

3 Available at, and also posted on the truthout site.

4 The legal brief is at

― G.S., December 23, 2004

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