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      This subfolder of the Strategy for Revolution folder contains items going back to early 2003. In late 2002 I largely shifted my efforts to communicate from postings on Indymedia sites (where they quickly became buried down the newswire) to increasing reliance on e-mails that seemed urgent to get out. I was driven, as are so many of us, to step up my immediate opposition to the then impending (now realized) disaster threatened by the U.S. government's announced war plans. I felt like a member of a fire-fighting crew in a city of cardboard shacks being firebombed.

      Although I wanted to continue working to build a global grassroots infrastructure for our long-term success in getting rid of global capitalism's grip on the world, with its disastrous consequences for us all, the need to stop Bush and his cabal drove me to make stopping them a top priority. I still maintain that protest alone will not be enough -- it remains a form of action for those without the keys of power -- and what we must build is the material base to give us those keys -- so that we will no longer have to protest -- we will then simply not allow the pillaging of the earth and its peoples for the enrichment, greed, and hegemony of the all-powerful scum who currently rule this planet.

      To try to reach more people I expanded my e-mail distribution list. Now, October 27, 2004, it has about 1,150 addresses. I began sending out fairly frequent (for me) notes. Later I thought it useful to add this "emergency" folder, and to archive these notes in it, both to enable people who I subsequently added to the list to have access to them, and because I believe we are living through a period of great historic change in which, for the first time, the world's people are drawing together to challenge the prevailing power structures that still ruthlessly rule us all. Hopefully, this archive will be part of the record of our success in remaking our world.

      In posting these items, some of which contain e-mails exchanged between various correspondents and me, I have put in active links (in the htm files, not the rtf files) so that, if you wish, you may correspond directly with them. In this way I hope to encourage more active communication between individuals, to help us learn from each other.

Items in this subfolder, most recent first

Note: The links (rtf) are to rich text format files. They can be opened in a word-proccesing program such as MSWord or downloaded and then read and/or printed. rtf files do not have active links or photographs.

2005-11-08 True Life adventures, a true Nobel Prize, and truth writ large: Robert Fisk, Harold Pinter, John Pilger (htm)

2005-10-19 A non-Nobel prize for economics: Science for (or against) the People (htm)

2005-07-19 Government siege of Oaxaca newspaper continues ― Renewed call for a tourist boycott (htm)

2005-05-10 Academics under attack ― a call to boycott Israeli academia (htm), (rtf)

2004-12-23 The election is being strongly contested. Join in! Don't give up! (htm), (rtf)

2004-12-15 Arizona – a hotbed of peace: grassroots initiatives for ending war (htm), (rtf)

2004-12-09 Man! Do we ever need grassroots authentic media in order to know the truth! (htm)

2004-11-24 Election Fraud for Dummies (htm)

2004-11-18 Was the 2004 presidential election stolen??? (htm)

2004-10-26 What about voting? Should we, and if so for whom? -- the answer! (htm)

2004-05-07 Criticized for supporting Prof. Chapela's tenure struggle (htm), (rtf)

2004-05-02 Mexican corn threatened; Scientist threatened; a chance to act (htm), (rtf)

2004-05-00 A remarkable Jewish Israeli woman speaks out (htm)

2004-04-17 Threat to traditional corn: One of many threats (htm), (rtf)

2004-04-08 An Open Letter to Yasser Arafat; Mel Gibson's Passion ― for Money! (htm)

2004-04-02 Chiapas, Palestine, Haiti—three vital arenas of grassroots struggle (htm), (rtf)

2004-03-29 An Open Letter to American Jews (htm)

2004-03-27 Haiti: A time for imagination; a time for action; una oportunidad para américa latina (htm)

2004-03-23 Haiti: A call for help (htm)

2004-03-22 Euro/US madness put into application in Haiti (htm)

2004-03-16 Haiti: The Bicentenntial Coup d'Etat (htm)

2004-03-10 Manifesto. Defend our corn, be careful of life (htm)

2004-03-07 Getting rid of Bush: urgently necessary but not sufficient. The evil of two lessers (htm)

2004-01-17 Standing on the mountain in solidarity (htm)

2004-01-09 2004, a year for hope, in spite of everything (htm)

2003-11-11 To the shoemaker, there’s nothing like leather (htm), (rtf)

2003-11-03 Good news! NarcoNews team wants to resume publishing (htm), (rtf)

2003-10-31 Report from Israeli peace movement (htm), (rtf)

2003-10-28 The true heroes (htm), (rtf)

2003-10-21 A way with words, and Al Giordano (htm), (rtf)

2003-10-13 A dispatch from Jerusalem (htm)

2003-10-10 The struggle goes on and on (htm)

2003-10-08 U.S. Income taxes for war and conquest (htm)

2003-04-17 Your federal income taxes at work (htm)

2003-04-05 E-mail with A call for the United Nations to act forcefully (htm), (rtf)

2003-04-03 A call for the United Nations to act forcefully (htm), (rtf). Supplementary page with some UN e-mail addresses (htm), (rtf). Supplementary signature page (htm), (rtf)

2003-03-17 A campaign to FORCE the U.S. government to stop (htm), (rtf). Supplement with e-mail addresses of the member nations of the Security Council of the United Nations (rtf)

2003-03-06 The Tide is Turbulent but Turning. No fig leaf for Bush! Planning Ahead (htm), (rtf)

2003-02-21 Stop the bastards! The biggest warlord in history is rarin' to go, eager to attack (htm), (rtf)

2003-02-13 Yes, I'm a communist! And even "worse", a jewish anarchist and an athiest to boot. (htm), (rtf)

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