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      My initial motivation for adding this folder to the website came from James Herod and Jaime Martínez Luna. They both wrote with great clarity, force and passion about the contemporary human condition, why it is so bad for so many people, and how to remake the world so that all people can live good lives. Key aspects of their strategies are closely related. I hoped to stimulate widespread discussion by making their work more generally
available, and, beyond discussion, to thereby contribute to active develop-
to achieve the changes they envisioned. A little more history of how this folder came to be is in the note Striking Gold.

      The cheerful mural is one indication of health promotion efforts in Jaime Martinez’s town, Guelatao de Juárez, high in the northern Sierra of the state of Oaxaca. It says: Si quieres crecer fuerte y sano come frutas y verduras — If you want to grow strong and healthy eat fruits and vegetables.

      Photographed in June 2002, when I was there again six months later with a different friend, also a gringo visiting from the States, that colorful upbeat message had been replaced by the sober militant proclamation in solid green letters, Conservamos nuestro maiz: no permitamos que lo
asesinen — We are safeguarding our corn: we won’t let them murder it. They were well aware by then that genetically modified (GM) varieties from the U.S. had contaminated indigenous Mexican corn in the states of Puebla and Oaxaca.

      But it takes more than defiant statements to stop the thrust of global capitalism. Now it is October 15, 2003, less than a year later. An e-mail a few days ago from the scientifically reliable international organization, ETC (Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration) stated “9 Mexican States found to be GM contaminated.”

      It's not as though indigenous peoples, such as the Zapotec Indians of Guelatao, don't know what's happening. In fact, the struggle to change the world, to prevent its destruction, is often spearheaded by indigenous groups. It is this revolution, to achieve the better world that is possible, that is surging globally at the grassroots level.

      Herod's and Martinez's two major essays, Herod's Getting Free, in English, and Martinez's Comunalidad y Autonomía (Communality and Autonomy), in Spanish, were the two initial theoretical foundation blocks of this folder. Subsequently other essays and reports struck me as worth posting because of their long-term interest, and I added the subfolder Discussion of strategy for revolution. My efforts, often frantic, almost manic to help try to prevent or stop the latest outrage — for example the assault against Iraq — are in the subfolder Salz-mania. In addition, for essays that don't quite fit into either of the Discussion of strategy or the Salz-mania subfolders, I added the Other essays subfolder. The opening page of the “Other essays” subfolder also describes briefly the writings in the website's other six main folders. The proliferation of these subfolder categories continued when, in early 2005 I added the Brief Notes subfolder.

      As of the start of 2006, each new posting that would formerly have been in one of the six subfolders I will simply place in the main Strategy for revolution folder itself. I will continue to list each of them on the page, Latest postings on current struggles.

Subfolders of the Strategy for revolution folder

1. Getting Free: A sketch of an association of democratic, autonomous neighborhoods and how to create it, an essay by Jared James, which first appeared (preliminary version) in 1996. This is the 4th edition, January 2004.

2. Communality and Autonomy, a partial trnslation into English of Comunalidad y Autonomía, the compilation of three essays by Jaime Martinez Luna and two declarations of principle by indigenous groups of the northern Sierras of Oaxaca State (original Spanish version, 1995).

3. Discussion of strategy for revolution, various articles, essays, etc. going back to Jan 27, 1999. Last posting, December 19, 2005.

4. Salz-mania, items of immediate urgency, reflecting the pressure I experienced as day-to-day events unfolded, going back to February 13, 2003. Last posting, November 8, 2005.

5. Brief Notes, mainly shorter e-mails whose main purpose was to alert folks on my distribution list of new postings, sometimes with additional information. Last posting, November 28, 2005.

6. Other essays, articles, by various authors, some of which precede my time in Mexico. From June 1998 to March 22, 2003.

[1] Sketch for a humane resolution of the Palestine/Israel conflict.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
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