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Palestina somos todos - We are
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of G.S. by Nancy Davies

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      Since I began my website more than a decade ago, while I was teaching at the University of Massachusett at Boston, my beliefs and the focus of my immediate interests have somewhat altered. I am now convinced that only massive militant non-violent struggle insistently pursued can possibly lead to a truly civilized society. The greatest block to such change is the dominant ideology. Replacing it with a humane, civilized set of values is thus a crucial task. The educational effort this requires is my major focus.
      Of greatest importance is attaining totally uncensored universal communication among all the world's peoples. Efforts by the still-dominant-but-losing-ground minority to control dissemination of news and information are proving increasingly incapable of preventing the truth from emerging and becoming widely known. My contribution to enlarging the information flow is infinitesimal — but there are billions of us who want to know the truth in order to make a good world for ourselves and others — including of course all the children and grandchildren, and together we will succeed.

G.S. – Oaxaca, Mexico 2009-03-11

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