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George Salzman, prof emeritus, physics dept, U of Massachusetts - Boston

Small old fire extinguishers can only provide a little relief. That's welcome enough, but they can't put out the raging fires of global warfare -- unless enough of us join the struggle!

Walberg’s book critique — part 4b , 18 October 2011
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Hiding the deadly role of hyper-wealthy Jews in today’s world , 12 October 2011
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A Local Grassroots Infrastructure Trust in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. , 12 October 2011
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Finding one's way from insanity , 10 October 2011
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The Jewfestation of much of the English . . . , 04 October 2011
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Getting at the truth in today’s world -- Part II, excerpt , 02 October 2011
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Is there a Jewish gene - Jews as liars , 29 September 2011
      The propaganda war . . . To see the post, go to
Open letter to Alan Hart , 28 September 2011
      Wake up Alan! . . . To see the post, go to
Jewish colonists out! , 27 September 2011
      Photo of the Nakba . . . To see the post, go to
Palestinians speak for themselves, forget politicians! , 25 September 2011
      Palestinian politicking, Hamas and the Diaspora . . . To see the post, go to
Walberg’s book critique, part 4a , 24 September 2011
      Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, Review of Chapt 1 . . . To see the post, go to
Latvia, Eric Walberg, and Israel Shamir, a question , 23 September 2011
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Eric Walberg, patience Eric, I’m having fun. , 22 September 2011
      Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, Review of Chapt 2 . . . To see the post, go to
Eric Walberg, his new book a voice of reason and hope , 20 September 2011
      Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, Review of Chapt 1 . . . To see the post, go to
Eric Walberg, his new book a voice of reason and hope , 19 September 2011
      Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games . . . To see the post, go to
Some info on modern FTP (file transfer protocols) , 13 September 2011
      Guide to some technical stuff . . . To see the post, go to
Palestina, México y América Latina, by José Steinsleger/II , 10 September 2011
      Conclusion of Steinsleger’s spoof on the Israeli/Jewish penchant for lying — I titled it The Intifada that’s coming, Part II . . . To see the post, go to
Palestina, México y América Latina, by José Steinsleger/I , 9 September 2011
      A “spoof” in the daily paper La Jornada on the Israeli/Jewish penchant for lying . . . To see the post, go to
Jews out of Palestine! Back to Brooklyn, Hoboken, Vladivostok, the “Borscht Belt”, 8 September 2011
      A “must read” response from a Palestinian–American friend . . . To see the post, go to
Témoris Grecko in Proceso on next Intifada, 6 September 2011
      The Israeli army will prepare its military units and civilian security committees of the Jewish settlers in the occupied territories [Cisjordania] to confront “massive disorders” beginning next Tuesday the 20th . . . To see the post, go to
My limited life’s wanderings, 3 September 2011
      Some memories . . . To see the post, go to
Turkey expels Israeli envoy in flotilla report row , 2 September 2011
      Ankara suspends all military ties with Tel Aviv [on Friday, 16 Sept 2011] as UN report slams Israel’s ‘excessive’ force against Gaza aid flotilla
      Ankara – Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador to Ankara Friday and suspended all military ties . . . To see the post, go to
Eric Walberg on the “Middle-East Maelstrom”, I , 1 September 2011
      Salzman’s critical review, Part I, of Eric Walberg’s monumental study, “Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games. Walberg has immersed himself for decades in the cultures of the Middle- and Far-East. He is both a scholar and a voyeur with a fabulous memory for details whose knowledge strikes me as being on a par with that of Immanuel Wallerstein. Because his focus encapsulates precisely the problem that I am undeviatingly working on, Walberg’s study has my almost undevided attention. My previous piece, a “quirky book review”, was intended to be light and humorous. It’s at Now I need to put together a more traditional review . . . To see the post, go to
Recent postings to my website, 29 August 2011
      After a period of two months during which I was unable to post anything on my regular website, hosted at the Univ of Massachusetts at Boston, things are again working and I’ve managed to put up a number of items — 16 of them, including this list . . . To see the post, go to
The festering “Middle East”, 28 August 2011
      I’ve been working — it feels like forever — on trying to untangle the Middle East Maelstrom, which threatens to swallow us all. A major focus of mine has been Alan Hart, whose formidable experience in the “Middle East” and the entire Islamic and non-Catholic, non-Protestant worlds is the basis for his analytical writing . . . To see the post, go to
Robert Fisk, humanitarian, Middle East historian, lover of life extraordinaire, 17 August 2011
      Two people who insist on asking the essential questions are Robert Fisk and Eric Walberg. Each of them is focussed in a large sense on knowing: How can humanity make good lives for all the world’s peoples? Among my many Jewish American friends a fair number unfortunately believe that is an impossibility: Their view is that humans are a genetically determined species of hominids programmed for violence and mutual destruction . . . To see the post, go to
An open letter to Alan Hart: Pt 2, 17 August 2011
      Alan Hart wrote, “ the Zionist state’s assertion of legitimacy rests on the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the UN General Assembly’s partition plan resolution of 1947. . . The truth is that Britain had no right whatsoever to promise Zionism a place in Palestine, territory the British did not possess”. Alan is not, it seems to me, pursuing a strong stand. This letter is an attempt to call him to task, as a faithful but disappointed friend . . . To see the post, go to
Open letter to Alan Hart, 28 April 2011 (posting delayed until 26 August 2011)
      Alan Hart, with his intimate, detailed knowledge based on many years of work in the region, wrote, “Leaving aside the fairy story of God’s promise, (which even if true would have no bearing on the matter because the Jews who “returned” in answer to Zionism’s call had no biological connection to the ancient Hebrews), the Zionist state’s assertion of legitimacy rests on the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the UN General Assembly’s partition plan resolution of 1947. The only real relevance of the Balfour Declaration is in the fact that it was an expression of both the willingness of a British government to use Jews for imperial purposes and the willingness of Zionist Jews to be used. The truth is that Britain had no right whatsoever to promise Zionism a place in Palestine, territory the British did not possess” . . . To see the post, go to
Excerpt from a quirky book review vs. Eric Walberg’s Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, 6 Aug 2011 (posting delayed until 26 August 2011)
      If we are serious about wanting to make a good world, we need to focus on shaping the social environment so that all children are happy. What is needed for that? Clearly, each child’s needs must be met. That is not very difficult to achieve, because a child’s needs are in fact very simple. They begin with adequate nutrition, and encompass the essentials for physical health and normal bodily development. Just as important is the child’s psychological well-being. The key to development of a healthy, happy outlook on the world can be seen in much of the traditional indigenous culture that endures, though somewhat precariously, in many of the geographically remote mountainous communities of Oaxaca State . . . To see the post, go to
Science for the People (SftP), 5 July 2011 (posting delayed from 2011-07-05 until 26 August 2011)
      Friends, I rejoined the SftP discussion list a day or two ago. Today I read Michael's June 1, 2011 e-mail and the brief exchange between him and Stuart Newman, learning a bit more than I already knew about Michael's dad. Maurice was a good person, and so was (or is) Gertrude. They were both at the Champaign-Urbana campus when my wife Freda and I were graduate students there more than a half century ago. I'm reminded of the discrimination that women students faced by the following bit from my website: . . . To see the post, go to
Harvard University — Cultivating the worst, 26 August 2011
      One of the most disgusting, reprehensible people in academia — a notoriously large group from which to select — must surely be Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz. Ethnically a Jew from Brooklyn, New York City, as is also my ethnic background, we are as ideologically opposite one another as it is possible to be. Lawyers of course are mostly professional liars. Their almost universal goal is to “win” their legal battles, not to care about truth. The idea that this serves “justice” — that the truth will win — is of course pure rubbish. Naturally it is an idea that Harvard does its best/worst to burnish. As though polishing a lie can turn it into a truth. Academic gloss terms the process “conflict resolution” . . . To see the post, go to
Eric Walberg’s Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games , 17 July 2011
      Here in Mexico we live under the heel of the US conquerors. Felipe Calderón began his 6-year presidential term on 1 December 2006, 4-and-a-half years ago. He at once announced a “War against the Drug Cartels” — that controlled a major part of the Mexican national economy. The number of deaths in this “War” is generally considered to be more than 40,000, by now of the order of 50,000. It dwarfs the number of direct deaths from military assaults in Afghanistan. As though the deadliness of the empire varies inversely with the distance from the center of power . . . To see the post, go to
Baillie-Gordon exchange and my sign-off, 17 July 2011
      David Baillie and Gordon Arnaut are two people from whom I learned a good deal. My feelings towards each of them are quite mixed. David, an American who lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area, is, in the common lingo, a Nazi, though he rightly considers that a derogatory label, and labels himself a National Socialist. Hitler is in his view a heroic figure.
      Gordon is a Canadian of Serbian extraction who lives in the Province of Ontario on a plot of land with timber, some edible crops and many animals that he cares for with great affection. Many of his immediate relatives were living in a part of Czechoslovakia where many Croatians lived. He lost most of his family members there, who were slaughtered by Coatian Nazis . . . To see the post, go to .
Deadly enemy, deadly friend, by Stephen J. Sniegoski, 19 July 2011
      Benjamin Ginsberg's The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, which deals with the rise and fall of Jews in different societies, is an intellectual bombshell. A liberal American Jew who teaches political science at Johns Hopkins, Ginsberg makes observations about Jewish influence in government and society that would be deemed anti-Semitic if expressed by a Gentile . . . To see the post, go to .
The “oh-so-elegant French”, and screwing the Arabs , 17 July 2011
      “Respectable” writers are at times a real impediment to speaking the truth. If one has been conditioned in academia or other bastions of make-believe respectability to behave as though all conflicts can be resolved if the disputes are discussed with decorum and mutually respectful language among the disputants . . . To hell with the farce! Better to be crude and truthful . . . To see the post, go to .
[noap] Benjamin Ginsberg on the mark, 11 July 2011
      Today I unexpectedly got fairly direct confirmation that Ginsberg's analysis is correct -- the privileged position of many American Jews and their contemptuous demeaning behavior towards non-Jewish Americans is firing up a cauldron of hatred. I'll tell you a little about a “Nazi” acquaintance who lives in the Boston area of Massachusetts who wrote me . . . To see the post, go to .
[noap] Capitalism works! That’s the trouble, 9 July 2011
      Amazon's a corporation. Its goal is simply to "make" as much money as possible. A couple of days ago I came across an author -- Benjamin Ginsberg -- and a book of his -- The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State while browsing the web . . . To see the post, go to .
[noap] Book Review by Kevin MacDonald, 4 July 2011
      MacDonald review of “The ‘Jewish Threat’: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army . . . To see the post, go to .
[noap] Science for the People and William Blum, 2 July 2011
      Blum's "The Anti-Empire Report" is always full of information that stokes my rage, assuaged only by his sense of humor. He reads the corporate and government controlled so-called mainstream media, but he thinks, and with considerable success. His latest is at http://killing . To see the post, go to .
[noap] Capitalism for anarchists; Overcoming insubstantial conflicts, 1 July 2011
    Friday 1 July 2011 (1:24 PM), It is never pleasant to tell friends when a serious disagreement develops. This has happened to me before; now, as the reality of the global danger becomes more evident, it is a recurring experience for me. This note concerns a radical change in the use of the property at 12 and 14 Laurel Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To see the post, go to .
[noap] Eric Walberg’s book, Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games, 24 June 2011
    Clarity Press ( deserves to have a best-seller with this compact, clear volume, a far more valuable, incisive read than Noam Chomsky’s celebrated output. Walberg is trustworthy in a sense that Chomsky is not — trustworthy in that his compassion extends equally to all humans and leaves him without a “special need” to defend a particular ethnic group more than any other. Another quality that enhances Walberg’s trustworthiness is his humility. [I am reading Walberg’s book — now up to p.60 of 300. I hope to have completed reviewing it fairly soon. Rather than wait until it’s in final form, I’ll put up the preliminary review as I go.] To see it, in progress, go to . Walberg’s list of abbreviations is at
[noap] Building circles of trust, 21 June 2011. Not posted until almost 26 months after the interchange occurred — life in the slow but persistent lane!
    My friend Gordon Arnaut wrote another friend, John Spritzler “. . . On the question of whether a revolution is possible: of course it is, as you noted. The question is, how? Well, here is the difficulty. We can see from history that the common people have strength in numbers, while the ruling elites don't. They wield disproportionate power to their numbers of course, but in the end, numbers trump everything else . . .” To see this item (htm).
[noaap] updated post on Tonee Mello, 16 June 2011. Originally posted when Tonee and I and the Oaxaca Study-Action Group were being thrown out of the Oaxaca (English language) Lending Library.
    Genesis of Oaxaca Study-Action Group “I went to the library one day in December 2005, thinking of looking for kindred spirits and maybe donating some books. I looked in the card catalogue for titles that would interest me, to “size-up” whether the library might want books of current political interest. What I found was pretty dismal. But I ran into Tonee Mello (for the first time) and our social concerns resonated . . .” To see this item (htm).
[noaap] G.S., the old warrior today, 13 June 2011. . . . To see this item [1]
[noaap] Jeffrey Blankfort undresses Al Giordano, 8 June 2011. excerpt first posted 2011-06-08, last update 2011-06-09.
    Young people stick to truth -- see through Giordano's self-serving efforts. One of the best-informed contestants in this struggle to face the social-political truths of the Middle-East conflict and the U.S. role is Jeffrey Blankfort, whose three major critical essays on Noam Chomsky's ideological role, written over a three-year period, I published (and offered some criticisms, which I now think were partly unjustified). Part of Blankfort's exchange with Giordano illustrates the latter's mode of dealing with disagreements, an invariable style he employs . . . To see this item and links on Giordano (htm).
[noaap] Giordano Goes Full Fascist, no surprise, 7 June 2011. initial posting 2011-06-07, last update 2011-06-07.
    Thanks to Julian Assange, the FACT that Giordano ignores New Hampshire politician Renny Cushing's pseudo-support for abolition of the death penalty while courting the fascist FOP (Fraternal Order of Police), which demands Mumia Abu-Jamal's execution, is further evidence that Giordano is totally unprincipled. As Scott Campbell publicized on his Angry White Kid blog June 1, "Anti-Mumia "abolitionist" Renny Cushing tries to clean up image in Mexico. As a contributor to El Enemigo Común and given the vicious attacks leveled against Carolina by Al Giordano in response to the publication of this article in various outlets (those attacks and Carolina's responses can be read at El Enemigo Común), I am republishing her article in cyber-solidarity. - scott" . . . To see this item and links on Giordano (htm).
Remembering Tonee Mello, co-founder of the Oaxaca Study-Action Group. initial posting 2011-06-01, last update 2011-06-02.
    Since I met Tonee Mello, only five and a half years have elapsed. From the start we knew we were kindred spirits. Those years were almost unimaginably intense. We never believed that we, as older retired Americans, were in real danger. Our privileged status seemed a shield against the terrors that the Mexican governments (Federal, State, and Municipal) were inflicting daily on our fellow Mexicans. The mirage of safety was shattered in a few days this April . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
Lusting for the corpse — gay greed in Oaxaca. Tonee Mello is ours!, Ours!!, OURS!!! initial posting 2011-05-31, last update 2011-05-31.
    What these illegitimate would-be beneficiaries of Tonee’s fundamental human decency don’t know is that Tonee no longer had any use for them. He had in fact become a close friend of mine, as his son Jon can attest, and, as it happens, Tonee and Nancy Davies and I spent four wonderful hours together Sunday, the day before he was murdered. Unlike these slobs, for whom Tonee is more useful dead than alive, I treasured him vibrant and kicking, with all the animals he so loved . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
A “must read” response from a Palestinian-American friend. initial posting 2011-06-01, last update 2011-06-02.
    Dear George, You and intellectuals like you with their hearts and brains connected by a bridge of conscience, are the biggest hope left for us Palestinians. Manuel Garcia may not be right and may not be wrong. People and history provide proofs for both stands . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
On saying an “ineffective” truth — an exchange with Manuel Garcia . initial posting 2011-05-22, last update 2011-05-22.
    Manuel Garcia is one of the few people in whose views I place the greatest weight. When I disagree with him, that’s serious business for me. In my effort to promote a humane resolution of the ferocious conflict centered in the “so-called Middle East” I asked Manuel to support my very radical proposal. Although we are in basic agreement that the Zionist state is illegitimate, we disagree in our expectations for its demise. My view is that Manuel is much more pessimistic than is warranted . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
Secrecy terrorism challenges our sanity . initial posting 2011-04-08, last update 2011-04-14.
    The need to destroy secrecy. As we all know very well, the addiction to secrecy has become a mania. Governments are frantic to “guard their secrets”, as though it is legitimate for them to hide their terrible actions from public scrutiny and criticism. Until it is common knowledge that all governments, all concentrated powers of coercion, must be abolished, we will continue to see the torture of perfectly decent people of conscience like Bradley Manning and the attempted silencing of Julian Assange “by whatever means necessary” by the world’s nation-states . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
Account Hacked! Ignore money requests. initial posting 2011-04-07, last update 2011-04-07.
    On Monday 4 April I got word that my account, <>, had been hacked. Attempts were being made to steal money from various of my friends. All without the attempted fraud being successful . . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
Marvin Resnikoff vs. Stuart Dean Waymire on the nuclear meltdown in Japan. initial posting 2011-03-25, last update 2011-03-26.
    Continuation of the highly contentious dispute over whether nuclear energy for generating electricity should or should not be abandoned. Stuart Dean Waymire and Marvin Resnikoff are pitted against one another: Waymire, a mechanical engineer, argues in favor of this technology, and Resnikoff, a theoretical physicist who is the Senior Associate of the Radioactive Waste Management Associates (RWMA), is opposed to this technology. Waymire’s website is at The RWMA website is at . . To see most recent update of this item (htm).
Marvin Resnikoff — nuclear meltdown in Japan. initial posting 2011-03-22, last update 2011-03-22.
    The best, most straightforward source I know of for honest, moderately clear information for the non-specialist about the unfolding Japanese chapter of the ongoing human catastrophe engulfing almost the entire world is theoretical physicist Marvin Resnikoff . . . To see item (htm).
John Pilger — trumpeter for human decency. His article, The War on WikiLeaks
    The book Sweden: The Middle Way, about Sweden’s supposedly successful mixture of Socialism, Capitalism, and benign Royalty to achieve a happy state of general well-being enjoyed by the whole population of the kingdom reportedly led Roosevelt to say, “In Sweden . . . you have a royal family and a Socialist Government and a capitalist system, all working happily side by side . . . They have . . . cooperative movements existing happily and successfully alongside of private industry . . . both of them making money.” Now, as Sweden, along with the capitalist world moves towards fascism and racism, we need to recognize that There is no “Middle Way” . . . To see item (htm).
Getting at the truth in today’s world — Part III. The Money Masters Production
    Continues intense discussion of money among several friends, Louis Urban Kohler, Tadit Anderson, Eric Pottenger, Beatrice Mott [note: this address for Beatrice Mott is no longer functional.], and George Salzman . . . To see item (htm).
Grassroots groups, mainly in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico , revised, original was posted 2004-02-19, this update 2011-01-14.
    The Center for Communal Development in the Valley of Zimatlán is one of the nine popular initiatives discussed, through which people are working to improve the conditions of their lives. This center, named Centéotl, states, The members . . . are women and men, natives and residents of the Valley of Zimatlán and of the Southern Sierra, in the State of Oaxaca. They join together with the intention, in addition to serving the rest of the community, of being a permanent force combining professionalism and social commitment to the cultural values inherent in the indigenous identity characteristic of southeastern Mexico . . . To see item (htm).
The nation-state of Israel should be dissolved. A time for blunt talk, initial posting 2011-01-13, last update 2011-01-14.
    The German Nazi regime was seen as illegitimate by much of the world at the close of World War II. It was dissolved by the militarily victorious powers, with much cruelty towards the German people.
    The Zionist nation-state of Israel is increasingly seen as illegitimate by the world’s peoples – deserving of dissolution. It should be dissolved humanely, with no cruelty towards any people, including the current would-be conquerers . . . To see item (htm).
Cultivated — Not Civilized. France has it all. My francophobia! , initial posting 2010-12-30, last update 2010-12-31.
    “Respectable” writers are at times a real impediment to speaking the truth. If one has been conditioned in academia or other bastions of make-believe respectability to behave as though all conflicts can be resolved if the disputes are discussed with decorum and mutually respectful language among the disputants, that conditioning can, and often does serve to prevent people from saying what they think is true. The purpose of this note is to give a short totally candid, and thus unpolished, brutally honest statement of what I think of Shamir’s and Freeland’s work. It has the core of my criticism of their effort in a file of only 2,180 words . . . To see item (htm).
Getting at the truth in today’s world — Part III, initial posting 2010-11-04, last update 2010-12-26.
    1. Oaxaca breaks 80-year absolute control by the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional).
    2. Salzman completes his exposure of Israel Shamir and Kenneth Freeland. Shamir, a true self-hating Jew, a bitter complainer, like the stereotypical self-pitying supposedly blameless Jew forever at the cruel mercy of uncivilized Gentiles — ironically Shamir has become the very stereotype he despises. Freeland, Shamir’s current companion in deceit, is still unwilling to come to grips with the pro-Zionist role of their website, falsely parading as pro-Palestinian . . . To see item (htm).
Public Bookmarks, initial posting 2010-11-13, last update 2010-12-04.
    A small set of sources of information (selected by G.S.) that I rely on to help me keep up to date on important developments . . . To see item (htm).
Named Israeli war criminals in Gaza assault of 12 Dec ‘08 – 18 Jan ‘09. I am posting the available information on all 200 of these criminal murderers.
Nos. 1 to 20 are in Set # 1, initial posting 2010-11-22, last update 2010-11-22.
Nos. 21 to 40 are in Set # 2, initial posting 2010-11-24, last update 2010-11-27.
Nos. 41 to 61 are in Set # 3, initial posting 2010-11-25, last update 2010-11-25.
Nos. 62 to 80 are in Set # 4, initial posting 2010-11-26, last update 2010-11-26.
Nos. 81 to 100 are in Set # 5, initial posting 2010-11-26, last update 2010-11-27.
Nos. 101 to 120 are in Set # 6, initial posting 2010-11-28, last update 2010-11-28.
Nos. 121 to 140 are in Set # 7, initial posting 2010-11-28, last update 2010-11-28.
Nos. 141 to 160 are in Set # 8, initial posting 2010-11-29, last update 2010-11-29.
Nos. 161 to 180 are in Set # 9, initial posting 2010-12-01, last update 2010-12-01.
Nos. 181 to 200 are in Set # 10, initial posting 2010-12-01, last update 2010-12-01.
    Do I really believe it is conceivable for humanity to alter the course of history? Of course I don’t know. Most of my friends believe I’m just a looney utopian, maybe a bit senile, not to be taken seriously. And of course they may be right. Nevertheless, and on this practically everyone who thinks about the current state of the world agrees, if we don’t radically change human global society in the immediate future, the result will be utterly catastrophic for most, and maybe all humans, and for the existence of most life forms, if not all
    The real challenge. Of course I hate the actions of these war criminals. And I want them to be punished — severely! I don’t feel any compassion for them. But the problem is, and this I know only intellectually, not “in my gut”, if I really want a better world, then vengeance, punishment, will not work — it will only contribute to making things worse. I’ve made as strong an argument for this perception of reality as I can in the immediately prior posting.
The ethics of a just solution of the “Palestinian/Israeli” conflict, initial posting 2010-11-13, last update 2010-11-13.
    The most essential realization in trying to come to grips with this situation is that there is no possibility of a totally just resolution. Historical developments have made the entire world into a horrendous tragedy, including the incendiary Mid-East focal point. The best that is now possible is to minimize the injustice, and to do so without any further bloodshed or cruelty and with maximum compassion for all people, in a way that abandons any idea of punishment or vengeance . . . To see item (htm).
Getting at the truth in today’s world — Part II, initial posting 2010-10-23, last update 2010-11-04.
    Circumstantial evidence that questions whether Israel Shamir’s and Ken Freeland’s website is truly anti-Zionist, or an effort to generate confusion . . . To see item (htm).
Getting at the truth in today’s world — Part I, initial posting 2010-10-21, last update 2010-11-04.
    A firey exchange on the role of powerful Jews in today’s world, and on whether Israel Shamir’s and Ken Freeland’s website is truly anti-Zionist, or an effort to generate confusion . . . To see item (htm).
Cleaning up the rotten remnants of El Imperio Britænico — 2, initial posting 2010-10-03, last update 2010-10-11.
    With the advent of instant unmediated open communication via the global internet available to millions of ordinary people, immediate massive world-wide protests took place during this decade. On three notable occasions, people screamed “We don’t want war! We don’t want murder! We want peace!” For the first time in human history almost the total world population with access to news stood instantly united in its abhorrence at the actions of a nation-state. We are living in an age absolutely without precedent . . . To see item (htm).
Clues to social reality: Part 3, initial posting 2010-10-01, last update 2010-10-12.
    By “social reality” I refer to the lives of the billions of ordinary every-day people who now mostly suffer through debilitating, destructives lives. This ugly reality is starkly different from the pseudo-reality — the make-believe world — that the super rich and the hyper rich pretend to enjoy, as they bask in the obscene wealth stolen from the rest of us. The purpose of this series of postings is to work towards a global culture of trust, a culture in which we say to each other what we really believe is true, in which lying has become “a dark despised lost black art” . . . To see item (htm).
Destructiveness of distrust - update on F. William Engdahl, Gene Sharp & George Lakey episode of several years ago, initial posting 2008-01-13, re-updated 2010-09-17.
    Israel Shamir’s criticism of pseudo leftist Engdahl for smearing Julian Assange stimulated me to fix the links in this old but still-relevant post . . . To see item (htm).
Routed - almost - by two guys - part II, initial posting 2010-09-14, last update 2010-09-15.
    Baillie, Gordon, Salzman and Shamir battle it out. e-mails from 30 Aug through 8 Sept 2010 . . . To see entire item (htm).
Clues to social reality: part 2, initial posting 2010-09-10, last update 2010-09-10.
    Building a network of elemental human decency and trust to avoid all the disinformation on the internet. All in the spirit of Julian Assange and his wonderful Wikileaks . . . To see entire item (htm).
Cleaning up the rotten remnants of El Imperio Britænico, initial posting 2010-09-08, last update 2010-09-08.
    “The term ‘empire’ is in this connexion obviously used rather for convenience than in any sense equivalent to that of the older or despotic empires of history”. [Ha! Ha!- G.S.] And now to Palestine and Israel . . . To see this item (htm).
Nine clues to social reality, initial posting 2010-09-05, last update 2010-09-06.
    Here are nine of the several dozen people on whom I largely rely for my understanding of the current global reality. I try to follow their thinking on the internet on a regular basis. My intent is to prepare similar introductory information for my other “regulars” in the hope that you will find it useful. Today’s list . . . To see this item (htm).
Introduction to Joe Bageant’s Rainbow Pie – A redneck memoir, initial posting 2010-09-05, last update 2010-09-05.
    The United States has always maintained a white underclass — citizens whose role in the greater scheme of things has been to cushion national economic shocks through the disposability of their labour, with occasional time off to serve as bullet magnets in defence of the Empire . . . Today, almost nobody in the social sciences seems willing to touch the subject of America’s large white underclass; or, being firmly placed in the true middle class themselves, can even agree that such a thing exists. Apparently, you can’t smell the rabble from the putting green . . . To see this item (doc).
Routed – almost – by two guys: David Baillie & Gordon Arnaut “win”, initial posting 2010-08-26, last update 2010-08-27.
    . . . my essay, Changing History - 1 was posted on a website where I thought I’d never see any thing of mine. The site editor . . . believes there are distinct “races” with distinct social behaviors that are genetically determined. His website attracts people who hate Blacks and “foreigners”, and of course plenty of Jew haters. He posts a lot of material that I find repugnant and totally unjustified. [He’s] one of the majority of “poor Whites” – Joe Bageant’s “Working ’Rednecks’ if he were in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia” – who’s being impoverished by the big-money interests. The difference is that [he] knows it and is furiously angry at the system that is exploiting him. But, like Joe’s ‘Rednecks’, [he] doesn’t understand that it’s not the foreigners that are the guilty party, but the dominant capitalist interests that pit poor workers against each other. . . . To see this item (htm).
Changing History – 2 addendum, initial posting 2010-08-15, last update 2010-08-15.
    James Herod, on Capitalists, Global Warming, & the Climate Justice Movement. For Herod, as for my other two heavy hitters, Manuel Garcia and Joe Bageant, the Zionist-Palestinian struggle pales in significance compared to the destruction of a livable planet threatened by global incineration due to run-away global heating. Herod's essay here complements the briefer comments of Manuel Garcia and Joe Bageant on the prior posting . . . To see this item (doc).
Changing History – 2, initial posting 2010-08-01, last update 2010-08-15.
    On 31 July Nurit Peled-Elhanan burst into my life with the most compelling call I have ever read for the changes in the system of values the global social order must make if humanity is to have a chance for humane survival. Hanan Sharfelddin alerted me. Women like Nurit, “ethnically” a Jewish Israeli, and Hanan, “ethnically” a Palestinian Arab, are in truth Universal Women, seeking to teach us all the importance of being Universal Human Beings — teaching the system of values that must constitute humanity’s ideology of true civilization if we are to have good lives . . . To see entire item (htm).
David Baillie vs. Gordon Arnaut, initial posting 2010-07-23, last update 2010-07-26.
    This posting continues the strenuous dispute between my long-time trusted Canadian friend Gordon Arnaut and my recent contact David Baillie in the Boston, Massachusetts area. David initiated this exchange with an e-mail to me on 28 June. I believe he wrote me because my recent website postings had become virulently anti-Zionist, and he thought I might be an ally in his own efforts . . . To see entire item (htm).
A new ‘Nazi’ friend, David Baillie - 3, initial posting 2010-07-19, last update 2010-07-19.
    David pointed out that to call him a Nazi was pejorative. It denigrated him in the eyes of many, probably most, of the readers. He’s a National Socialist, not a Nazi, he says. He’s right. Nazi is used in a derogatory way practically always. My intent, in titling my postings "A new Nazi friend, David Baillie - 2,3, . . ." was to use the fact that to most of the people who see my stuff it’s a jarring juxtaposition — What the fuck is a "nice Jewish man/boy" doing being friends with a (of course) despicable Nazi. It was a promotional gimmick, to grab peoples’ attention, and to incite some controversy . . . To see entire item (htm).
A new Nazi friend, David Baillie - 2, initial posting 2010-07-14, last update 2010-07-16.
    My first effort to understand . . . “anti-Semitism” in the U.S. didn’t work out . . . I thought I was in an honest exchange with someone whose on-line weekly radio program . . . attracted a host of out-and-out Jew-haters. The host, Susie Purtee, pretended that she was unprejudiced . . . Eventually she showed that she had been deceiving me . . . and that her beliefs were as rabid as those of some of her participating listeners, one of whom kept calling for killing “the Jews” . . . Now, again apparently out of the blue, an intriguing e-mail piqued my curiosity. I responded, which got an exchange going with someone who is an unabashedly American Nazi. . . . To see entire item (htm).
An open letter about Robert Fisk — There’s good reason to hate Great Britain, even if you’re not Irish, initial posting 2010-07-05, last update 2010-07-05.
    I’ve had difficulty with the concept of ethnicity because it can be used, and often is, to make pretty meaningless separations of people into “them” and “us”. And these us-them distinctions can be used to generate hatreds. An example is in a letter I got the other day from a new Nazi friend, which ended with “My grandfather was Ukrainian, my grandmother Czech. I know full well what your kin [referring to my Jewish ethnicity] did . . . To see entire item (htm).
A new Nazi friend, Hello David — No, not David Duke, David Baillie – “Nazi, Schmazi” says Werner von Braun, initial posting 2010-07-02, last update 2010-07-02.
    You’d almost think I’m a monster of sorts from some of the e-mail I get. Maybe some of my “enemies” have got my number. Who knows? The other day, just minding what I thought was my own business — trying to save the world — I was suddenly interrupted by an uninvited e-mail that popped in not long after I’d posted and announced pro-Palestinian material. Maybe this picture on my website was responsible . . . To see entire item (htm).
Gaining a grip on humanity’s problems, The choice: people or money, initial posting 2010-06-22, last update 2010-06-27.
    OUR monumental task is to figure out how to save the biosphere — and humanity — so that our children and grandchildren will be able to live — and not only barely survive, but live fulfilling lives. How can we stop the downward cascading spiral? Most urgent. We must stop the killing. The rapid escalation of murder — both mass and in selective repression — carried out by and at the behest of nation-states is an unacceptable immediate reality. It is opposed by the overwhelming majority of the world’s ordinary people . . . To see entire item (htm).
“Why the Central Focus of the World Revolutionary Movement Must Be the Destruction of Racism”, initial posting here 2010-06-25.
    Curtis Muhammad, a long-time friend, sent me this document from the organizer training collective of the International School for Bottom-up Organizing (ISBO). He and Kathy Fischer consolidated, edited and prepared the final document. Curtis wrote: I need ideas about how to distribute it widely and receive feedback. My understanding (G.S.) is that it is a “first step” towards getting free and healthy lives for all humanity. Curtis has always been very “up front” about his beliefs and hopes. I encourage everyone to help publicize this initiative and to participate in further work. Their document is subtitled, “Building a Revolutionary Egalitarian Movement Led by the Poorest and Darkest, Especially Women”. To see entire item (htm).
Wake up people!, initial posting 2010-06-01, last update 2010-06-01.
    Fundamental changes in the value system are urgent. The German Nazi State had to be abolished. It was. The Jewish Nazi State must be abolished. It will be . . . To see entire item (htm).
Godspeed to Gaza, updated talk Israel Shamir gave in Italy in May, initial posting 2010-05-30, last update 2010-05-30.
    The Turks did it! The world as we know it has changed with the new-found independence of Turkey. Within one month, this erstwhile American semi-colony under the charismatic leadership of Recep Erdogan has made two strong moves that have brought it to the forefront of policy-making: Together with Brazil, Turkey has arranged and signed the Tehran Declaration of a nuclear fuel swap deal with beleaguered Iran . . . To see entire item (doc).
Marek Głogoczowski essay on money — Why Aristotle hated bankers, initial posting 2010-05-30, last update 2010-05-30.
    Dr. Głogoczowski's commentaries are always interesting, and I always feel I gain some new insight from each one. However, his eclectic style has a way of mixing apples and oranges, which can result at times in a giant fly in his ointment. The current essay (“Why Aristotle hated bankers”) is a case in point. The overall thesis is well presented, historically grounded and well argued. But at the very end of this piece, a gratuitous slam, out of nowhere and with no argument at all [comment by Ken Freeland] . . . To see entire item (doc).
Marek Głogoczowski essay, Globalism as banks-imposed, world-wide prostitution, initial posting 2010-05-30, last update 2010-05-30.
    No doubt that the symbolic destruction of Berliner Wall on November 7th (9-11 according to notation of date we use in Central Europe), twenty years ago, was a monumental victory of forces hidden behind glassy walls of the Global Banking System. It was the victory of super-rich bourgeoisie, thriving in Ivory Towers of their luxurious apartments, places where bourgeois ‘stay apart’ from others . . . To see entire item (doc).
Rothschild family article in the 1911 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, initial posting 2010-05-29, last update 2010-05-29.
    The third brother, NATHAN MAYER (1777-1836) . . . the financial genius of the family . . . The boldness and skill of his financial transactions, which caused him at first to be regarded as unsafe by the leading banking firms and financial merchants, later awakened their admiration and envy. By the employment of carrier-pigeons and of fast-sailing boats of his own for the transmission of news he was able to utilize to the best advantage his special sources of information, while no one was a greater adept in the art of promoting the rise and fall of the stocks . . . To see entire item (htm).
The rock-bottom problems of humanity, initial posting 2010-05-28, last update 2010-05-28.
    We face a monumental task. To figure out how to save the biosphere — and humanity — so that our children and grandchildren will be able to live — and not only barely survive, but live fulfilling lives. How can we stop the downward cascading spiral? . . . A historical cusp — the age of information explodes — birth of a new era. Never before has there been almost instantaneous global awareness of major social-political events. We are living in an age absolutely without precedent. Two events serve as markers for this abrupt change . . . To see entire item (htm).
Why do so many people hate Jews? — II, initial posting 2010-05-24, last update 2010-05-24.
    In my last note I looked at the religious underpinnings of much of the hatred humanity is experiencing. This note, though provocatively titled "Why do so many people hate Jews? — II", is in reality aimed at the more basic question, "Why do so many people hate rich people?" . . . To see entire item (htm).
Why do so many people hate Jews? — I, initial posting 2010-05-16, last update 2010-05-16.
    We gotta wake up. Especially we Jewish Americans. The whole world knows it's largely the influence of super-wealthy American Jews and their extreme right-wing "Christian" allies that is pushing U.S. blind support for the Israeli Nazis who dominate the Zionist project to conquer and expel the Palestinians. Any American Jew who doesn't acknowledge that fact is living with his/her head in the sand. Generic hatred of Jews — not individual Jews but the “Jewish ethnicity” goes back for millenia. It's no mystery . . . To see entire item (htm).
Giordano & Salzman, from “mortal friendship” to mutual contempt – Part II, initial posting 2010-04-28, last update 2010-04-28.
    Al Giordano, it has to be said, is a liar. He readily lies whenever in his judgment it serves his immediate interest: One example, on 17 November 2009 I telephoned him. It was our last conversation, a very friendly one. He defended his relationship with the billionaire supposedly ‘former’ swindler Peter Ackerman, saying Ackerman is not now involved in speculating. I asked Giordano how he knew that. His response was that Ackerman is working full time on non-violence. That conscious lie was based on Giordano deliberately ignoring the fact — surely known to him — that Ackerman is the Chairman of the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Advisory Committee on Investments, which manages the investment portfolio of the University. N.B. The Committee, though called Advisory, in fact actually determines investments. Ackerman chairs this decision-making body. Clearly Ackerman is involved in speculation, as he has been for decades, the skill at theft from which Tufts now expects to benefit, with additional dishonest income . . . To see entire item (htm).
Letters exchanged with a friend, a Gentile American, 2010-03-25, last update 2010-04-06.
    Louis Urban Kohler writes, "In my experience (raised with intense Catholic indoctrination) the idea to hate Jews because they killed Jesus was just not there! I was puzzled to hear this idea for the first time, as a freshman in college. I heard it from a Jew, a sophomore who lived in the next dorm room. He teased me that we Catholics hated Jews because they killed Jesus, and I still remember being too confused to respond . . . Now, nearly a half century later, I can draw on much more experience, having watched the middle east situation unfold and evolve, plus having lived in Russia (Moscow) and noted some interesting aspects of the situation there for the Jews, (the alleged anti-semitism which [Uri] Avnery describes as having driven over a million Jews to refuge in Israel . . . To see entire item (htm).
Alberto Giordano & George Salzman, mortal friends — a tempest in a teaspoon – Part I, initial posting 2010-03-04, last update 2010-04-28.
    I readily admit to having become an extremist, convinced that only fundamental changes in the dominant global system of values has even a chance of allowing humanity to live humanely . . . most of my friends are well past middle age, privileged, the majority professional intellectuals – the conditions most effective in stifling one's imagination. The young people – without investment portfolios, the burdens of material wealth, not yet entrapped in contrived debt, whose desire to live is threatened – this is where the hope for a true civilization, not an anti-civilization of exploitation, suffering and death, is found. The young people are the source of my hope for a future . . . To see entire item (htm).
New York Times Jewish celebration, 2010-02-22.
    "many of the known victims of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities are prominent Jewish executives and organizations — Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Spitzers, Yeshiva University, the Elie Wiesel Foundation and charities set up by the publisher Mortimer B. Zuckerman and the Hollywood director Steven Spielberg" — New York Times, December 19, 2008 . . . To see entire item (htm).
Our common struggle for a good world for all humanity and other life forms, 2010-02-19, posted on the Narcosphere at - February 19, 2010 at 4:31 pm. This continues the discussion initiated in .
Ackerman's hirelings – DuVall and Zunes – besmirch me with their lies. What is the reality of the ICNC?, dated 2010-02-13, posted 16 Feb 2010.
    The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) is a Non-Governmental Organization, an NGO legally established in the United States as a tax-exempt charitable group. It was founded and is totally funded and controlled by Peter Ackerman, an ultra-wealthy junk-bond speculator who is refurbishing his persona as a doer of public good. His ICNC offered major support – a $20,000 matching grant – for the Feb 2010 session of Alberto Giordano's liberatory School for Authentic Journalism, a key part of Al's NarcoNews project . . . To see entire item (htm).
Assault on independent authentic journalism: the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, dated 2010-02-13, posted 16 Feb 2010.
    Alberto Giordano's NarcoNews Journal website and his School for Authentic Journalism stand together with both feet planted solidly on the ground of what journalism ought to be. Jillian Kestler-D'Amours' report at says "As a result of Por Esto!'s reporting on the matter, Banamex made a total of 18 libel claims against the newspaper – 17 in the Mexican courts and one in the New York Supreme Court. The case was taken to the United States because Banamex claimed that Por Esto! Publisher Menendez and Narco News' Giordano made slanderous statements against it during a public lecture at Columbia University and in other interviews with US-based news outlets . . . Giordano and Menendez emerged victorious – the criminal charges in Mexico and the civil lawsuit in the US were thrown out by judges – and in the process established a precedent that created important freedom of the press protections for online news organizations and journalists." Then junk-bond master swindler Peter Ackerman's so-called ICNC went after Giordano . . . To see entire item (htm)
Failure of Progressive Thought, dated 2009-12-13, posted 9 Mar 2010.
    Michael Barker, the author of this article, was a primary recipient of Alberto Giordano's wrath after he raised questions about the possible impact of the grant of $20,000 by Peter Ackerman's so-called International Center for Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) in support of Al's NarcoNews School for Authentic Journalism. Barker here criticizes progressive intellectuals for deflecting attention from the anti-democratic function that liberal philanthropists fulfill in the service of imperialism. Barker says, "This essay aims to shed much needed light on one notable example of such a failure, that is, the progressive defence and legitimization of a controversial organization known as the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict" . . . The original publication is on the Swans website of Gilles d'Aymery at The text is republished on my website in a format that differs only insignificantly from that of Gilles d'Aymery, at (doc).
Person-to-person real communication, posted 24 November 2009.
    I've been deluged with responses! I'm sick of over-automated living. Of technophiles monkeying with my computer, forcing me to deal with unwanted intrusive commercial garbage. All these damn pseudo networks of people that spawn no significant contacts. Hell, folks don't have time to think about what to write. Maybe that's the idea -- to prevent us from thinking -- about what's really important. So what is really important? The separation of the world's people into the privileged and the pillaged. That's problem numero uno. My last two announcements led to a surge of mail . . . To see entire item (htm).
Original fundraising article published on Narcosphere, "Support Narco News, the Sustainable Next-Generation Newspaper, by Ansel Herz, School of Authentic Journalism, Class of 2010" at - November 17, 2009 at 12:45 pm. The final paragraph of Herz's article is: You can donate online to support Narco News, the Narcosphere, and the School of Authentic Journalism at . . . As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your contributions to The Fund for Authentic Journalism are tax-deductible in the US, and right now every dollar you donate will be doubled by matching support from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC).
    That spurred me to look into the ICNC. I quickly decided that Al had been conned by Peter Ackerman and his employees. I immediately posted a foolish comment on the Narcosphere, at That comment, and four more, the last two by Ackerman's employees, are all together on the NarcoSphere. Subsequently I wrote an essay responding to the two emloyees, Jack DuVall and Stephen Zunes, and posted it as a final comment immediately following theirs. I also put that essay on my website as "Reply to comments by Jack DuVall and Stephen Zunes" at . At that URL, and on the Narcosphere post there are
1. - My initial foolish comment, called (by me) comment #1.
2. - Giordano's response, called comment #2.
3. - My response to Al, called comment #3.
4. - Jack DuVall's statement, called comment #4.
5. - Stephen Zunes's statement, called comment #5.
unnumbered - My reply to comments by Jack DuVall and Stephen Zunes.
Southern Poverty Law Center, Heidi Beirich, Kevin B. MacDonald, critical thoughts I, posted 31 October 2009.
    A recent shock by Israel Shamir incited me to do this piece. Israel's essay begins, "Racial theorist Prof Kevin MacDonald has written a piece about film director Roman Polansky's recent arrest: As you might expect, KMD has discovered that Polansky is not condemned by Hollywood because he is a Jew, and Jews protect their own. They also like Polansky because his films and his actions have undermined the Whites' morals and values. Life is simple for Prof MacDonald" . . . To see entire item (even though it's incomplete), (htm).
The Privileged and the Pillaged — Changing History, 2 , posted 13 October 2009.
    Taking oneself seriously is a hell of an impediment to having fun, supposedly necessary for one's mental health. I believe it is important. At the very least one needs some diversion. So I thought I'd try some light reading. As it happens, Nancy was a student of literature at Swarthmore College. Her ancient copy of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's Don Quixote de la Mancha was at hand, a bit of classical literary culture for a change of pace, I thought . . . To see entire item (even though it's incomplete), (htm).
John Ross, a feet-on-the-ground struggler for human rights and decency, (begun 5 August 2009), posted 9 September 2009.
    Building circles of trust and communication. In a small community, if the social evironment is a healthy one, it may be that practically everyone knows everybody else. That was the situation I observed in San Pedro, Cántaros when I visited during three days in September 2008 with Jonathan Treat and his class from the School for International Training . . . To see entire item (even though it's incomplete), (htm).
Alan Hart, a new friend and ally on the need to ‘sacrifice’, 5 August 2009, posted 9 September 2009.
    Building circles of trust and communication. The world today, as we all know, is one of lying and deceit throughout the public domain. This condition makes it extremely difficult to know what is actually going on. It serves the interests of the elites who are better able to maniplate the population at large. Governments and mega-corporations employ the services of 'public relations' and 'legal' firms for the express purpose of generating disinformation campaigns -- supposedly within the limits allowed by law -- to confuse and mislead the general public. We who want to know the truth need all the allies we can get. Alan Hart is one such person . . . To see entire item, (htm). To see extra Notes on a separate page, (extra Notes).
Changing History, 1, 5 September 2009.
    Of course one can't change what has happened in the past. One can only wish it had been different. What's done is done. But for the present and the future, we do have choices. This paper is the start of an effort to discover how we, the entire human species, can maximize our chances for robust humane survival here on the earth.
    I know that many people, who like to think of themselves as "realists", will dismiss my ideas as "mere utopian dreams". Yet many of them don't hesitate to acknowledge that they think the world is headed towards catastrophe, that their own children and grandchildren will inherit at most a dismally ravaged biosphere, one in which the human species might be threatened with a degree of decimation not so different from the near extinction of many other species in this era of massive global capitalism through which we now are living . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Another dimension — indigenous! Seeking a true civilization, 3 Sept 2009.
    Our greatest, most urgent collective challenge is to change in a very deep way the system of values that guides human behavior throughout the world. I see such a change as absolutely crucial if humanity is to have even a chance of surviving in conditions that allow lives worth living for our children and grandchildren, or as the American Indians would put it, to the seventh generation.
    Albert Einstein wasn't always right, but here he saw the heart of our deepest problem: "A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty . . . We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive." [emphasis added by G.S.] . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Young woman stirs new life in old professor (emeritus). joys of past rediscovered, 30 Aug 2009.
    More excitement in my life! It all happened like this. Nancy and I have been riding the surf of rebellion and repression in Mexico, in particular here in Oaxaca where we live and where the crests and troughs of violence at times seemed almost about to engulf us. Well, three months ago I got an uninvited message from Susie, a woman who's a good two decades my junior in age. Just out of the blue it seemed, she said she would be honored to have me speak on her live radio program. As is well known, flattery will get you everywhere . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #7, Randolph S. Selig, Esq.-'smart-ass' NY City Jewish lawyer. Specialty - lying for Zionism, 18 Aug 2009.
    Unknown to me initially, after my posting of 5 June 2009, "Straight talk with Israel Shamir" came to Selig's attention, he forwarded it on 6 June to Michael Santomauro, editor of the Reporters Notebook website. The following day Santomauro forwarded Selig's gratuitous lies to me without comment: "There is no 'George Salzman' listed in UMass-Boston's faculty and staff directory. But then, the name 'Israel Shamir' is itself fictitious. Don't you feel foolish, taken in, suckered?". . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #6, Open Letter to Prime Minister Blair: Doing a Northern Ireland in the Middle East, by Alan Hart, 15 Aug 2009.
    Alan Hart has a remarkably rich assembly of work on the global impact of Zionism. He is an unusually outspoken British Gentile committed to telling it like it is. The opening page of his site is at It's well worth visiting and watching the world-class interviews, each about a half hour -- really one-on-one conversations -- that Hart has posted along with a great deal of his written material. The importance of his work is also attested by the vigorous efforts of the Zionist network to prevent publication of his book and to defame him . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #5, How many voters does it take to change a light bulb? None. Because voters can't change anything, 7 Aug 2009.
    Although I couldn't refrain from titling this note with the anarchists' scornful little 'joke' about the social impotence of all the faithful ballot-casters who doggedly cling to the liberal myth that voting and representative democracy are not to be questioned, the truth is that this note is really "Straight talk #5, being truly human", a continuation of the discussion/debate associated with Israel Shamir. Time is running out -- time to do the basic thinking and acting we need to do . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #4, overcoming ethnicity, no joke. It can serve deadly ends, 12 July 2009.
    Adolph Hitler was fixated on ethnicity. STOP! Before you read this essay, please see what my trusted friend Gordon Arnaut said, urging me not to post it. He wrote in part . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #3, overcoming being Jewish, no joke, 26 June 2009.
    Yet another truth-teller. James Petras is one of the most prolific, straightforward analysts I'm aware of. His sharp, critical, widely informed mind and his unwillingness to say gently what he thinks should be screamed makes him particularly useful to me, even when I don't totally agree with him. His range is truly global, and although I can't read everything he publishes -- there's just too much for me -- I rely heavily on his work.
    A recent e-mail 'joke' about Obama shows ethnic racism as an unconscious characteristic of the Jewish subculture. It was forwarded to me with the note: Maybe not for posting - but for some fun. Here's the 'joke', offered to a selected group for some 'insider' fun . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #2, with Shamir and others, 15 June 2009.
    The e-mails have been coming in like crazy -- I haven't even been able to sort them, let alone respond and prepare this follow-up post. But it's clear there's lots of interest. Many people who want to fix the world. And who are fed up with all the lying and coverup efforts of the Israeli and U.S. governments. Not to speak of other governments and of course of so-called 'international organizations', like the United Nations, which was set up to be dominated by the 'big powers' . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Straight talk #1 with Israel Shamir , 5 June 2009.
    A few weeks ago I'd never heard of Israel Shamir. Somehow or other his name came up, prompting a Google search. It quickly became clear that he was reviled by some of the most despicable of Israel's apologists. Which whetted my interest in learning more about him. So I wrote a letter, the first one, which follows the figure caption, on 24 May 2009. Much to my surprise, and pleasure, Shamir wrote back the same day (the 25th in Israel-Palestine), and so our exchage was under way . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Weavers of the fabric of truth: Dahr Jamail, John Pilger, Mohammed Omer, 30 May 2009
    Telling the truth has always involved some risk. At the least, friends might be offended. At worst, as is ongoing now for some years here in Mexico, reporters have clearly been assassinated because they have told truths that expose terrible acts by powerful people. Why do I think each of these three people can be believed to tell the truth? Why am I so ready to dismiss statements by politicians -- of whatever nationality -- or by other journalists if their statements are contradicted by Jamail, Pilger, or Omer? The answer is simple. I have come to trust these three people for their integrity, their honesty. That doesn't mean I think they are invariably correct. Like all humans, they are fallible, and should be listened to critically. . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Zionist censorship at colleges and universities: U of Ottawa, Canada; U of Cal at Santa Barbara; De Paul Univ, Chicago; Bard College, NY State; Clark U, Worcester, Mass, 12 May 2009
    I first became 'actively aware' of the strenuous effort of Zionist groups in North America to suppress open public discussion of Israeli policy in universities about two years ago from an e-mail sent by a friend in Egypt. That involved a campaign which successfully prevented Norman G. Finkelstein from gaining his well-deserved tenure at De Paul University in Chicago. Since then there has been no shortage of attacks on uncensored discussion in Canadian and U.S. colleges and universities. A particularly fierce instance of this widespread drive is the recent firing of a long-time tenured physics professor by the University of Ottawa . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Standing tough for truth, Norman G. Finkelstein Into my pantheon of truth-tellers he goes, 22 April 2009
    I keep saying, Stop talking to Jews. The way to stop the Israeli Nazis from continuing their conquest of the Palestinians is to talk to the overwhelming majority of non-Jewish Americans, to spread a profound awareness in this population group of how they are being made to sacrifice their own well-being, and thousands of them their very lives, in support of the U.S. imperial project to control the world and concurrently, the Zionist conquest of the so-called 'Holy Land'. What's holy about the 'Holy Land'? Any indigenous person who hasn't been totally brainwashed by one of the pompous self-declared three 'great' monotheistic religions knows the answer: 'all land is holy'. It is where every living creature exists. Without it there could be no life." . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Israelis systematically terrorizing school children an appeal from the South Hebron Hills, Occupied Territory, 16 April 2009
    Ehud Krinis is one of those Israeli Jews who acts in anarchist fashion by working together with nomads, Palestinian Bedouins, in direct action. They are struggling against Israeli efforts to drive them from their land by wrecking their homes and preventing their sheep from grazing in their traditional areas, and, as added 'incentive', by attacking their school children. . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Israeli Zionist Nazi culture a report from Rabbis for Human Rights, 15 April 2009
    Noga Eitan is a spokeswoman for the Israeli group Rabbis for Human Rights. She wrote about the conversation she heard between soldiers on a train in Israel the evening before the start of the Jewish high holidays, the days of Passover (seven in Israel, eight in the Diaspora). The executive director of the group, Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman, says in his introductory statement on the conversation Noga reports, "It is not quite as awful as the 'disproved' incidents alleged by the soldiers from the Rabin Academy, but awful enough". . . . To see entire item, (htm).
On being human – inspired by David Shulman , 12 April 2009
    I'm interrupting myself, temporarily setting aside my rereading of the terrifying chapter in Robert Fisk's The Great War for Civilization in which he writes about the unbelievable atrocities against Algerians carried out by Algerians 'in the name of God'. It's a mammoth chapter (pp. 631-719) that horrified me some years ago when I first read it, because of the supposedly 'principled' killing of children. I love children. To me they are sacred, all of them, regardless of the ethnicities and nationalities that society forces on them. This note is different from my usual stuff — nothing about capitalism, socialism, competition, greed — just about love, real love. . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Doing away with the Zionist state of Israel, an earned fate, 24 Jan 2009.
    I start from the basic assumption that the entire Zionist project to plant a Jewish nation-state in the land of Palestine was illegitimate from its inception, based, as we know, on the premise that the land would be taken from its indigenous population, a conquest to be rationalized on grounds of ancient history and religious dogma, and to be achieved by serving the imperial interests of major Western nations . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Jews – a blight on human society? That was Hitler's view , 29 December 2008
    A letter yesterday from a psychologist to a friend of mine, which he forwarded to me, shows that Hitler's conviction is not dead, and ought to cause especially Jews, but really everyone, to ponder the horrific mass murder of Gazans. I am circulating part of the letter because I believe it probably mirrors the views of many many millions, maybe even a majority of the world's peoples. If that is so, the idea that Jews (or any particuar ethnic group) are genetically irrevocably incorregible murderers should not be taken lightly . . . To see entire item, (htm).
An open letter to Mazin Qumsiyeh, 15 Dec 2008, posted 11 Jan 2009.
Dear Mazin, Today is 11 January, 15 days since the aerial bombing of Gaza began and the 8th day since Israeli ground troops attacked in a massive invasion. I am adding to my open letter an ‘iconic photograph’. . . To see entire item, (htm).
Looking for a way towards civilization II, 5th Aug to __th Sept, 2008, not really completed but posted nevertheless, on 11 January 2009, with the completion of the discussion to await part III.
    An affirmation, and a suggested credo for civilization [1] WE Americans know that we are not born to kill ― that our newborns are as beautiful and rich in potentialities for having lives of love and mutual respect as any other peoples in the world. We know they don't have to be turned into torturers, murderers, pillagers, psychologically deformed souls. It is up to us, we mature folks, to stop the carnage of a suicidal national government bent on global dominance — a crazed government driving them to slaughter their victims and to face their own maiming and death, and killing the spirits of billions of humans. It is up to us to make of America a land of life and love and not of death and destruction. . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Looking for a way towards civilization I, 9th to 27th July, posted 27 July 2008
    . . . there is an almost totally unrecognized though not hidden hand of history that drives humanity, that drove it into the First World War – the first of a seemingly interminable series of wars – and that is today driving the entire human species over the cliff into the abyss of Armageddon. It is within our rational ability to recognize this hand and to abruptly change course from ongoing disaster to . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Murdering children is unforgivable, 29 April to 13 June, posted 13 June 2008
    Murdering children – in fact murdering anyone, but especially children – is equally unacceptable to me whether done by German Nazis of the Third Reich...One simply does not kill children if one is to be a humane being.
    There are three parts to this note.
Khalid Amyreh’s message to the Jews.
A statement by G.S. to Jews and non-Jews
A strategy for defeating the Zionist conquest
. . . To see entire item, (htm).
The source of threats to us all, Power, money and lying in the era of information, 29 April 2008
    In an earlier note I provocatively asserted Israelis conform to Hitler’s prediction. and asked, Why are so many Jews acting as Hitler said they would? The answer, also surely shocking to many, is that Jews are fundamentally no different than any other ethnic group. Of course every ethnic group . . . To see entire item, (htm).
The source of threats to journalists, 14 April 2008, posted in English y en español 25 April 2008
    The additional tragic murders of two young indigenous Triqui women, community radio reporters on 7 April served to highlight the ongoing threats and killings of honest reporters by the state-allied and protected corrupt forces determined to maintain a brutal, fascist regime. . . . To see item, with several minor arithmetic errors in an earlier posting corrected, (htm).
Lying for a living, corporate ‘news’, 12 April 2008
    Day in and day out, it seems that each issue of the daily newspaper NOTICIAS: VOZ E IMAGEN DE OAXACA documents its quota of grisly murders, robberies, executions, and kidnappings, usually made more dramatic by accompanying color photographs. A week ago . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Israelis conform to Hitler's prediction, 23 February 2008
    Fundamental to Hitler's beliefs is the concept of the Jews being a race, a nation, a people apart from all other peoples, separated by ineradicable biological differences. He thought that blood was basic in determining the cultural and civilizational potentialities of a pople, and that mixing of the blood — loss of racial purity — was a surefire disaster for the initially superior race. He was obsessed with vitriolic hatred of Jews . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Fighting against keeping us ignorant, 20 February 2008, posted 22 February 2008
    One of the most important web sites in recent months has been Created by several brave journalists committed to transparency, Wikileaks has published important leaked documents, such as the Rules of Engagement for Iraq [see my The Secret Rules of Engagement in Iraq], the 2003 and 2004 Guantanamo Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures, and evidence of major bank fraud in . . . To see entire item, (htm).


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