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Notes of an anarchist physicist
George’s riseup lists
George’s partial mirror site

Israel-Palestineheavy emphasis
Alan Hart - maintains a fairly active blog
Antony Loewenstein - alert activist journalist
Denis Rancourt - victim of Canadian Zionists
Eric Walberg - excellent Canadian journalist
Jeffrey Blankfort - informed critic of Zionism
Juan Cole - intrepid truth-teller, Middle East
Mazin Qumsiyeh - a man of true love & hope
Nureddin Sabir - focus is justice for all people
Philip Weiss - compassionate pro-Palestinians

World News
Eva Golinger - Correo d’Orinoco, Venezuela
Immanuel Wallerstein - 2 commentaries/month
James Herod - my major mentor of society
James Petras - a leading critic of Chomsky
Joe Bageant - my “brother under the skin”
John Pilger - New Statesman and elsewhere
John Ross - from the heart of Mexico City
Julian Assange - Wikileaks founder, our hero
Les Blough - Axis of Logic, first rate articles
Manuel Garcia Jr - often in Counterpunch
Marat Kunaev - East+West Review, in Rus-
      sia, also
Pat Mooney - Erosion, Technology,..., Group
Robert Fisk - Independent, and he really is
Ronnie Dugger - set up Alliance 4 democracy
Tim King Salem, Oregon Outlook editor
Tony Sutton Coldtype, writing worth reading

Grassroots popular initiatives/movements
Anne Petermann - Global Justice Eco. Project
Bill Templer - in mrzine of Monthly Review
Carl Kurtz - Bikes Not Bombs
Carmelo Ruiz - Puerto Rico Biosafety Project
Jonathan Treat - Oaxaca, teaching from below
Nancy Davies - Oaxaca Study-Action Group
Sanya Hyland - radical artist, Lucy Parsons

Initial posting of this page: 6 October 2010
Last update: 17 December 2010