Jews – a blight on human society?
That was Hitler’s view

  by G.S.  <>   29 December 2008
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WHY the long delay? Originally I prepared the following material on 29 Dec 2008, eight months ago, fully intending to make it public as soon as a trusted friend, Kenneth Ring gave me the OK. That was in fact just two days after the fierce Israeli aerial bombardment of Gaza began. Kenneth, a psychologist, was concerned with protecting the anonymity of the obviously anti-Semitic writer. A Google search showed me that the party whose privacy he wished to honor had published similar views in public media. Nevertheless I wrote seeking explicit permission to publish the letter, an effort that remained unsuccessful for three months. [1] After the end of those three months I was otherwise occupied - another five months elapsed. It still seems important to place these viruent views in the public record. Here they are.
--G.S., 31 August 2009

      A letter yesterday from a psychologist to a friend of mine, which he forwarded to me, shows that Hitler’s conviction is not dead, and ought to cause especially Jews, but really everyone, to ponder the horrific mass murder of Gazans. I am circulating part of the letter because I believe it probably mirrors the views of many many millions, maybe even a majority of the world’s peoples. If that is so, the idea that Jews (or any particuar ethnic group) are genetically irrevocably incorregible murderers should not be taken lightly.

Subject: our soulless and savage country

Dr. ----:
      Do you know Kevin MacDonald . . . ? I have read all his books and am also a psychologist.
      Dr. MacDonald does not do justice to the evil perpetuated by the villains of the world, namely racist zionists. Everything which is happening has happened before and the globe is in their claws. I am old enough to have experienced the truth of the world and it isn't pretty again because of the slave masters, usurers, and killers who have controlled the wealth and minds of too many from their emergence in ancient Egypt eons ago. They possess the uncanny and eternal ability to change the world to their liking. They are indeed not like the rest of us and they wish to continue slavery and exploitation to their sinister ends. We are like the hosts to their parasitical squirming. They have managed to destroy all of real value to a peaceful and honest world. Their manipulation of logic always works for them: i.e. making a man of Negro genes to be president of this once honest country because one of the most damning accusations leveled at them has been their obvious racism. Only because they believe they are “chosen” and should rule the rest of us regardless of our genetic makeup are they fully responsible for “dividing and conquering” so successfully with their end goal of complete subjugation.
      This morning’s news tells us how they have begun their ultimate goal of decimating the entire population of Gaza while later telling us that the retail economy from Christmas sales is helping. All of this is predictable: economic chaos because they control the wealth globally while threatening war any place they desire. Because we won’t bomb Iran they are continuing their threats to the rest of the world. We are held hostage to their evil plans. Any conceivable evil has been used by them. Their mastery of myth which is outright propaganda and lies has held the ignorant in tow long enough for them to put their mark on humanity. I ask: Where will it all end? Will humanity waken to what they’ve done or are all future generations doomed to repeat lessons not learned?
      . . . 1933 was an iconic year for many events beyond my birth. Just as today, the world was in turmoil; turmoil created and exploited by racist/zionism.
      Although gloomy it’s true that Gaza will be the beginning of the end UNLESS something is done to STOP racist/zionism and preserve the future for all the rest of us. If you have any suggestions to end the calamitous plans of the ultimate evil prescriptions of “the devil’s children” perhaps you will share them.
Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx

[1] Effort to secure author's permission.
Friday 9 January 2009
      I am a friend of Kenneth Ring through our shared abhorrence of the Israeli Jews' destruction of the indigenous Palestinian society. In our correspondence he sent me a copy of a letter you wrote him, insisting that it was absolutely private and that I must maintain its confidentiality, which of course I have done. I believe that what you wrote is very important because it must, I am sure, represent the views of many many people throughout the world, especially now that the genocidal attack on Gaza in all its brutality is in the eyes of the whole world. I am writing to ask your permission to make use of your letter in the struggle against Zionism. If you want it to not be made public in a form that might allow you to be identified I can easily do that. My preference of course would be to identify you, because that would lend authenticity to my report of your viewpoint, but the choice, if you permit me to use your text, is entirely yours. I wrote a tentative note using most of your letter, though I didn't complete it with my intended comments because of the terrible pressure of time with the ratcheting up of the Zionists' military assault. That tentative note is attached. I hope you will respond to this query.
Very sincerely yours,

Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 17:43:00 -0500
To: Kenneth Ring
      . . . just today I realized that there was an item I had 'failed' to post, namely the letter you received . . . I had written ... twice for ... permission (bowing to your gentlemanly guidelines) but [he/she] never had even the elementary courtesy to acknowledge my notes. I decided that it is important for people to be able to see [his/her] views, because they are most likely very common, and very dangerous. I got some nasty stuff from a long-ago fellow student -- now a rather widely recognized theoretical physicist, a professor at Brandeis University, who is living in a bubble.[2] At any rate, I decided to post [his/her] letter to you, without either you or [him/her] identified. I don't think that puts any onus on [him/her], given [his/her] public statements that are noted in a Google search. I hope this will not shake your confidence in my judgement. The letter is posted at

[2] Brandeis University physicist. The exchange between Stanley Deser and me is in endnote 5 of the essay at The endnote follows:

[5] I recently experienced an effort by a Jewish American to justify Israel’s current behavior in Gaza and the occupied territories. The exchange was initiated, and terminated, by Brandeis University Professor emeritus of physics Stanley Deser. He and I had both been undergraduate students at Brooklyn College in 1949, when we each received a B.A. degree. In 1950 he gained a Master’s at Harvard and in 1953 a Ph.D., also at Harvard. I got similar degrees at the Univ. of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, also in 1950 and 1953. The exchange between us follows:

Subject: anti-semitic agitprop
From: Stanley Deser <>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:27:14 -0400 (EDT)
CC: Howard J Schnitzer <>

Howard forwarded your email, which I was truly ashamed to read. How can you, a lucky unscathed Jew of an era when we were all getting slaughtered almost everywhere else, including your beloved Palestine (I was there as a child in the ‘35 pogroms) and driven out of Europe (as I was) with almost nowhere else to go? The Mideast Arabs were allied with Hitler (our enemy, I remind you) in WW2; you might not know, or care – except that they would indeed take care of you as well, if you weren’t in our protected cocoon. This childish left-wing infatuation with the noble savage Arabs is truly ignoble; it’s rampant among so-called intellectuals in Europe who wouldn’t last a day in that brutally intolerant, intolerantly sexist, racist world, but love it from a distance to feel good about striking a cheap point for their egos. If you are indeed a still physicist, you should be more self-critical before publishing!
Stanley Deser

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 14:53:05 -0600

Hi Stan,
      This is just to acknowledge your note above, for which I thank you. I will reply, of course, but not immediately, having spent a good deal of the morning writing to another friend . . . I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the volume of these exchanges . . . but will deal with all of it as best I can . . .
      I gave up trying to do physics about 30 or so years ago. But I like to think that what I’m doing now is much more meaningful. After a difficult year I’m eager to begin again trying to contribute to the global social struggle. I have started a new website, at
      Before you throw any more unfounded accusations at me, such as “This childish left-wing infatuation with the noble savage Arabs is truly ignoble; it’s rampant among so-called intellectuals in Europe who wouldn’t last a day in that brutally intolerant, intolerantly sexist, racist world, but love it from a distance to feel good about striking a cheap point for their egos. If you are indeed a still physicist, you should be more self-critical before publishing!”, I hope you will take the time to read what I have actually written, for example in

Murdering children is unforgivable
by G.S. 13 June 2008
this page is at

where "I argue for a strategy that will defeat the Israeli colonial project, a strategy that will do so without killing Jewish children – indeed without killing anyone. After all, Jewish children are as innocent at birth as are all children. Those Palestinians who fire explosive rockets at Jewish towns are lacking the high-tech smart bombs that the Israelis employ for targetted assassinations, but the Jewish children who are sometimes killed have also been murdered, albeit with low precision deadly means. Despite the technical crudity of their weapons, Israeli propagandists are only too happy to label them terrorists. And although they see themselves as ‘Freedom Fighters’, they are indeed terrorists, attempting to use terror to defeat the Israeli conquest. I wholeheartedly support their cause – defeating the Zionist onslaught – but am sure their current strategy cannot succeed. They are being goaded by the calculated provocations of the Zionist government, thereby serving the Zionist strategy. It is Israel (and the United States) that deserve to be thwarted. However, before proceeding I want to emphasize that my opposition to murder for a ‘righteous cause’ would stand even if I believed it could be a militarily winning strategy. It is utterly unacceptable. I say this with no qualifications.[2]” Stan, that excerpt is a precise statement of part of my system of values. If you care to write me your thoughts in more than an offhand disparaging manner I’ll be glad to think about them. I have always believed that I was not nearly as gifted as many – even most – of the physicists I knew, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to score a cheap point for my ego. Whatever I undertake to do, I labor over. Nothing comes easily . . .

Date: Mon 3/23/2009 8:02 PM

George - some positions are simply too untenable to be discussed -- and Zionist imperialists as world enemy #1, like perpetual motion, is alas one of them.
End of dialogue. Stanley

Date: March 29, 2009 10:22 PM

      I intend to publicize both your notes in a subsequent distribution to my listserv. If you wish to add anything further I’ll include that as well, unedited of course.

      I believe it is understandable why, until now (2009-04-09) Stanley Deser has not responded further, although I am explicitly leaving the option open to him, with promised uncensored publicity for whatever thoughts he may have.

All comments and criticisms are welcome.    <>

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