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    Noga Eitan is a spokeswoman for the Israeli group Rabbis for Human Rights. She wrote about the conversation she heard between soldiers on a train in Israel the evening before the start of the Jewish high holidays, the days of Passover (seven in Israel, eight in the Diaspora). The executive director of the group, Rabbi Arik W. Ascherman, says in his introductory statement on the conversation Noga reports, “It is not quite as awful as the ‘disproved’ incidents alleged by the soldiers from the Rabin Academy, but awful enough”.[1] His introductory comments, which I omit, are of course within the framwork of his overall religious outlook. He is well-intentioned, a good person, a humane Zionist who so far as I can tell has not resolved in his mind the fundamental contradictions at the base of the Zionist conquest of the Palestinians. All religions, regardless of their particular dogma, always muddle what ought to be clear, critical thinking. A real intellectual curse.

I received this dramatic graphic in a recent e-mail. A Google search got:
The site advertises a mousepad with this graphic, under which it says "From the Designer: Real Americans defend Israel. Unfortunately, you see people in our country, in our media - defending Hezbollah and other terrorist scum organizations! Whose side are they on? Wake up, people!"

Noga Eitan wrote:
      When the group of soldiers entered the train car I was travelling in on Passover eve, I had a thought, "I wonder what they did during "Cast Lead".[2] Immediately I castigated myself for demonizing the young soldiers. Just as the Military Advocate General closed files, I was opening files having already judged them.
      However, my reflections were quickly cut off as two soldiers sat opposite me and began a loud conversation – apparently the continuation of a conversation which I had not heard the beginning of. They spoke very loudly with exclamations and phrases such as “brother” and “you wouldn’t believe.” My presence and the presence of others on the full train on holiday eve didn’t daunt them a bit.
      Here is a small part of the conversation that I remember:
      Soldier 1: “You wouldn’t believe what they did there in Gaza, brother,” said one of the soldiers. “They took down half the houses in Gaza, believe me, with that D9....[3]The engineering corps removed the time we arrived the Hamasniks fled and there were areas where all the homes had been flattened, you wouldn’t believe it.” There was a thirty something year old civilian sitting next to me interrupted the conversation and said, “We began that in Jenin in “Defensive Shield.” Wow, the things we did there. How we mowed things down with the D9.”
      Soldier 2: “Believe me, brother, as much as we flattened in Gaza, we didn’t demolish enough. We needed to wipe all of Gaza off the map. We almost did it. There was a plan to continue to stage 3 of the operation to wipe out all of Gaza. In the end they cancelled that stage, because of the civilians.
      Soldier 1: “Our commander told us that any suspicious movement in the homes, even a little suspicious, half suspicious, a quarter suspicious – you shoot. It doesn’t matter to me who is there. They are all Arabs. Shoot full clips, shoot LAW missiles, shoot whatever you want.
      Soldier 2: “Yeah, that’s nothing. My friend from -, told me that they sat in the courtyard of some house. They were bored out of their skulls. Out of boredom, I tell you.....My friend saw somebody in the window of some house. He went to his commander and said to him, ‘Commander, I see suspicious movement. Can I shoot? Boom - Shot a LAW missile at some home. Half the home went. Because of boredom I tell you...That’s the way it was there, I swear. Freely we shot there. Brother, what explosions!”
      I lowered my eyes to the book I was reading, but was entirely focused on the words of the soldiers spraying around me. “LAW missles,” “Flattening” “Brother, how many Arabs we killed there.”
      Only as we were getting off the train did I dare to approach one of the soldiers. “Tell me,” I said quietly, “Don’t you feel at all disturbed by the things you told so loudly, that your finger was so light on the trigger, even when you were shooting at innocent civilians?”
      The soldier looked surprised for a moment, then spat out disdainfully, “No, I feel great...and you couldn’t care less about the Israelis in Sderot, right?”
      The second soldier joined in: “Looks like we’ve got here a military police officer. You can tell her what we did in Gaza.” The two soldiers burst out laughing, and I quickly got out of there, as their laughter, and the curses of the civilian that had sat next to me on the train accompanied me, “Traitor...all the leftists are war criminals.”
[1] Soldiers from the Rabin Academy. See and

[2] Operation ‘Cast Lead’ was the Israeli code name for the three week military assault on Gaza. It began on Dec 27 2008 with a ferocious aerial bombardment, followed by a ground invasion started on Jan 3 2009. The Israeli attack ended supposedly on Jan 18 2009, two days before Barak Obama’s swearing in as U.S. President.

[3] The ‘D9’ is an armored Caterpillar bulldozer used by Israeli military for house demolitions and other destructive missions. The armor allows this behemoth to operate with its driver in safety.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.

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