Giordano, contemptible victim of his own egotistical paranoia
excerpt from Part I of a 2-part posting on Giordano

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      The truly revolutionary transformation we are witnessing in our lifetimes is the explosive, all-encompassing availability of information — almost instantaneous, nearly universal, powered by the "miracles" of modern physics and, also essential — the basic human drive to understand the world — to know "how things work". And why human society, almost universally today, is overwhelmingly destructive. Because of the global communications network it is possible, for the first time in history, for literally millions of people to work simultaneously and not in isolation on gaining the needed understanding and then acting together to resolve the problems haunting humanity.

Jeffrey Blankfort

      One of the best-informed contestants in this struggle to face the social-political truths of the Middle-East conflict and the U.S. role is Jeffrey Blankfort, whose three major critical essays on Noam Chomsky's ideological role, written over a three-year period, I published (and offered some criticisms, which I now think were partly unjustified). Part of Blankfort's exchange with Giordano illustrates the latter's mode of dealing with disagreements, an invariable style he employs towards anyone who questions him, whether harshly like Blankfort or in a friendly manner, as David Sketchley did. [1]

Subject: Re: [noaap] Re: An open letter to Alberto Giordano
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 15:12:31 -0500 (EST)
To: George Salzman <>, Notes of an Anarchist Physicist <>, Alberto M. Giordano <>, Bill Conroy <>, Daniel Aaron Feder <>, Chris Fee <>, David B. Briones <>, Benjamin Melançon <>
CC: Stephen Zunes <>

      I would say your letter was requiem for the respect I once had for you. That you take umbrage to the use of the term "ultra-wealthy American Jew(s) as a description of one or a number of the same, reveals your ignorance or lack of concern regarding the group that is both the major funding source of the Democratic Party and, ergo, its unwavering, sycophantic support of the racist state of Israel and all its wars and war crimes over the years and its ongoing dispossesion and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. That your benefactor Peter Ackerman appeared at one of Israel's most important conferences in Herzliya, was apparently an invited guest, was certainly not due to his adopted religion, Christian Science, but because his work was viewed with favor by the Jewish state. That he accepted the invitation from these leading purveyors of violence should tell any reasonable person where your Mr. Ackerman is really at. That this apparently presents no problem for you tells me where you're at.

      As for the "ultra-wealthy Jews" activity, all I need to point to is the last time Mother Jones ran its list of the top 400 individual contributors to the presidential campaign, 2000. Of the top 12, seven were Jewish, of the top 20, 12 were Jewish, and of the top 250 (when I stopped counting) at least 125 were Jewish. 75% of their donations went to the Democrats and the rest to the Republicans, which your pal, Zunes, ignores when he insists, after being told the facts, that the Aerospace industry gives more money to politicians than does the pro-Israel lobby. In 2002, Mr. Authentic Journalist, an Israeli-American, Haim Saban, gave $12.3 million to the Democratic Party which was only a million and a half less than what ALL of the arms industry PACs gave to BOTH political parties.

      As for Zunes, who I have debated twice, he has become almost hysterical in his defense against charges that a pro-Israel lobby has any significant influence over US Middle East policy. The reasons he gives for US support for Israel read like an AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] handout. He has also said that he "will be a zionist until there is no more anti-semitism" and that "Israel can be seen as an example of global affirmative action." He also has maintained the ludicrous notion that US policy towards Israel is anti-semitic which goes along with the rest of the nonsense he peddles about the US Israel-relationship. Do those positions of Zunes pose any problem for you? (I have copied this email to Zunes should he wish to respond).

      Finally, quite apart from whether its use at the moment is or isn't the most intelligent or effective thing to do, do you believe that the Palestinians have a legitimate right to mount armed resistance to continuing Israeli ethnic cleansing and expropriation of Palestinian land, not to mention the ongoing assassination of indivudual Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza?
Jeff Blankfort

Subject: Re: [noaap] Re: An open letter to Alberto Giordano
From: Alberto M. Giordano <>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 14:19:53 -0600
To: Jeffrey Blankfort <>
CC: George Salzman <>, Notes of an Anarchist Physicist <>, Bill Conroy <>, Daniel Aaron Feder <>, Chris Fee <>, David B. Briones <>, Benjamin Melançon <>, Stephen Zunes <>

      What would make you presume I would want your respect? I don't. You're a two bit hater and, worse, incoherent as you ramble on expressing your bigotries. It is clear that you are a whack job, nothing more.

      Your letter here indicates the same kind of obsession over "the Jews" that led to the worst events of the 20th Century.

      I am reminded of Oriana Fallaci, one of my heroes and role models of journalism, who in her later years, sadly, became singularly obsessed with "the Muslims" and dedicated her last years to penning rants very much the same of what you have penned here, over how "the Muslims" are taking over Europe and "the Europeans" weren't doing enough to stop them. I know you can't see how you are one and the same as she became. You are blinded by your religious prejudice and hatred. And I will never have anything to do with you. The world is filled with too many wonderful people to let a few lost sheep, poisoned by hatred and fear, lead the flock astray.

      Now go back under your rock with the rest of the cockroaches.
Sincerely, Al Giordano

Subject: Re: [noaap] Re: An open letter to Alberto Giordano
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 19:28:25 -0800 (GMT-08:00)
To: Alberto M. Giordano <>
CC: George Salzman <>

      Al, what Peter Ackerman bought for his $20,000 was your uncompromising, unequivocal defense of him and his history. It would be no problem for Ackerman to get endorsements from any number of his fellow seedy capitalists, but not so easy to get one from someone like yourself who has been recognized in the field of alternative journalism. Apart from being a political activist for most of my 75 years, I have also been a journalist and radio host, and even recall interviewing you some years back, but frankly, I cannot think of a single journalist that I know and respect who would touch Ackerman with a 10-foot pole.

      Why are you the exception genuinely puzzles me Why does not Ackerman's past nor his appearance at the high-power Herzilya conference in Israel trouble you? Why, moreover, does not the abuse of the Holocaust by Israel and it's supporters upset you? My conclusion is, sadly, that that is your Achille's Heel, that you are, I suspect, one of them, if not Jewish, a philosemite (as is Rupert Murdoch) and focusing on Latin American issues and training young journalists, which you have done admirably, has allowed you to stay in the closet so to speak, on one of the critical issues of our day. As a result, you are not prepared to respond to facts with counter facts or argument but to fall back on the rather ridiculous accusation that I am a "hater."

      To the extent that I have been fighting against racism and injustice since I was 10 years old, engaged in fighting Jim Crow racism before there was a civil rights movement, I am a hater, a hater of injustice and oppression and I don't keep a double set of books. Whatever other Jews suffered under the Nazis did not justify the ethnic cleansing of Arab Palestinians by those Jews who were safely in Palestine, as emotionally gratifying that may have been to Jews worldwide. And I have supported Palestinian resistance to the crimes committed against then since my first trip to the region in 1970.

      I confess, I have been called a hater quite a few times in the past, and always by ardent Jewish supporters of Israel who have no arguments or facts to counter my own. I can't somehow picture you in that group or resorting to the use of such a term, particularly because nothing that I wrote merited such a response. That you might be unaware of the unmatched influence that wealthy Jews have had on US politics and the Democratic Party, which I first thought might be the case, is belied by the articles that you wrote around the elections of 2004 and 2008. Any journalist worth his or her salt writing about US politics would be aware of the fact that the majority of major donors to the Democratic Party are Jewish and have been for decades. Before you respond by calling me a "hater" one more time, you might check out JJ Goldberg's "Jewish Power", Stephen Issacs' "Jews in American Politics", 1974, and Benjamin Ginsberg's "The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State", 1993. If you need more references, I have those, as well, all by members of the Jewish establishment. Is there something wrong with pointing out this fact of American political life and what it may mean for US Middle East policy of which most Americans are unaware? Apparently, you do. If it's possible, without resorting to further vituperation, please tell me why.
Jeff Blankfort

Subject: Re: [noaap] Re: An open letter to Alberto Giordano
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 21:29:27 -0500 (EST)
To: Alberto M. Giordano <>
CC: George Salzman <>

      Albert, in retrospect, after your obstinate refusal to refute a single fact or quote or even acknowledge the references that I included in my previous messages, I shouldn't have expected any more of a dignified or intelligent reply from you than this, which I shall answer and/or comment on point by point with a copy to George Salzman for however he wished to use it.
Jeff Blankfort

-----Original Message-----
From: Alberto M. Giordano
Sent: Mar 3, 2010 6:42 AM
To: Jeffrey Blankfort

AG: I didn't realize you were 75 years old but it doesn't surprise me. Tell me, what is it that happens to so many people, especially North Americans, late in life that they develop these bizarre obsessions with entire ethnic, religious, racial or other groups?

JB: I did not become interested in the Palestinians or critical of those of my fellow Jews who put Israel's interests before those of their fellow Americans until traveling to Lebanon and Jordan in 1970 on a photographic assignment for Liberation News Service, an alternative news service was that providing "authentic journalism" while you were not yet 12. The experience I had in the Palestinian refugee camps during the four months I was there had a major impact on my life. As I stood one day, between two Palestinians who had been born there and had been either evicted or forced to flee with their families by the Israelis when they were young children in 1948, I realized that there was something immoral about me, as a Jewish American (who had been discriminated against more by people and cops who thought I was Mexican) had more of a "legal" right to live in what had become Israel than those who had been born there. Crimes do not become lesser crimes no matter how many years pass. What was immoral then remains immoral now. Hence, I believe in a single non-denominational state for both peoples. That "obsession with justice for the Palestinians" which you casually interpret as anti-Jewish "racism," did not prevent me from continuing to work against the war in Vietnam, with the Black Panthers in the SF Bay Area, nor with friends in Mexico where I taught photography on several occasions.

AG: For some it is "the blacks," for others it is "the Mexicans," for still others it's the gays or the Muslims and a historical favorite is "the Jews." Was this gift of life so bitter for you that you need a scapegoat late in life? Like the old folks in my Bronx who spent their twilight years raging about "the niggers and the spics taking over the neighborhood," you may have had more extensive education in the capitalist higher education system than them so you use words like " I suspect, one of them, if not Jewish, a philosemite."

JB: If I am bitter it has been over the state of denial in which otherwise progressive people, Jews as well as non-Jews, refuse to acknowledge the power that that segment of the Jewish community that worships Israel has had over American policy in the Middle East which has prevented one president after another since Nixon from ending the Israeli occupation of Arab land and bringing stability to a region that is critical to the US economy and its national interests (justice for Palestine not being a factor in its thinking). Each time a president has undertaken the pursuit of a plan, as Israeli Uri Avnery, has written, Israel has called on its friends in the Jewish establishment in the US to put pressure on Congress,and make sure these plans come to naught, while humiliating one president after another along the way. Your Barack Obama is only the latest and his inability to stand up to Netanyahu is due to the fact that both houses of Congress have elected to stand with Netanyahu against their own president, the details of which can be found on the AIPAC site as well as my computer and which are accessible to authentic journalists as well as amateurs. I get my politics and my willingness to take unpopular positions from my parents who were active in both the black and Mexican-American communities in the 40s as well as the Jewish community, and they, unlike you, did not keep "a double set of books" when it came to fighting injustice.

AG: Gawd, just look at yourself through your words! What is in the mirror can't be pretty. (I'd say, "Jesus!" but it would just upset you, him being a "Jew" and all.)

JB: I have no use, personally, for organized religion and judge people by their actions, not their words or their pretensions. Frankly, I kind of dig Jesus.

AG: I freely confess: I am a philohuman. And last I checked, the Semites were still part of the human race, at least that which I belong to.

JB: Not only have my fellow Jews expropriated the land of the Palestinians, they have also stolen the name of "the Semites," the overwhelming majority of whom happen to be Arab and Muslim. Why not call the term of prejudice against Jews for what it is, "anti-Jewish" prejudice? Why is "anti-Semitism" against a relatively small but affluent percentage of the world's population considered not only apart but, by implication, equal to that directed against all the rest of the world's disenfranchised or colonized peoples? Maybe that adjective, "affluent" has something to do with it. BTW, had you ever been to Israel you would quickly note that those who call themselves Jews or Israelis appear to be as ethnically diverse as people in any Western country, so much for the term being an accurate description of a large percentage of Israeli Jews who arrived from Europe.

AG: Here's the thing. Those folks like Dershowitz who think Israel is "the most important issue" and that all other issues and regions of the world must take a back seat to its defense are merely a mirror image of folks like Blankfort who think anti-Israel is "the most important issue" and that all other issues and regions of the world must take a back seat to its opposition. You and Dershowitz are the same! Two sides of the same coin!

JB: I think I know more about you ( and more than I wanted to know) than you do about me not only from these exchanges but from your unqualified endorsement of Peter Ackerman who obviously knew his man when he gave you $20K for your journalistic enterprise. On my twice a week radio program, while I focus on the Middle East and the Israel-Palestine issue in particular in a news and opinion introduction (because THAT's where the majority of US tax money and the deficit is going), the overwhelming majority of my programs are devoted to interviewing knowledgeable people on other international subjects and for Mexico, I turn to a genuine authentic journalist who has no hang ups about Israel, my old friend John Ross, and who never would take a dime from the likes of Ackerman let alone shake his hand. My last interview was with another genuine authentic journalist, 89 year old Helen Thomas who quit a decades long career with UPI when it was purchased by Rev.Moon, (as did another friend, Robert Fisk when Murdoch, one of the world's leading Israelophiles (if you prefer) bought the Times of London. Before that I had the head of Haiti Action Project, Walter Riley,who had been in Port Au Prince when the earthquake struck and before him Prof. Andrew Bacevich about America's addiction to war and before him Patrick Cockburn on Iraq (another authentic journalist).

AG: As Zapata said, "the land belongs to those who work it." My colleagues and I built Narco News and its School of Authentic Journalism. We've never written about Israel-Palestine because we report on the Western Hemisphere (greatly underreported compared to the conflict you are obsessed with... but, NO, how dare we report on Latin America when we should be out counting how many "Jews" give to political parties in the US!) Well, Narco News and the School of Authentic Journalism are autonomous projects. They don't belong to you. You have nothing to say about what we do because you didn't do the work.

JB: I don't think Zapata would have sold himself for $20 K or would appreciate your using him in your defense. I agree that Latin America is greatly under-reported and what is reported is more often than not, distorted, and I am not faulting you or your colleagues for trying to correct that, but who are you to question anyone who provides the facts and figures that demonstrate the extent of pro-Israel Jewish influence on our political process and not only our political process but on the mainstream US media, (and clearly, some alternative media, as well.)? If you have other facts to counter mine, present them, or try to explain away mine, but if you can't, don't think that name calling and describing me as a "hater" is going to make you look like anything but a bigger fool than you already are. Why a fool? Because what you have written to me will be part of the record, mine, certainly, and I assume, George's.

AG: Clearly, you might talk about "autonomy" but in the end you have the same imperialist mindset that you think you oppose: All us plebes and workers down here must, according to you, bow to your will, stop our important work and do what you demand is the more important work about the most obsessed upon region of the world!

JB: That statement is really nuts. What "imperialist mindset?" I am demanding nothing of you except to recognize certain facts. I have said nothing about stopping your "important" work or bowing to my will. Today, the only hopeful signs on the planet are taking place in Latin America, but if you think concern about the Middle East is exaggerated, there are two bloody wars going on there right now and the entire mainstream Jewish establishment AKA The Lobby has been pushing the US towards an armed confrontation with Iran since the beginning of the Iraq war and is the ONLY sector of American society that has been doing so. That they have not succeeded is due not to the pathetic "anti-war"movement, which seems to be ignoring it, but because there are apparently folks in Washington, in the intelligence departments and the Pentagon who are fully aware of the catastrophic fallout that is likely to result from an attack on Iran. This does not seem to be a concern of The Lobby and its Washington think tanks whose talking heads dominate the network news programs and the op-ed pages.

AG: Sad how many old lefties cross through the looking glass into becoming fascists. But that is how most of the worst fascists came to it, unfortunately. You want that to be your legacy? I'll be happy to write it in your obituary: "Jeffrey Blankfort: Leftist-turned-fascist late in life. Obsessed with 'the Jews.'"

JB: More name calling. I think this one for you has more of ring of truth: "Al Giordano: Sold his Soul for $20K"

[1] Jeffrey Blankfort's analysis.
1. The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions, January 2003.
2. War for Israel, January 2004
3. Damage Control: Noam Chomsky and the Israel-Palestine Conflict, December 2004

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
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