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Oaxaca, Mexico, Sunday 16 May 2010

      We gotta wake up. Especially we Jewish Americans. The whole world knows it’s largely the influence of super-wealthy American Jews and their extreme right-wing “Christian” allies that is pushing blind U.S. support for the Israeli Nazis who dominate the Zionist project to conquer and expel the Palestinians. Any American Jew who doesn’t acknowledge that fact is living with his/her head in the sand. Generic hatred of Jews — not individual Jews but the “Jewish ethnicity” goes back for millenia. It’s no mystery. The root is in religious dogma, basically Christian vs. Jewish. Raul Hilberg [1], whose view on the genesis of the conflict I think is accurate, says “Early in the fourth century, during the reign of Constantine, the Christian Church gained power in Rome, and Christianity became the state religion . . . [The Jewish] view was [that] The Jews have only one God. This God is indivisible. He is a jealous God and admits of no other gods. He is not Christ, and Christ is not He. Christianity and Judism have since been irreconcilable.”

      The fact that many people accept religious claptrap (to me, an athiest, all religions are essentially claptrap) is rooted partly in the deep uncertainties we all face in our transient lives and a natural psychological desire to be “on firm footing”. That is one pillar of all religions, which require uncritical acceptance of a body of proclaimed dogma. The other foundational pillar supporting religion is the misery that the vast majority of the world’s people, the pillaged peoples, are forced to endure. Religions offer tempting but deadly escapes from these two crushing realities — life is 1. so uncertain, and 2. so brutal.

      Now, however, we — meaning all of humanity — are at the end of the line. Either we use our unique ability among all species to think rationally about complex phenomena, and then act to avoid the further ongoing destructive Armageddon now enveloping the Earth, or the tragic collapse of human society will envelop us all. It’s not really a matter of abandoning all faith. I am what I would term a totally anti-religious person. Yet I have faith in the fundamental decency with which, I believe, every newborn child emerges into this world.

      I know that many people, who like to think of themselves as “realists”, will dismiss my ideas as “mere utopian dreams”. Yet many of them don’t hesitate to acknowledge that they think the world is headed towards catastrophe, that their own children and grandchildren will inherit at most a dismally ravaged biosphere, one in which the human species might be threatened with a degree of decimation not so different from the near extinction of many other species in this era of massive global capitalism.

Consider a new human being

      Does this new creature enter the world from its mother’s womb with any preconceptions as to its identity? Nature stamps it only with an instinctual drive to begin breathing and to fasten its tiny toothless gums to a breast, a breast it initially does not know is its mother’s, and to suckle, as do all newborn mammals. Totally


ignorant, a finger touched to its lips elicits an effort to suck the finger. So the miracle of a new human life begins with the first breaths and the initial nursing and the warmth and closeness to its mother’s body. It knows not of religion, nationality, ethnicity, race, pride, patriotism, shame, sex, greed, love, hatred, killing, and so on. Totally innocent. That’s how each of us began our rocky journey through life.

      The notion that anyone is born cursed with “original sin” or is genetically programmed, as a homo sapiens, to be an “evil” person, to carry out a whole range of socially damaging actions, to lie, cheat, steal, destroy, murder, and so on, is patently absurd. But if that is true, as I’m sure it is, then there must be a rational explanation why our species, and uniquely ours, has arrived at a stage where we are destroying our global home, many of the other life forms that share this planet, and quite possibly ourselves as well. If we can understand how that came about, and what is driving humankind along the current deadly course, then we will be able to try to change those conditions, surely external to our genetic makeup, and thereby alter the course of history, steering it instead towards humane survival.

      I urge American Jews to stop trying to shape the world for the benefit of people identified as Jews! We are simply human beings, like every other member of the species homo sapiens. Identifying ourselves as different from all others (the goyim) is a fatal mistake. All religions are a curse.

      The entire project to take the land of Palestine for a Jewish state was illegitimate from the start. This was the essence of Zionism — its core goal regardless of how ill-defined it may have been in the minds of many good decent humane Zionists. The irrationality of wanting to share the territory in peace and friendship with the Palestinians, allowing them to live decent lives along with “us, God’s supposedly chosen people” has been been the fatal trap from the start. Separation by imagined ethnic differences into distinct groups of homo sapiens has always been disastrous, as again shown by the excruciating savagery of these years. This must be the last time. Humanity must live as the single species that we in fact are. The state of Israel should be abolished and the vast majority of Jews in Israel-Palestine, those who went there "to build a Jewish nation" or who share that goal should be peacefully and humanely forced to leave.[2] The only cure for that cancer of conquest is for it to be excised. The rotting fruits of British imperialism and Balfourism should be discarded, the sooner the better.

      All conquests are illegitimate — of the Americas by Europeans, of the northern European project to recapture the Ottoman Empire, and to colonize Africa, and so on. Conquest is ALWAYS wrong, immoral, unethical and must be rejected. The British have been a leading curse of humanity, whose criminal history leaves a terrible legacy. Our task ought to be to clean it up as soon as possible. And of course the other European powers should abandon their colonial roles in Africa, whose indigenous are probably the most despoiled population group in the world. What world-class conquerors we Whites have been, imposing “our” anti-civilization on the world.

      Thanks to the internet the whole world knows that Jewish Nazis are no different in their hearts and sick value system than German Nazis were. Germany now is certainly far more civilized than Israel. Time for another Nuremberg! Time to give up trying to recapture the Ottoman Empire. Time to abandon colonialism!
Sincerely, G.S.


[1] Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews, Holmes & Meier publishers, Student Edition, based on the “Three-Volume Revised and Definitive Edition”.

[2] A peaceful, compassionte end to the colonization of the Palestinians is discussed in the paper, “The ethics of a just solution of the ‘Palestinian/Israeli’ conflict”, at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/t/2010-11-13.htm.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
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