A new Nazi friend, David Baillie - 2

by <georgeisalzman@yahoo.com>  2010-07-14

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      My first effort to understand what is genteelly termed “anti-Semitism” in the U.S. didn’t work out too well. I thought I was in an honest exchange with someone whose on-line weekly radio program, ostensibly based in Columbus, Ohio attracted a host of out-and-out Jew-haters. The host, Susie Purtee, pretended that she was unprejudiced and open to airing a wide range of beliefs on her program. Eventually

Palestina somos todos — We are all Palestine. Aug 28,
2009 foto of G.S. by Nancy Davies

she showed that she had been deceiving me — first, that she did not live in Columbus, and second, that her beliefs were as rabid as those of some of her participating listeners, one of whom kept calling for killing “the Jews”. When I discovered that she had in effect lied to me I put her on my shit list.[1] Now, again apparently out of the blue, an intriguing e-mail piqued my curiosity. I responded, which got an exchange going with someone who is an unabashedly American Nazi. Our initial correspondence is at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/t/2010-07-02.htm . The exchange, which now involves a few other friends (those I added in the first note below), continues here.
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:11:00 -0500
Subject: The state of Israel – a malignant tumor on the body of humanity
To: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>, Liz Burbank <lizburbank@speakeasy.net>, George Salzman <george.salzman@umb.edu>, Orrin Judd <orrin@brothersjudd.com>, Mazin Qumsiyeh <mazin@qumsiyeh.org>, William Blum <bblum6@aol.com>, Gordon Arnaut <goarnaut@yahoo.com>, David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>, David Sketchley <davidsketchley@gmail.com>, Nancy Davies <nmsdavies@gmail.com>

Oaxaca, Mexico, Monday, 12 July 2010
      Jeffrey Blankfort is my only correspondent of Jewish ethnicity who ever responded affirmatively to my call for an end to the State of Israel and a return of Palestine to its indigenous population. My view, stated repeatedly:

      The entire project to take the land of Palestine for a Jewish state was illegitimate from the start. This project is at the core of Zionism. Being “nice” to the Palestinians, as I’m certain many good and decent (but misguided) Jewish people favor, simply is not a cure for the cancer of conquest. The same for all conquests — of the Americas by Europeans and so on. The northern European/American project to retake the Ottoman Empire needs to be scrapped, completely given up. Jewish would-be conquerors of Palestine should be forced to leave and live elsewhere. Conquest is ALWAYS wrong, immoral, unethical and must be rejected. The British nation has been a leading curse of humanity, whose criminal history leaves a terrible legacy. Our task ought to be to clean it up as soon as possible. And of course the other European powers should leave Africa, probably the most despoiled population group in the world. What world-class monsters we so-called Whites have been, imposing “our” anti-civilization on the world.

      This is not a matter of ‘picking’ on “the Jews”, as some people will claim. It is a question of putting an end to the longstanding pattern of wars, conquests, and genocidal murderous behavior which long precedes the so-called “modern age”. Never has it been more urgent to end wars — all wars — which are always murderous affairs — and put into practice Kropotkin&38217;s recognition that mutual aid is a genetically endowed characteristic of all evolved animal species. In brief, we must be in love with life, with its potential richness for all of us, and recognize that variations in social behavior from one ethnic group to another are simply cultural developments with no significance regarding the singularity and unity of our unique species, homo sapiens.
      Humanity is at a historical point of terrifying uncertainty. Either we will succeed in changing the course of history or we are likely to destroy much of the biosphere (which is already happening) and lose all possibility for rich, fulfilling lives. Focussing on so-called ethnic differences is a dead end. My essay, Changing History,1, is at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/t/2009-09-05.htm . I'll welcome any criticisms, corrections and further thoughts. Sincerely, —George

Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 22:44:38 -0400
From: David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>
Subject: Re: The Judaization of American discourse — beginning to be challenged
CC: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>, Orrin Judd <orrin@brothersjudd.com>, Mazin Qumsiyeh <mazin@qumsiyeh.org>, William Blum <bblum6@aol.com>, Liz Burbank <lizburbank@speakeasy.net>, Gordon Arnaut <goarnaut@yahoo.com>, David Sketchley <davidsketchley@gmail.com<, Nancy Davies <nmsdavies@gmail.com>

      Thanks, George. Plenty of us have been pointing out for years that mainstream media is completely in Jewish hands. It has been for decades starting with the takeover of the NY Times in the late 1800’s right through the development of Hollywood, et al. Hitler pointed that out in Mein Kampf as well, though he was talking about Austro-Hungary and Germany. Those of us that have are referred to as “anti-Semitic”, racists and Nazis, etc. True enough. However, whatever my ideology is doesn’t diminish the truth regarding Jewish media control. We “Nazis” just happen to be more sensitive to the Jewish issue than most.

      It appears that a lot, if not most, alternative media is under Zionist control as well, think Alex Jones, WorldNet Daily. It is instructive to note which organizations will promote Gilad Atzmon and which won’t. And as good as he is, he has thus far only scratched the surface.

      I think you and I should have a sit down some time and discuss this whole US imperialism/Zionist/Leftist hyper-Capitalism thing someday soon. Unless I am mistaken, we may not have a heck of a lot of time before this empire is driven into that iceberg looming dead ahead. There are several disparate movements positioning themselves for this eventuality, and in many cases they are ideologically incompatible. However, this is a big country and there is no reason that we can't all agree to disagree as long as we respect each other's space.

Date July 11, 2010, 6:59 pm
FromGeorge Salzman <george.salzman@umb.edu>

      Oaxaca, Mexico, Sunday 11 July 2010, Friends, Liz Burbank alerted me to an article in the New Yorker magazine that probably deserves consideration from several vantage points. I’m not clear why Liz announced it to all the folks on her listserv, without her usual introductory comments — leaving us in the dark about her motivation. From my perspective it is a celebration of the aggressive success of Saad Mohseni as “Afghanistan’s first media mogul”, previewing its lauding of his career with its opening sentence, “Saad Mohseni’s shows entertain and liberalize.” That is precisely what most New Yorker articles do — entertain and liberalize, without incisively challenging its readers to think critically, i.e. to go beyond being entertained and having their egos stoked with the notion that they are “liberal”. Feel good reading for the well-to-do.

      I was struck by the role of the United States Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.), which we all know works precisely to advance U.S. imperial goals, a fact that seems to have escaped the notice of Ken Auletta, the article’s author. He writes, “Aside from the Mohseni family, the biggest contributor to construction costs for Arman radio and Tolo TV [Mohseni’s radio and TV operations] was the U.S. Agency for International Development. A portion of Moby’s advertising budget comes from foreign governments and N.G.O.s; recruitment ads for the Afghan Army and police are designed by Lapis, Moby’s ad agency, and paid for by the U.S. through the Afghan government.” “Next season . . . the State Department will pay for another program, about “cops who may be tempted by bribes but don’t take them,” David Ensor, the director of communications and public diplomacy at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, says. Of course the article is well written — hallmark of the New Yorker. And informative, hence worth reading (though critically). A passage that grabbed me reads,

      “Of all the business cards that Mohseni has collected, perhaps the most important one belonged to Tom Freston. In the early seventies, Freston left the advertising business to travel through Europe and ended up in Afghanistan, where he established a clothing-design-and-manufacturing business. He returned to the U.S. soon after the Communist government took power, and helped found MTV, eventually rising to become C.E.O. of the parent company, Viacom. Freston met Mohseni through Sarah Takesh, and, with Mohseni, he returned to Afghanistan for the first time in 2007. He soon became a member of Moby Group’s board, and he introduced Mohseni to a galaxy of Western media figures: Rupert Murdoch, Jon Stewart, Charlie Rose, Google C.E.O. Eric Schmidt, and Joseph Ravitch.

      “The introduction to Murdoch was particularly fruitful. He and Mohseni have certain things in common — roots in Australia, a desire to spread free media, and an instinct for making money — and at their first meeting, in 2006, they talked animatedly. They agreed to work together to form Farsi1, which now beams Turkish and Latin-American soap operas and action shows like “24” to a hundred and twenty million Farsi speakers in Iran, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. The channel is half owned by Murdoch’s News Corp., and its C.E.O. is Zaid Mohseni.”

      I had never heard of Joseph Ravitch, a Jewish-sounding name, identified here as one of “a galaxy of Western media figures”. To verify my suspicion, I did an advanced Google search for: Jewish “American investment banker Joseph Ravitch”. That turned up

     BrothersJudd Blog: June 29, 2010 Archives http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbrothersjuddblog.

     29 Jun 2010 ... The American investment banker Joseph Ravitch, a friend of Mohseni, ... recently released the “National Survey of Jewish Voters” which ...

      I then wrote to Orrin Judd, CCd to Jeffrey Blankfort, Mazin Qumsiyeh and William Blum: I’m guessing that Joseph Ravitch is Jewish. Do you know if that is correct? Thanks for any help. Sincerely, —George
P.S. This is in reference to a New Yorker magazine article on Saad Mohseni at http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/07/05/100705fa_fact_auletta?

The result:
------Orrin Judd wrote:------
     Howdy: I don’t know that he is but he was a big wheel at Goldman, Sachs, so it seems safe to say that he’s at least ethnically Jewish. Regards, OJ
------Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:------
     It is more than likely that someone with the last name of Ravitch will be Jewish. It is almost a certainty when said Ravitch conducts a poll of Jewish voters. Best, Jeff

      On the assumption that Ravitch is Jewish, it seems quite relevant that a search of the New Yorker article for the word Jewish yields zero occurrences. In comparison to the numerous ethnic, national and religious labels that occur — and of course are part of what makes the article so interesting — this is a remarkable omission. I believe it is both deliberate and calculated – the New Yorker’s way of insinuating that whether or not one is an influential Jewish media mogul is simply irrelevant, not worthy of noting. In my opinion precisely the opposite is the truth. The major reason why the American people have been ignorant about the disastrous policy pursued by the U.S. and Israel is the control of the mass media by imperial– and Zionist–allied communication moguls. Finally, now the truth is beginning to break out, not quickly enough to satisfy me, but at least it’s happening. Sincerely, —George

Date: Jul 11, 2010 10:44 pm
Subject: Re: The Judaization of American discourse – beginning to be challenged

      The reason for no ‘introductory comments’ is that I sent it to relatively few people I knew would ‘get it’. I planned on including a blurb/link to it in forthcoming digest series on U.S. hard—soft power merger — today I sent U.S. Hard-Soft Power Merger: A Trajectory of Geostrategic Destruction, Death & Defeat: Part 1, Expanding “AF-PAK” under Petraeus http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/301 which you likely just received, and will also circulate I hope!

      But George, I must say I was unpleasantly surprised you confounded Jewish and Zionist since you obviously know not all self-identified Jews [so-phrased since there’s no ‘Jewish people’/‘Jewish nation’] are Zionists, and that not all Zionists claim Jewish identity.

      Which gets to the point: Bipartisan U.S. Capitalist-Imperialism IS Zionist: Imperialism — Zionism are geostrategically indivisible. No matter tactical disagreements and swift ‘rift’ photo ops., Israel could not and will not exist without the ‘unbreakable bond’ of U.S. support. So long as its proxy and genocide partner plays its invaluable role, U.S. global domination and ‘Eretz Israel’ strategic agendas — USrael — merge as world enemy #1. —Liz

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 14:43:49 -0500
Subject: My reply to Liz Burbank’s criticism that I confounded ‘Jewish’ and ‘Zionist’

      Hi Liz, I’m somewhat at a loss because I don’t understand your comments. You say you were surprised that I “confounded Jewish and Zionist since [I] obviously know not all self-identified Jews [so-phrased since there’s no ‘Jewish people’/‘Jew-
ish nation’] are Zionists, and that not all Zionists claim Jewish identity.” Yes, I know that. I’m guessing that you are referring to my concluding paragraph, which contained

      “On the assumption that Ravitch is Jewish, it seems quite relevant that a search of the New Yorker article for the word Jewish yields zero occurrances. In comparison to the numerous ethnic, national and religious labels that occur — and of course are part of what makes the article so interesting — this is a remarkable omission. I believe it is both deliberate and calculated – the New Yorker’s way of insinuating that whether or not one is an influential Jewish media mogul is simply irrelevant, not worthy of noting. In my opinion precisely the opposite is the truth. The major reason why the American people have been ignorant about the disastrous policy pursued by the U.S. and Israel is the control of the mass media by imperial- and Zionist-allied communication moguls.”

      The term ‘Jewish’ occurred three times before the final sentence, where I “switched” to speak of ‘imperial- and Zionist-allied communication moguls’. I don’t think I “confounded Jewish and Zionist”. Now to your next (and final) paragraph, namely

      “Which gets to the point: Bipartisan U.S. capitalist-imperialism IS Zionist: imperialism — Zionism are geostrategically indivisible. No matter tactical disagreements and swift ‘rift’ photo ops., Israel could not and will not exist without the ‘unbreakable bond’ of U.S. support. So long as its proxy and genocide partner plays its invaluable role, U.S. global domination and ‘Eretz Israel’ strategic agendas — USrael — merge as world enemy #1.”

      Liz, I think this points towards the core explanation of our not seeing eye-to-eye here. It’s not that I have been sloppy in my choice of words or my thinking, but that we disagree in what we believe to be “world enemy #1”. In my view that spot is filled by the system of control and indoctrination dictated by the dominant set of values. I’m confident that Israel and the U.S. will not persist that much longer. However, aligned with the same disastrous set of values, the effort to control the world will then be sought by India, China, Brazil, Russia, the European Union, Malaysia, and any other “power” that emerges into the global maelstrom. That’s why my focus is predominantly on the system of values.

      [interruption -- Jeffrey Blankfort’s e-mail, which begins with “While Jewish and Zionist are not, by definition, interchangable terms, in practice there is absolutely no space between Zionism and the Jewish establishment/organized Jewish community anywhere in the Western world.” just popped in.]

      To me, Liz, you appear too narrowly focussed, which leads you to make categorical statements. I don’t feel as confident with my judgements as you appear to be with yours. I don’t know how intimate you are with American Jewish subculture, so I want to say that my experience has convinced me it is permeated with a sense of superiority. It bugs me, for example, to what a large degree Jews dominate the discourse on significant socio-political issues. And of course I’m one of ‘them’, a Jew who can’t keep his mouth shut. It’s as though we think the ‘Goyim’ lack the ability to think for themselves. Arrogance and stupidity flourish in the English-speaking Jewish subcultures. I believe it’s worse in Canada than in the U.S. That’s enough, maybe more than enough, for the moment. All best wishes, --George

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 14:03:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: The Judaization of American discourse — beginning to be challenged
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>

      While Jewish and Zionist are not, by definition, interchangable terms, in practice there is absolutely no space between Zionism and the Jewish establishment/organized Jewish community anywhere in the Western world. To argue that a majority or certain percentages of Jews, per se, do not agree with all or any of Israel’s policies is largely irrelevant and avoids dealing with the real problem which the pernicious effects that the organized Jewish communities has had on the foreign policy of their respective countries and on its media with respect to its slant on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

      On your second point, it is a mistake too often made by critics of both US and Israeli policies to pretend that they are identical or based on identical interests. They sometimes coincide but the strategic interests of the US and Israel are not the same and never have been. All countries have their own respective interests. Sometimes they coincide with those of other countries, sometimes not. In the vase case of Israel, more times than not they have clashed and it is only through the power of the Jewish establishment that Israel’s interests have prevailed in Washington.

      The latest example was illustrated in Netanyahu’s triumphal return to Washington which caused the normally pro-Israel Washington Post columnist, Dana Milbank to write that it would have been more appropriate for Obama to have run up the white flag of surrender over the White House than Old Glory. The title of his published column, “Alliance or Dysfunctional Relationship” was modified for the internet to read “Netanyahu gets everything he wants from Obama.” Both were true. It’s ugly and denying that ugliness will only allow it to grow worse. —Jeff

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 20:18:50 -0700
From: Liz Burbank <lizburbank@speakeasy.net>

      George, first back to the beginning for me in this ‘thread’: the so-called ‘Judaization of America’ premise and discussion — which I inadvertently ‘joined’ after I included you in my limited mailing of the exceptionally explicit, arrogant New Yorker illustration of U.S. ‘strategic non-violent soft power’ and you forwarded it to an apparently in–progress ‘Judaization’ discussion list. About that I’ll simply say I strongly disagree with the ‘Judaization’ premise, which itself confounds Judaism/religion with Zionism/political project.

      Forward to our other differences re: #1World enemy. You say “. . . World enemy #1”. In my view that spot is filled by the system of control and indoctrination dictated by the dominant set of values”. In other words to you the enemy is an abstract ideological /‘values’ problem.

      Capitalist values and indoctrination definitely do become a material force — for good and for bad. But your view doesn’t address the critical question: Where do those ideas come from? My answer is: From the underlying material source (and solution). The ‘system of control and indoctrination values’ are rooted in the very materially ‘globalized’ capitalist, e.g. imperialist, political-economic system, based on exploitation, oppression, genocide and war. That material reality is reflected in and reproduced by ideological indoctrination which becomes a material force through mass public education, religion, entertainment. And ever-more hideously evident is how class-‘race’ privilege that secures and rewards loyalty to the ship of state, tends/intends to pacify struggle for justice and peace against its well-known crimes. All parts of the system promote lies as ‘values’ which are embodied in its material means of dominance. All-Amerikan democracy’s ‘exceptionalism, racist white male supremacy, female inferiority, obedience to authority, might makes right, etc.’ bourgeois values sold and bought in the name of patriotism, liberation, aid and ‘security’.

      Today the USA is world dominant, but it is despised and resisted worldwide because it is recognized as the #1source of terror and destruction this world is subjected to. Facing military defeat, with serious forbidden capitalist rivals moving in on ‘their’ turf worldwide, it is increasingly desperate to save its hegemony by any ruthless means of material and ideological terror. It’s hope in the ‘homeland’ rests on being able to keep us dumb and docile as the depression deepens and the pain is ‘socialized’ onto former ‘owners’ of a false Amerikan dream. Pacification demands ignorance of the systemic source of the horror and solution. That means keeping ‘hope’ in electoral politics alive . . . why Obama was well ‘primed’ as Kissinger put it, to ‘lead the New World Order’. Once people see the problems are systemic, inherent nature and contradictions of capitalism itself, once dangerous system-questioning starts, movement toward revolutionary change begins. ‘our’ rulers know, even if we don’t yet, that revolutionary change is the only real, fundamental change. thus the expanding info-war-surveillance-control fascist infrastructure necessary to secure against ‘extremist’ views and action! Today’s less powerful capitalisms consorting together against U.S. domination would ‘ripen’ into rotten old age too, so fear of their rivalry, as well as revolution, drives U.S. imperialism.

      My conviction that U.S. capitalist imperialist-zionism is deadly enemy #1 is born of, and born out, by past and present history, from its occupier—genocide—slavemaster beginnings to its present invader—occupier—genocide—slavemaking global supremacy. How under U.S. liberation boots have gut knowledge of who the enemy and its local proxies are? How many millions confronted with the necessity to resist to the death for life’s sake? No Amerikan values propaganda can trump that reality. Nor kill the profound sense of power when knowing oppression/oppressors becomes a material force that can defeat the MFs in anti-imperialist-zionist resistance and revolution. Resistance and revolution U.S. state terrorist rulers declare war against to seduce us into supporting our enemy. What will it take for people here to realize they, we, are the ‘terrorists’ that finance capital is at war against politically, economically, culturally and militarily when needs be.

      Will the bipartisan ruling class and all its ‘expert geopolitical strategists’ manage to secure their barbaric rule over ‘good Amerikans’ when this sleeping is forced awake? Exceptionally blood-drenched American privilege, in word and deed, produces smugly deadening narcissistic arrogance, ignorance, and stupid servitude. There’s a real basis for revolutionary optimism though because as Marx and Lenin’s analyses of capitalist-imperialism demonstrate, the system finally produces only its gravediggers. Through the course of time and struggle against life—destroyers, awakened consciousness will become revolutionary action and this anachronistic cutthroat dog-eat-dog killer system will be buried as people forge a creative new system of life based on cooperation, unleashing our limitless human potential. For many millions this is worth fighting and dying for.
in struggle and solidarity, —Liz

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:09:44 -0400
From: David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>

      All-Amerikan democracy’s ‘exceptionalism, racist white male supremacy, female inferiority . . .’
      ha ha ha ha ha

      Jewish-led Bolsheviks, Bela Kuhn’s Spanish Republicans, Stalin, Ehrenberg and Kaganovich’s murdering rapists, et al, were NOT Zionists, or all-American white supremacist males, but Talmudic Jews. These “nice Jewish boys” were responsible for tens of millions of murders in Russia, the rape and murder of nuns and priests and plenty of other people in Spain, and several million rapes and murders (at the end of WW2).
      Liz dear, why don’t you take a look at who runs the media, or that big-assed Menorah on the White House lawn at CHRISTMAS. Or the Supreme Court, or AIPAC, on and on and on . . . For a mere 2 - 3 percent, Jews are awfully conspicuous as a cultural factor.
      Should I tell you some of the more petty crimes I personally know of. Insurance fraud, Jews making stock market buys because they were aware of the Israel telecoms being used to spy on Americans (Comverse is right here in Massachusetts on 128 [Route 128 is a major limited-access multi-lane highway that encircles the greater Boston area - G.S.], Jewish mob money being collected at a Winthrop liquor store during the Six Day War. I’ve got a million of them. And that isn’t even getting near your rant which is Rosa Luxemburg reincarnated. Talk about chutzpah!!!

      You know, all that is ever asked of you is to be a citizen of the country to which you were born or naturalized. Has it ever occurred to you that “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is not really appreciated by indigenous folk? The US is NOT supposed to be a democracy, specifically BECAUSE democracies cannot last. The Greeks proved that. What is even worse today is that in a modern democracy opinions are shaped by the mass media, which being held by a hostile minority, is even more dangerous.
      We have the Neocon Zionist Jews on one side and Jewish Communists on the other side driving all debate in the media. Indeed, aside from the Zionist issue the Neocons are on board with the Communist agenda as well, and don’t forget, Jewish Capitalists and Capitalism founded and kept Communism alive. Read some history. Where is MY voice, where is MY representation, where is MY place at the table? I'm a “White male” and have been screwed my entire life by this wonderful system, and I can introduce you to lots more.

      Female inferiority? Please qualify that statement. In which ways are women supposedly inferior? We now allow women, nurturers, life-bearers to fight in the military. Isn’t that equal enough for you? I’ve never met a woman that didn’t appreciate chivalry, like a man opening a door for her, is that sexist as well? Of course not, women want their cake and to eat it too. Well sorry, we guys have rights as well and roles that are expected of us. It is a two way street and it is built on biology, not some farcical Jewish intellectual mumbo jumbo, i.e. a woman shouldn’t have to work, she SHOULD stay home and raise the kids. That’s not sexist, that is nature. And THAT is the seemingly age old dilemma of the Jewish mind, a battle against nature itself and natural law.

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:49:23 -0700
From: Liz Burbank <lizburbank@speakeasy.net>

      George, how in hell did this this screaming fascist get in — is he somehow on your list? Needless to say I won’t respond like he/they want.
      Came across some posing as ‘pro-Palestinian anti-Zionists’ by tracking back some links on Palestine sites!

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 22:02:16 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>

      Liz, You write: “There’s a real basis for revolutionary optimism though because as Marx and Lenin’s analyses of capitalist-imperialism demonstrate, the system finally produces only its gravediggers. Through the course of time and struggle against life—destroyers, awakened consciousness will become revolutionary action and this anachronistic cutthroat dog-eat-dog killer system will be buried as people forge a creative new system of life based on cooperation, unleashing our limitless human potential. For many millions this is worth fighting and dying for.”

      Were that you are even close to be being correct but neither Marx nor Lenin were prepared for the world we are dealing with today and if we don’t, as political actors, know more than either one of them or look to either one for answers to today’s problems, as some continue to do, the situation becomes even more hopeless. First, quite aside from discussions about Zionism we might ask the question, Why are radical mass political movements virtually non-existent in the so-called developed world?

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 22:21:08 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>
To: Editor [David Baillie] <editor@nemw.net>

      Sorry, Mein Herr Editor, The Zionists are mirror images of you and your Third Reich Kinder. The Talmud and your’s and Adolph’s Kampf have much more in common than you can imagine.

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:03:19 +0200
From: David Sketchley <davidsketchley@gmail.com>

      Hi George, Thought you all might be interested in this article in the NY Review of Books, which is on-topic: “The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment” It includes this comment worth repeating: “Most of the students, in other words, were liberals, broadly defined. They had imbibed some of the defining values of American Jewish political culture: a belief in open debate, a skepticism about military force, a commitment to human rights. And in their innocence, they did not realize that they were supposed to shed those values when it came to Israel.” I’d be interested in any comments. —David Sketchley, Spain

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 20:52:22 -0400
From: David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>
To: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>

      Sorry JF, but Nazis and Zionists are only similar as far as racial purity are concerned and in the case of the Germans, they had a virtually pure racial stock they wished to preserve in a homeland that they wished to protect. The “Allies” in destroying Germany made sure they screwed that up for them and the rest of us White folks while they were at it. Tell me, why is it that White Western nations are EXPECTED to import other races to our detriment while supporting Zionist racism? There is an answer you know if you think about it a little bit.
      Try reading a good translation of Mein Kampf and learn something. Would you like some choice excerpts from the Talmud? There is no ideological, theological treatise as venal or as vulgar as the Talmud. You will find nothing in Mein Kampf that is even less than gentlemanly. Learn something before you go off yapping about it. If you have a reading issue I can direct you to an audio book version of it. In fact, here's the link, do some homework: http://www.nemw.net/html/ww2/meinkampf.html

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 18:21:38 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
From: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>
To: David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>

      I do not have to read your kampf or Hitler’s kampf, nor the Talmud for that matter, to see what their adherents, your Nazi ilk, have done. I hope you don’t mind (actually I don’t really care if you do) to lump you all altogether since there are no fundamental differences between one group that believes in ethnic or religious purity and any other, the only apparent differences being in the criteria which determines group membership and their respective abilities to carry out their hideous programs or pogroms on those who they consider to be subhuman. Your statements and those of the late leaders of the Third Reich against Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, etc., are essentially the same as those made by rabid rabbis and secular Zionists against Arabs and all gentiles in Israel There is only one human race, BTW, and you’ve apparently finished last. More to be pitied than pilloried.

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 21:48:44 -0400
From: David Baillie <editor@nemw.net>
To: Jeffrey Blankfort <jablankfort@earthlink.net>

      You are a Kool Aid drinker. I am half Czech, that’s Slavic, duh. You should really put down the tripe propaganda crap and read some real history. Hitler NEVER called anyone “sub-human”. In fact, there were 150,000 Jews IN the Wehrmacht, some of them high ranking Generals and Field Marshalls. Hungarian and other Slavic forces were allied with Germany. It was the Hungarian (Slavs), Rumanian (Slavs) and Italian forces that broke on the northern flank that lost Stalingrad. Reading is fundamental. Try it sometime.

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” —George Orwell

      I sent my note datelined Mon, 12 Jul 2010 21:11:00 -0500, the first one at the top, to nine friends. Its subject, “The state of Israel – a malignant tumor on the body of humanity”, instigated responses from five people, some quite contentious. I know that to those of you who wrote the most passionate notes, my comments here may well seem to be an evasion, as though I don’t want to get into the rough and tumble of the controversy. But that is not my motivation. Rather than engaging in bitter arguments that don’t contribute to ending the atrocities Israel is perpetrating against the Palestinians, I want to advocate a shift away from a “western” approach towards an “indigenous” orientation. Except for Mazin Qumsiyeh, whose Palestinian roots make him indigenous in his outlook regarding the Israel/Palestine struggle, and Nancy Davies, whose substantial contact with the indigenous culture here in Oaxaca has greatly influenced her thinking, each of the other seven people to whom I wrote has a basically “western” orientation. One consequence of such a worldview is that people who may be in agreement about a particular goal, for example ending the conquest of the Palestinians, can easily get into fierce disputes over questions of strategy, tactics and overall philosophy. In my opinion that is what happened with this group, or rather with those who entered the discussion.

      My experience here, where Nancy and I have been living since September 1999, has opened my eyes to the effectiveness of an “indigenous” mode of responding to serious problems, a more civilized approach than “westerners” are indoctrinated to adopt. In the exposure to indigenous cultures I’ve had, mainly here in Mexico but also during my year on the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Oglala Lakota people in South Dakota, one of the most striking features of their cultures that contrasts with “western” cultures is their relationship with time. We are always measuring time, allocating various amounts of it to one or another task or activity. Why our seeming compulsion to quantify time, in fact to quantify damn near everything we can? One aspect of their lives that their relationship to time allows is their readiness to listen to other peoples’ opinions. And I mean really listen, not with a view to thinking up counter-arguments but to understand what the speaker is trying to convey. Initially I found this quite disconcerting, thinking to myself, Enough already! Give someone else a chance. But at their meetings, conferences, and other large-attendance events, there’s no timekeeper to signal speakers that their time is up, or almost up. Of course, the meetings go on seemingly forever, at least to me. But that behavior, that social behavior is significant. It conveys respect for the speaker. The most humble man or woman will enjoy an uninterrupted opportunity to express his/her thoughts. Instead of having as the goal to “wind up” the meeting “on time”, the indigenous cultures aim to reach consensus so that no one’s concerns are shoved aside. Finding common agreement for ways of acting is more important than “winning” an argument or a vote.

      In a note I sent to a small group (39) of friends on 9 July, I wrote in part,

A schlepper's guide to fixing the world

      First of all, — slowly. This foundation stone of wisdom came from the down-to-earth small town Nebraskan newspaper editor and publisher of Polk Progress, Norris W. Alfred, who chose for the masthead logo, "Slower is Better." I discussed it in context in a paper a dozen or more years ago at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/Mexico/Essays-G/WorkInOaxaca.
Just now I read a wonderful bit about Alfred at http://www.prairiefirenewspaper.com/2007/09/alfredisms That's why it takes me so damn long to get anything done — distractions.
      If someone is slow, like I am, and yet wants to accomplish a lot, then getting help is pretty important. That's my situation. I want to save the world, and it's a problem to figure out how to do it. So that's what this effort is all about. I'm trying to get help. Naturally I turn to people I can trust.

      The challenge of finding common agreement for ways of acting, which it seems to me some indigenous groups have resolved, is usually not even considered in westernized cultures. Right here in this tiny group of literate, informed people whose help in understanding the world I highly value, the polarization in the last day or two is already threatening to end this effort. Liz Burbank and Jeffrey Blankford, two of the people whose passion against the utterly inhumane genocidal conquest of the Palestinians comes closest to matching my abhorrence of the Zionist actions, have both moved to leave this group because they cannot accept talking with David Baillie, an avowed American Nazi. Liz wrote, “George, how in hell did this screaming fascist get in — is he somehow on your list?” And Jeffrey is very forthright in saying that he hates “racist Zionists” and “Nazis”, remarking that he was not sure how [Baillie] managed to get into this small list.

      But there’s an explicit account of how David and I became acquainted in my posting of July 2. So it’s not that the information wasn’t available. The “problem” is that in our mode of operating we don’t manage to read each other’s messages. We’re all such busy “westerners” that we don’t have time. Unlike the indigenous peoples, those who haven’t yet lost their sense of unhurriedness, we’re so busy “saving” time that we seem unable to “waste” it for communicating with one another. The result of course is that we don’t know what our comrades are doing and so each of us dashes off, as I said about my good friend Israel Shamir, “madly in all directions”. It may be fun and gratifying to us on a personal basis to feel so busy, but it ain’t making the sought-for revolution. I realize that I too am part of the problem, that I put out too much, which contributes to the flood of stuff on the internet. If we want our material to be read we need to follow the moderate styles of William Blum and Immanuel Wallerstein, whose blogs appear with their new reflections once or twice a month.

      That’s why I've been limiting the frequency of my mailings to my larger lists, hoping to not drive people into merely setting their spam filters to discard messages from me. I don’t really know if it’s going to work. Obviously I’m not on the “front lines” like Mazin Qumsiyeh, who literally faces the Israeli soldiers and settlers day to day and still manages to send out his information, appeals for supportive actions and marvelous messages of hope and love several times weekly.

[As I was typing this paragraph this message from Mazin came:
Gentlemen, I never asked to be on this list. I do not know why I
was put in the cc to begin with. Please remove my email from any
replies. I have already far too many emails received. Thank you]
What I want to give is a message from Mazin to his distribution list, which includes about 15 thousand recipients, written from his indigenous perspective.
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:03:20 +0300
Subject: [HumanRights] Palestinian Responsibility
From: Mazin Qumsiyeh <mazin@qumsiyeh.org>

Palestinian Responsibility by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Web link to this article at http://www.qumsiyeh.org/palestinianresponsibility/

      It took over 10 hours to cross from Amman, Jordan to the Ghetto of Bethlehem, a distance of 60 miles. From the first moment on the bridge from Jordan, we begin to be immersed in Palestinian suffering. The 19 days outside of Palestine are not possible for most Palestinians. Yet, this was not a vacation and I gave many talks and spent lots of time in cars, trains, and planes. During the travel time, we can have time to think and reflect on many things and this short essay on Palestinian responsibility is a fruit of many hours of this.

      During this trip I met many Palestinians, far more than before. Many were dedicated activists and others attended our talk out of curiosity or a sense of obligation. In Jordan we stayed with close friends (Palestinians originally from Hebron). We interacted with many others of all backgrounds. We even had a chance to briefly visit one of the many proliferating malls in Amman (this one is called ‘Mecca Mall’!). The mostly Palestinian population, like the rest of the society in Jordan, is divided between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. I was reminded of my visit with the Wheels of Justice bus tour to New Orleans months before the catastrophe of Katrina Hurricane and flooding. There in the deep South in the richest country on earth was also a city that is deeply divided economically. The hundreds of customers whether in a rich mall in Amman or New Orleans have the same ‘choices’: Starbucks, United Colors of Benetton, and MacDonalds, trendy shops with latest lingerie and other fashions. The reality of life just 30 km to the west in the occupied areas is as alien to those Palestinian shoppers as it is to their American counterparts. I thus pondered on our collective human responsibility to address injustice. Nowhere else in the world today is there a more obvious example of massive and blatant injustice of ethnic cleansing, colonization, murder, and distortions of reality than that associated with creation and maintenance of a ‘Jewish [Zionist] state’. That this process was initiated and promoted by Europeans and later Americans leaves the people of these countries with the duty to act to rectify this injustice. Many take this very seriously. I was touched by the passion and dedication of many Italians to the Palestinian cause. But ultimately, the main responsibility for Palestinian liberation and wellbeing falls on us Palestinians.

      In my visit to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, I was saddened to see the basically inhuman conditions of life. Yes, we must blame the Lebanese government for this but we also must look in the mirror. How many Palestinians who are of the ‘haves’ category are actually caring enough with deeds (and not mere words) about their fellow Palestinians. While we seek and appreciate solidarity and joint struggle with all people, we must rely on ourselves first and foremost. I just finished a book on history of popular resistance in Palestine. That there are millions of Palestinians in Palestine despite all the Zionist effort is testament to the efficacy and depth of this resistance and caring. That millions more who were forced to leave refuse to forget where they came from indicates the fallacy of the notion advocated by Zionists of ‘the old will die and the young will forget.’ But keeping the attachment and acting strongly to defend your right are two related but separate issues. And those who are truly dedicated to act for the cause in any nation remain a minority that we should try to grow.

      How many people get involved and how many dedicate their life to the struggle can be the deciding factors in the success of any liberation movement. Success can come using mixtures of different tools. No two liberation movements follow the same paths. Lessons can be drawn from Places like Algeria, Vietnam, and South Africa but these stories are different and liberation in Palestine will be different when it comes (some would say if it comes). I believe we have significant and unique opportunities to move forward positively. Here are just five of hundreds of reasons for my optimism.

      1.The International civil society is emerging and mobilizing in unprecedented large numbers to help challenge the oppression and colonization in Palestine (think of the growth of social media activism, websites, International Solidarity Movement, Free Gaza Movement, Freedom Flotilla etc.).

      2. The Zionist project represents the antithesis of morality and justice in such a blatant way that no caring and decent human being can ignore. It is obvious to all that it is wrong to ethnically cleanse a country of its native inhabitants in order to bring people of a particular religion and create a state of such immigrants with a set of racist laws to ensure hegemony. Thus, it carries the seeds of its ultimate destruction within its own ideology. Its persistent war crimes and crimes against humanity (in Deir Yassin, Nablus, Jenin, Gaza, Lebanon, international waters etc.) are but the natural symptoms of the pathology.

      3. The Zionist project is now recognized internationally (despite the massive propaganda efforts) as a destabilizing force not only locally but internationally. From its inception in the 19th century, political Zionism survived only by creating divisions and wars. But people are tired of conflicts and wars. Wars also used to have little cost to the Zionist movement. In the last few years, the cost of war has risen and Zionists cannot wage wars without some blow back hitting them where it really hurts (think Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008/9).

      4. The growth of the boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS movement) has been phenomenal (visit bdsmovement.net for details). The Israeli government is frantically trying to suppress this but they always end up promoting it by their own arrogance of power. The arrogance of power that allows Israel to lose Turkey as an ally or to forge passports of ‘friendly countries’ will lead them to lose what few allies they have left.

      5. For every act of murder or destruction, for every attack on a human rights activist, Israel creates many folds more resistance. The murder of Rachel Corrie generated thousands of Rachels and her story is now known by millions (Google gives 1.9 million hits). After the attack on the flotilla of 6 ships, we will now have 60 ships arriving in September. Each of the hundreds of activists who were unjustly kidnapped in International waters, mistreated, and stripped of his/her belongings is now a lifelong activist for Palestine.

      We cry over the Bassem AbuRahma (see videos at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlbzuZ_50mU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F91H8sR64Ro) and thousands of other innocent Palestinian victims of Israeli crimes. We cry over the many internationals who lost their lives such as Rachel Corrie (see http://www.rachelcorrie.org/) and the victims of the Mavi Marmara (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/freegaza/?saved=1). To honor these martyrs for this good cause, we must turn tears into action and shatter any remaining ‘deafening silence’ and negativism among our people (and here I mean Palestinians and other fellow human beings). We do see corruption, defeatism, and lack of self confidence among many people (Palestinians and others). We must challenge these human frailties but this can only be done by putting out positive actions and examples. As we learn from basic physics, only the pluses can neutralize the minuses. The good news is that we see more and more pluses and more and more people deciding to get off the proverbial couch and get into the fields. Here the harsh winds blow, the vultures circle, the dogs bark, but the caravan of freedom moves on and we are getting good company and making great friends along the way.

      ‘Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful that thorns have roses.’—Alphonse Karr

      See also this related article ‘Of Cowardice and solidarity’ http://qumsiyeh.org/ofcowardicedignityandsolidarity/

      Italian famous tenor Joe Fallisi who we met in Italy had created operatic songs for Palestine

      As always, you are welcome to visit us in Palestine
Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home http://www.qumsiyeh.org
Professor, Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities
Chairman of the Board, Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People, http://www.pcr.ps


[1] Susie Purtee’s weekly on-line talk radio program, The Patriot Dames. Susie’s promotional blurb is at http://www.thepatriotdames.net/the_subie_sisters/susie/susie_biography.html . I wrote an attempted humorous piece, joking at myself, which is at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/t/2009-08-30.htm .

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
All comments and criticisms are welcome.  <georgeisalzman@yahoo.com>

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