[noaap] Lusting for the corpse — gay
greed in Oaxaca. Tonee Mello is
ours!, Ours!!, OURS!!!

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      Day of the Dead is celebrated like crazy here in sunny Mexico. A great big festival with families congregating at the cemeteries toting vast quantities of food, flowers (especially marigolds) and mezcal, all to be symbolically shared with the deceased family members, about whom it is impossible to think highly enough — once they are dead.

      The Gay Gang that manages the expatriate English language Library in Oaxaca has five months to plan its effort to expropriate for the “Gay Community” the memory of Tonee Mello when El día de los Muertos next rolls around. [1] It’s true that Tonee was gay — so what? I wasn’t aware of it for years. His sexual preference was, and remains irrelevant. The only fact of importance is that he was a marvelous human being. These American expatriates have no claim on him or his memory. They are intellectual slobs and moral incompetents, unworthy of having their names associated with Tonee. The long-time leading coward among them — David Myler, who had thrown the Oaxaca Study-Action Group begun in 2005 by Tonee and me out of “his” library on the basis of anonymous slanders against me [2] suddenly is featured as a primary source of information about a Memorial Gathering for Tonee at Tonee’s house. The invitation concludes, “If you have any questions or need directions, please contact David Myler: 951-117-4867”. [3]

      What these illegitimate would-be beneficiaries of Tonee’s fundamental human decency don’t know is that Tonee no longer had any use for them. He had in fact become a close friend of mine, as his son Jon can attest, and, as it happens, Tonee and Nancy Davies and I spent four wonderful hours together Sunday, the day before he was murdered. Unlike these slobs, for whom Tonee is more useful dead than alive, I treasured him vibrant and kicking, with all the animals he so loved.

[1] El día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an annual three-day celebratory period in Mexico, from Oct 31, when the spirits of the deceased return to their families, until Nov 2, when they bid farewell for another year. It’s much more a family celebration than the “Trick-or-Treat” routine that characterizes Hallowe’en in much of the United States.

[2] David Myler’s statement ejecting OSAG from further meetings in his very own library. http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/Strate/2006-09-28.htm.

[3] The invitation is at http://elenemigocomun.net/2011/04/memorial-gathering-tonee-mello/.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an
Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.

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