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      Introductory note. Since I met Tonee Mello in late December 2005, only five and a half years have elapsed. From the start we knew we were kindred spirits. Those years were almost unimaginably intense. We never believed that we, as older retired Americans, were in real danger. Our privileged status seemed a shield against the terrors that the Mexican governments (Federal, State, and Municipal) were inflicting daily on our fellow Mexicans. The mirage of safety was shattered in a few days this April.

      Nancy and I hadn’t seen Tonee in some months, a period during which we were loosely in touch — by occasional e-mail and telephone calls. The two of us - I at 85 and Nancy at 76 - have slowed down considerably in the past couple of years, while Tonee - a lad of 63 - was going full throttle. Tonee took the initiative. He proposed we think of April 14th as a focal time -- his son Jon’s birthday -- Jon being his one and only child, conceived in blessed error when Tonee was still trying to adhere to the norms of his relationship with his wife. I think Tonee was 23 or 24 when Jon was born, which would make our get-together a celebration of Jon’s 40th birthday.


[1] Remembering Tonee Mello. A few items that offer a glimpse of Tonee.
    Scott Campbell (the Angry White Kid) on Tonee,
    Nancy Davies (a traumatized parent), on Oaxacan justice.
    Memorial Gathering announcement and general invitation, citing David Myler for further information, and memorial messages from Kristina Lim, Mike Rhodes, Kiel Famellos-Schmidt, Roert Norse, Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell sizes up Renny Cushing’s current role as U.S. politician infiltrating the popular movement in Mexico, and points to Cushing’s relationship with Alberto Giordano — would be exclusive trainer of his so-called “authentic journalists”. Says knowledgeable Scott, “To the misfortune of the highly respected poet Javier Sicilia, the EZLN and tens of thousands of Mexicans engaged in the process of building a movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity, Renny Cushing is one of the United States organizers who will take part in the new Caravan that leaves from Cuernavaca for Cd. Juárez this coming June 4”. Giordano lacks [Campbell’s saavy].

[Campbell’s saavy] Campbell offers the self-adoration statement of Giordano: “Renny Cushing, of Seabrook, New Hampshire, co-founder of the Clamshell Alliance which in the 1970s gave birth to an international movement against nuclear power, trained and inspired me as a community organizer when your correspondent was a teenager. He has also served multiple terms as a state legislator and currently directs Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights, a national anti-death penalty movement. Renny has an organizing style reminiscent of The Preacher in John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath. You might say he was Preacher to my inner Tom Joad. I know he can teach, too, having learned so much from him”.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an
Emeritus Prof of Physics, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.

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