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      David Baillie and Gordon Arnaut are two people from whom I learned a good deal. My feelings towards each of them are quite mixed. David, an American who lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area, is, in the common lingo, a Nazi, though he rightly considers that a derogatory label, and labels himself a National Socialist. Hitler is in his view a heroic figure.

      Gordon is a Canadian of Serbian extraction who lives in the Province of Ontario on a plot of land with timber, some edible crops and many animals that he cares for with great affection. Many of his immediate relatives were living in a part of Czechoslovakia where many Croatians lived. He lost most of his family members there, who were slaughtered by Coatian Nazis.

Date: Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 4:54 AM
From: David Baillie <>
To: Gordon Arnaut <>,
         George Salzman <>
Subject: Re: Stolen Lands

      It sure wasn't the Serbs that ended the Empire, but it was one maggot Serb that started that war. My grandmother was absolutely Slav, as was my Ukrainian granddad, who you skipped past. Gordon, get the chip off your shoulder and quit being a crybaby Commie. You are a dinosaur. If you cared so much about Serbia, you would be up in arms about the US treatment of them a decade ago and the continued occupation by NATO. I think the Serbs are or were confused as to where their future lay decades ago, but I think I feel more for them now than you. If they had fought on the correct side they'd be free today. And quit haring Whites, it is a despicable practice for one to hate his own race while claiming it is for the sake of love. --David Baillie

Date On Jul 23, 2011, at 5:43 AM, Gordon Arnaut wrote:

      David, you are delusional. Hitler certainly considered Slavs inferior, that is a fact---although nowadays the white supremacists are increasingly uncomfortable with that idea because yes, Slavs are white people, and in fact quite a few of them are racists too, unfortunately. Northern Slavs are the more blonde ones, but my dad, an ethnic Serb was light skinned, blonde-and blue-eyed---but they are a minority for sure. So today we have this neo-Nazi revisionism that Hitler's drang against Slavs was mostly political and anti-communist. Total BS. I don't think your grandmother was Slavic anyway, but Volkdeutche. Probably your Ukrainian grandfather too because there were lots o Germans in Ukraine. Most Slavs, including Czechs, Ukrainians, Poles etc do not care for Germans at all. No wonder after centuries of aggression from stupid Germans. My relatives in Vojvodina (northern Serbia) well remember the Austrian empire under which they and their ancestors lived for some time. Here is a pic of Austrian soldiers executing Serb POWs. Disney indeed... I think Germans are definitely inferior to Slavs and they have proved that themselves with their beastly behavior. That is why they hate us, because we are their betters. Btw, big Austria thought they were going to crush us, but it was Serbia that knocked that creaky empire to the dustbin of history... Regards, --Gordon.

Date: Fri, July 22, 2011 10:57:51 PM
From: David Baillie <>
To: Gordon Arnaut <>,
         George Salzman <>
Subject: Re: Stolen Lands

      Talk about broken records! As of the period of 1900 you are dealing with people who were well established in various places, like the Sudentenland. At the end of WW1, scumbag Woodrow Wilson made all sorts of promises about self-determination and then split up Europe in such a way that created persecuted German minorities in various places. Gordon, I am part Czech and Ukrainian. Stop trying to sell me your bullshit, it doesn't fly. Czechs I know still support what happened to Sudenten Germans after WW2 based on a stupid dream of a Czech kingdom from 700 years ago, instead of the realities of the day. THAT is what led to Hitler's attempts at a limited European war as the Poles would not accept a peaceful solution to Danzig. I have the Potoky Report from 1938, in which the Polish ambassador, Potoky, explicitly said that the FDR Administration AND the "Jew-controlled media" were openly creating war fever against Germany and that FDR was maneuvering Poland into it's position of non-appeasement and hostility towards Germany, and that FDR had no understanding of the situation in Central Europe. He also stated that not only was FDR surrounded by Jews, but that it was his understanding that he was a full-blooded Jew. Poles didn't generally like Jews either. And I'll tell you something else about this endless propaganda against Hitler. Germans aren't nearly as blonde and blue eyed as Scandinavians and SLAVS!!! I'm one of them. Yes, I am half Slav, born with blue eyes and hair so blonde it was practically white. One of your despised Aryan supermen. I refuse to even go on about such one-sided sophomoric arguments about ethnic divisions that were exacerbated by the intrigues if the Anglo-American Zionists and Jews to destroy the royalty of Central and Eastern Europe in order to create democratic Communist regimes. Of all the Slavs that sucked Soviet cojones and wanted a pan-Slavic hegemony were the Serbs and the Czechs. My grandmother remembered the Hapsburg era and said it was a beautiful time, like an old Disney movie, that was DESTROYED by your precious Commies and Jews (redundant). She came from Kromeriz in Moravia. My grandfather was of Ukrainian nobility, who spoke 7 fucking languages and was an electrical engineer and professor at Charles University who was a double agent working for the Gestapo in Prague and infiltrated the Communist underground posing as a Ukrainian officer who came to orginize in advance of the Red army and escaped at the end to come to the States to become head engineer on the turbine system of the Nautalus submarine. My mother, uncle, and a brilliant friend, Leo Hiblinger, who went to MIT and ended up in Korea for the last 20 years of his life, no doubt working for the military industrial complex, had to ESCAPE Czechoslovakia via Austria and then to Western Germany. These are not inferior Slavs, Hitler never said that Slavs were inferior and there were still hundreds of thousands if people with Jewish blood that not only continued living in Germany, a noted cancer researcher and Hitler's cook, lawyer and doctor come to mind, but many of them fought for the Reich with ranks as high as Field Marshall. Stop trying to sell your old, discredited propaganda to me, save it for the Spielberg crowd. Until you are willing to think outside your Serb/Croat conflict, you are useless in the fight ahead. Zieg Heil --David Baillie

Date On Jul 22, 2011, at 10:35 AM, Gordon Arnaut wrote:

      And Btw, Half of Germany sits on land stolen from Slavs, or Wends as the Germans called us. The name Berlin is Slavic in origin, as are many place-names through the eastern half of the country. The numbers of Slavic-speakers in Germany continue to decline due to persecution. Like I said previously, Hitler was right about a very important issue, the money parasites that are the bane of society. But he was wrong about Germany's ability to conquer the Slavs, which he considered inferior. Nothing like getting your ass kicked by your "inferiors..." Regards, Gordon. 800px-Austrians_executing_Serbs_1917.jpg

Date: Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 6:48 AM
From: David Baillie <>
To: Gordon Arnaut <>,
         George Salzman <>

      Spoken like the cunt you truly are Gordon. The Hapsburgs had been giving the Slavs more and more in the Empire as the Czar had been liberalizing Russia. Yet your precious radicals and Jews made a point of destroying them anyhow. Ungrateful cunts. The time is coming for payback Gordon. Ten years ago the Serbs got their payback at the hands of the cunts they sided with, ha ha ha ha. That's okay, they will be smarter when we take it all back from you Liberal Communists and Jews. In fact, I am sure that the Serbs will have to be tamed so they don't brutalize you cock suckers as they'd like.

Date On Jul 23, 2011, at 7:25 AM, Gordon Arnaut wrote:

      Gavrilo Princip is a hero for the ages and for human freedom. And the only maggot in the story is the dilettante prince he sent to rest. Serbia certainly did play the biggest role in crushing that rickety empire of stupid Germans and Huns. Go read about it in Wikipedia if nothing else and see how big a part of their army they lost. They were nothing after that. Austria thought they were going to bust us like a walnut, but they ended up cracking their rotten teeth instead. Nato is just today's version of a rotten empire that has nowhere to go but the scrapheap. No worries, they are done like dinner...

I've decided to sign off with David Baillie

Date: Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 9:30 AM
To: Gordon Arnaut <>
From: George Salzman <>

Oaxaca, Mexico, Saturday 23 July 2011

      Dear Gordon, I finally gave up trying to communicate with David. It was interfering with other work I want to do and going nowhere. It's a shame to give up on a human being, even as I recognize that a good deal of what he says is surely correct. But he decided to put me in his Jew-boy bin. Of course that troubled me. His modus vivende got to be sending me, early each morning, a lengthy e-mail with a mixture of things that are true and others that are false. I think it really bugged him that I essentially refused to condemn Jews - all Jews - as he does. He adheres to the racist doctrine (he calls it racialist, not racist) that humanity is irrevocably divided up into distinct species (not so far as to be unable to produce offspring, illegitimate in his eyes) with incommensurable behavior patterns locked into their genetic makeup.

      So, beginning a couple of days ago I started just deleting mail from him, unread. I still believe that in terms of appreciating the social destructiveness that wealthy organized Jewry is responsible for, David is much more on the mark than you. You are, in my view, too much in what I see as an "engineer's" mindset, too much influenced by what you are reading or hearing at the moment, and "blessed", as I am, with a poor memory. Obviously that doesn't include things that we believe are very important, for example your on-the-ground experiences when you visited Europe. What I have in mind here is your unjustified forgiveness towards Jews, which I see as a result of the incessent pro-Zionist propaganda that dominates Canadian mass media. Persecution of ethnic groups is of course without a shred of justification, regardless of the so-called "ethnicity". It's my conviction that in fact "the Jews", by their silence in the face of crimes being committed by others who call themselves Jews, have in a sense "earned" the contempt and hatred they are experiencing in today's world.

      I've been driven, by my interaction with you and David, to examine parts of social reality that otherwise I'd have missed, and for that I am appreciative. Also, I haven't forgotten that I still want to write you, as I promised I would, but it's being delayed by other activities. Eric Walberg's book, and work related to my promise to review it, has somewhat engulfed me in the past week or two.

      Your exchange with David, which I've saved, may be the last such item I'll put in my files. It is just before this explanatory note. I will not send it to David, which is why I put it into a simple text format that I could send to you only. Very sincerely, and with best wishes, --George

[1] Making a Palestine of happy children
A model for making a world of happy people

      The destruction of Palestine should be stopped and the land returned to its indigenous peoples. I presented a fairly brief sketch for doing this without any further bloodshed, torture, theft or suffering of any of the peoples involved, including the would-be Jewish Zionist conquerors. It’s so easy to scoff at the notion of seeking a non-violent, humane resolution, and to declare without further thought, That would be contrary to human nature. So easy and so fatal. One of the things I have learned from the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca is the existence of a “better way” to settle conflicts than British officialdom ever dreamed of.

      To people whose life experience has been shaped almost entirely by the contemporary dominant global ideology, the possibility of a different way of living — with a really totally different set of governing values — seems inconceivable to most of the people I know in the U.S. It must seem to them that I’m oblivious to what “human nature” is, that I’m living in a dream world. So they act like the normal people they are: they ignore me and what seem to them to be my “mad ravings”.

      No one can be expected to comprehend events and/or possibilities for human interaction that are totally outside his/her life experiences. If you tried to tell a native bushman of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa about snow, you would be thought to be delusional. Most of my American contacts have life experiences limited to the U.S. To them my experiences among indigenous Oaxaqueños who are not “naturally greedy and aggressive” seem incredible. They take me for a deluded romantic, and dismiss my vision of “how the world could be”. They “know” — they believe — what “human nature” is, and that, like an engraving in stone, it is frozen forever. I see their attitude as showing an unrelenting stubborness. And, I should empahsize, this stubborness is by no means limited to my self-labelled “liberal” friends. My American anarchist friends are also addicted to the notion that they are entitled to live at a level of material wealth that is increasingly beyond the reach of former “middle class” Americans. They too enjoy being privileged. Surprise! Surprise!

      Just yesterday (the 18th of Aug 2011) I got a letter from an anarchist friend, who wrote in part, “XXXXX and I are safely back from Bread and Puppet in Vermont, and are all fired up, with batteries recharged, and working hard to "change the world." It was raining hard the whole way back. It was a difficult drive, but XXXXX got us through it okay”. The intrepid strugglers battling for a better world by driving several hundred miles to celebrate with other “turned on” radicals. How much gasoline burned? How much ecological damage in the pursuit of fun? No clue. No interest. It’s their right to have fun. And these are committed American anarchists! Do I sound as though I have contempt for principled people who prefer to win an argument and lose the world than to lose an argument? You bet! Preventing the genocide of the Palestinians is my first priority. Here are two papers on saving the Palestinians:

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an ex-physics prof, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
All comments and criticisms are welcome.  <>

      If you know folks who want to ‘save the world’, starting with global open communication — no censorship, I’ll be glad to add them to my Notes of an anarchist physicist listserv [noap]. To subscribe write me, including your first and last names, please, or send a blank e-mail to

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