Date: Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 4:21 PM
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Subject: A question on Latvia

      Hi Eric, I’m unclear whether I actually read an article lauditory of Latvia’s current regime some time ago that was written by “our” Israel Shamir, or whether it was authored by a “news propaganda agency” that is named Israel Shamir. I had not realized there was such an official Latvian agency until I decided to go back to Israel’s website to look for the article I remembered reading. My intent was to tell you about it, as evidence that Israel is not to be trusted. I am still certain he is playing a dirty game, but it may be that what I thought was a piece of evidence was my mistake. If you happen to know the answer to this quandry I’ll appreciate being enlightened. All the best —George

P.S. I just read <>

September 19, 2011
Bankers’ man, Anders Aslund, invokes Latvia to bail out his reputation
The Pillaging of Latvia
by Jeffrey Sommers and Michael Hudson

Date: Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 4:57 AM
From: Eric Walberg <>
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      Hi George, No re shamir supporting Latvian govt. though the news this week from Latvia is that the good guys came out on top in the elections — the Socialist Party with a strong Russian base. but they will be shut out of the govt. Shamir is a unique individual, a media celebrity, so you must keep this in mind. I respect him and admire his writings. He just wrote a brilliant piece on the Middle East that I highly recommend:

The Arab Autumn <>
By Israel Shamir

      Autumn in the Middle East hasn’t the melancholy connotations you attach to it in the North. For you, this is the season of dying; maple leaves turn purple and geese fly south. For us, this is the jolly season of awakening after stupefying summer heat; grass hatches again on the burned-to-reddish-brown lawns and trees are heavy with ripe figs and pomegranates. Arab Spring, as the wave of spectacular February risings was called, gave way to Arab Summer, that hot and meaningless season of vainly seeking shade or a cool dip under a mercilessly blazing sun. In Egypt, the military junta continued Mubarak’s policies; in Libya, armed gangs prowled the desert under the . . .