Walberg’s book critique, part 4a
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Note: I had intended to get going with the actual critique of Chapter 3 of Eric Walberg’s book, but got deflected with other matters. So I'll begin critiquing Chapter 3 in part 4b.

      Just to remind us, here’s the thumbnail sketch of the book whose first section, the Introduction, I commented on in my piece on Monday the 19th, whose second section, Chapt 1, I reviewed on Tuesday the 20th, whose third section, Chapt 2, I reviewed yesterday, the 24th. Today, the 25th I will tackle the fourth section, Chapt 3, which gets Eric into the heart of his thesis, that the destructiveness being fomented in the “Middle East” is the deliberate work instigated by a fairly small group of what he refers to as “the Jewish elites”. Eric is concerned that if I use too broad a brush, speaking of “The Jews” instead of being precise and including the adjectivial noun “elites”, such “careless use of language turns off mainstream readers, who are really the main audience. If the book is only read by the [already] converted, it will not have been a success”. I will defer to Eric’s concern, because I most certainly wish potential readers of his book to be encouraged to read it. However, there is an important ideological disagreement between the two of us, to which I will return later.

— Introduction, pp17-28;color map -p.18;endnotes pp28-29

— Chapt 1,pp30-46;GGI: Competing Empires;endnotes pp46-49

— Chapt 2,pp50-91;GGII: Empire against Communism;endnotes pp92-98

— Chapt 3,pp99-152;GGIII: US-Israel—Postmodern Imperialism;endnotes

— Chapt 4,pp161-219;GGIII: Israel—Empire-and-a-half; Appendix: The Israel lobby
            and ‘Dog wags the tail’ debates pp214-219;endnotes 219-232

— Chapt 5,pp233-276;GGIII: Many players, many games;Appendix III: The
            ex-Soviet central Asian republics in GGIII,pp.273-276;endnotes 277-283

— Bibliography, pp.284-293, Bibliography – and Chapt 4 Appendix: Critique of
           ‘New NATO’ literature

— Index, pp.294-300

      A reminder, you are welcome to post your thoughts on this controversial dispute on my new blog. [1]

      There’s no escaping from this world. Today Nancy demanded to know, with her usual smirking preface when she’s about to put an impossible question to me: “Tell me, Doctor Science”. She had just seen the supposedly shocking announcement on the internet that there’s evidence of particles travelling faster than light. “What did I think” she wanted to know. She already knew that my thesis was about the Schwarzschild solution of the Einstein field equations. That was in 1950. And she was hep enough with the internet to know that according to HIM (meaning Einstein, not God) nothing, but nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. So, she demanded, Was bedenken Sie, Herr Professor? (What do you think, Mr. Professor?) Nancy doesn’t fiddle around. She gets right to the point. But not me. I needed to have a little time to obfuscate, trying to hide my ignorance.

      As it happens, life had prepared me to parry Nancy’s question, and to put off answering. I had spent the year 1953 on a Fulbright Fellowship working at the Frascati National Synchrotron Laboratory next door (so to speak) to the Pope’s summer residence. According to the CERN (Centre Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire — European Center for Nuclear Research) publicity announcement, the elusive “particles” — called neutrinos as Enrico Fermi first dubbed them many years ago, were being copiously produced in the CERN laboratory at the giant synchro-cyclotron, and hordes of them were going right through the part of the Earth between the accelerator and the Frascati Laboratory in the hills of Rome. That didn’t surprise me one bit. Escape the miserable wet cold Geneva winter and head for the Pope’s sunny summer paradise.

      According to the website Al Jazeera, these “little neutrons” were clocked at 300,006 kilometres per second, about six km/sec faster that the speed of light. Well, thought the old ex-professor, that should help CERN’s research budget. Surely this is a more important endeavor than trying to prevent millions of people being killed by human hubris powered by modern technology. As you can see, the old professor is having trouble keeping his mind focussed. But hell ! it’s more fun this way. Now, back to the task I’m supposed to be working on.

Can elite Jews lie faster than the speed of light?

      Eric Walberg and I disagree about some substantial issues, which I promised above to return to. Eric is “more forgiving” of anti-social behavior by people of so-called Jewish ethnicity (he specifies the “elites” of this group) than I think is justified. Eric seems to believe that people of so-called Jewish ethnicity have suffered grievously — even more grievously than peoples of other ethnicities. My viewpoint is rather that the entire concept of “different ethnicities signifying real differences” is just so much nonsense. We are all human beings, members of a single unique species, of course with minor variations in physiognomy (my head hair is curly), but as concerns our fundamental makeup and behavioral inclinations these are of utterly no significance, despite the ravings of my “Nazi” friend in Boston, David Baillie.

      David, despite all his disclaimers to the contrary, is consumed by hatreds. He was initially attracted to check me out because he mistook my contempt for the behavior of the majority of politically active English-speaking Jews in the Westernized nations to be an expression of what he thought was my hatred of them. It must have seemed strange to him that someone who clearly identifies himself as an ethnic Jew, who grew up in the New York City area, should so strongly condemn the actions of the many Jewish people who are failing to take a strong stand in favor of disassembling the Zionist State of Israel. It must also have seemed strange to my good friend Eric Walberg, though I think that by now he understands my position. Eric and David are worlds apart: David is consumed by hatreds (which I think I understand and which are largely justified). He hates the destruction of the world (his world, he would like to think) being orchestrated by the world’s hyper-wealthy Jewish elite), with the tacit-to-active support of most of the world’s English-speaking Jewry.

      He is ideologically mistaken in seeing this despicable behavior caused by what he believes are their “Jewish genes”. Except for that, and it’s a big exception, he’s correct. I too see the world’s English-speaking Jews as the responsible party, with no more than a small minority of us demanding that Palestine be returned to the Palestinian peoples and the would-be Jewish colonists made to leave. Even my good friend Alan Hart, who was completely conned by Golda Meir, has not gone forcefully beyond calling for a return to the 1967 territory. That’s not enough. Justice insists that the would-be colonizing Jews get the hell out!. Palestine for the Palestinians!.

      Eric, in contrast to David, is a man without any hatreds, so far as I can tell. Life for him is to be lived as fully and joyously as can be managed. And he manages pretty damn well. What I find intriguing about Eric is his mixture of intense intellectual engagement in trying to sort out and understand some of the major social conflicts — “Eastern Civilization vs. Western Civilization” along with his readiness to set aside personal threats to himself, which I think is foolhardy on his part. For example, he was planning to make a trip in a small boat together with Israel Shamir and a few other people to Libya to show support for the Gaddafi regime. Eric is fooled, I’m fairly certain, by Israel’s skill as a writer, and fails to understand that Shamir is working to protect the existence of a substantially Jewish state in Palestinian territory. Shamir would protect much of the conquest that the Zionists already effected.

      For a considerable time I was also taken in by Shamir. He and I were in what I thought was a relationship of mutual trust. Then, when I realized that he is apparently free to enter and exit the Zionist state without any difficulty, and I questioned this seeming very unusual privilege, instead of telling me “how come” he simply cut me off entirely. He never explained his sudden change, as though the mere fact that I dared to ask a probing question of “The Master” was rational ground for me to be excommunicated. I hesitated to draw any conclusion for a couple of months, thinking that maybe he was thinking how best to respond, but then when it became evident that he would not communicate further I of course concluded that my suspicion was confirmed. Pretty disappointing, but there was nothing I could do about it.

      My contact with Israel Shamir and his technical assistant and collaborator Kenneth Freeland began almost two years and four months ago. Here is a list of our e-mails as I’ve saved them, in more or less chronological order:

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[1] Sketch for a humane resolution of the Palestine/Israel conflict. http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/t/2010-11-13.htm

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an ex-physics prof, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.

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