The Jewfestation of much of the
English-language literate world

George Salzman   <>
initial posting 04 October 2011 - last update 09 October 2011


  This posting is still in progress, Sun evening 9 Oct

      As an ethnic Jewish-American much of whose early life was in the New York City area in Queens County, Brooklyn, and Nassau County, I grew up with a great many Jewish friends. After several years in the U.S. Army during World War II, I returned to Brooklyn College, was married, and completed my undergraduate degree requirements at the same time as my wife, Freda Friedman Salzman. We went to the Univ of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in August 1949 to pursue our graduate studies, both of us in physics. As a matter of course, we both assumed that Jewish people were intellectually very gifted, though I don’t think we were consciously trying to compare people of different ethnic heritages at that time. The entire concern with “being Jewish” didn't happen until relatively recently when Freda was long since dead and I was becoming increasingly aware of the barbaric behavior of the Zionists and their supporters.

      My morality is quite simple: each tiny child, from earliest infancy, is a treasure of our species. In order to develop a world in which human life is revered, we should bathe each newborn with love and respect as a whole, though as yet immature, human being. A child growing up in such a social environment will, as I see here in Oaxaca State, develop into a caring and loving person, someone to whom acts of mutual assistance are taken for granted as part of nature. You may at once challenge me, “If that is my sincere belief, then why did I choose such a vile title for this little essay?” The answer is straightforward: I wanted to challenge the comfort that many Jewish people can experience from the “polite” language used in most of the “respectable”on-line discussion of the genocide the Israeli Zionists are perpetrating against the Palestinians. There are things so terrible that their awefulness should not be hidden. There are times when sticking to “polite” language serves to obfuscate the important issues.

      The attempted genocide of the Palestinians is, as I see it, so terrible that it must be stopped. The full horror is not — cannot be — conveyed in polite, measured tones. That’s why I resorted to very offensive language. I wanted people to be jerked out of their relative complacency. Was it crude of me to do that! God damn right it was! It was like spitting in the face of people whose complacency about what unspeakable horrors “their” government is perpetrating is apparently unshakeable until their own pocketbook is squeezed.

A bit of perspective
      People of any so-called “ethnicity” are all fundamentally the same, regardless of all the minor variations and tribal affiliations. Thus religious beliefs and all ceremonial practices are without significance in differentiatng between two groups insofar as their fundamental human characteristics are concerned. In practical terms the differences may be profound in so far as the way different societies function, but the basic human requirements are invariable — nourishment, association with other humans, without which normal conduct is not possible, periods of sleep and rest, and so on. Some further remarks on my perspective follow the section with the numbered e-mails from correspondents

      So-called Jewish people are, in their inherent makeup, no different than anyone else — not better or worse, not more or less greedy for material wealth, and so on. In a word, indistinguishable. My friend David Baillie in Boston doesn’t accept a word of this. He has been lured by the propaganda spewed by Israel Shamir, a rootless self-server originally from Vladivostock who advocates a supposedly “humane” Jewish nation in the land of Palestine. In my naiveté I thought, for several years, that Israel Shamir was a friend and kindred spirit. However, it turned out that I was wrong on both counts. Shamir and his internet technician Kenneth Freeland, who Shamir keeps on a very short leash, are involved in an operation that is clearly condoned and supported by the Israeli Zionist state, despite their supposed sympathetic regard for the Palestinians. In my opinion Shamir knows exactly what game he is playing, but Freeland is in the dark, as his extended correspndence with Gordon Arnaut showed. [1]

      Here is the sequence of communications, which I hope I have in the correct chronological order:

1. Date: Monday 03 September 2011 - Not posted until Tuesday 04 October 2011
From: George Salzman <>
Subject: The Jewfestation of much of the English-language literate World


      My efforts to communicate seem to have been badly thwarted. For years I have maintained my website at the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts. With the fetishization of security, which I am opposed to, I have become more and more marginalized by the operation of the U of Mass/Boston computation facility. My belief is that in the long run we must build a global culture of trust, sharing, and love, and that our efforts should be directed towards that end. With these beliefs it has become increasingly difficult to function in the prevalent atmosphere, in which distrust and deceitfulness have become largely the norm. My most immediate contact is with many friends — sadly also many former friends who have cut off contact with me — who are locked into what I see as the tribal values of many, perhaps most, Americans of Jewish ethnicity. On many important issues I am more in agreement with some of the beliefs of a friend, David Baillie, of Boston, who also holds, to my dismay, many American Nazi beliefs. We have been in communication now for the better part of a year, but have not managed to come to a common understanding of the basic reason why American society is collapsing. We both believe that Jewish Americans are playing a terribly destructive role, misguided by their supposed tribal loyalties. David wants them all to be deported. My view is that the would-be Zionist colonizers of Palestine should be relocated and Palestine returned to its indigenous peoples. It could be achieved without anyone being punished and all the people involved being helped to secure a satisfying life. I have written about this on my website. If you wish to read these ideas, you can find them on my website, or write me for additional information. Very sincerely —George

George Salzman <>

2. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:11 AM
From: Claudio Coladangelo <>

Hello George, Thank you very much for sharing this thoughts!! I think that all you are writing in this text is very reasonable and I hope with many other people in the world that peace will come soon to Palestine and all other parts of the world where People have do suffer a sad reality of oppresion, racism and exploitation. We are seeing finally also signs in the USA of People who are getting organized (Occupy Wall Street) and are challenging this sick system where Money is more important then Live itself. People are understanding that the real issue who divides us is Money. We must overcome this, we humans have much more important values; Love, solidarity, sharing, health, happiness etc. which are thousand times of more value then all the money in the world. So let’s spread this idea of one Humanity, of one Nature, of one Mother Earth, of one Peace for all!! Sincerely —Claudio

3. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 11:03 AM
From: Ben Wise <>

Hello and greetings, George.

      I’m in agreement with just about all of your analyses of, and ideas for solutions to, the problems we face in this harsh (but hopeful? I hope so!) world. If your “solutions” – reflecting as they do, ideal justice – seem completely impractical and unrealizable, that is at least a way to gauge the failure of human institutions and their inertia to produce a truly fit world for humanity. As scientists, I’m sure that neither of us believes that evolution, let alone the universe, guarantees success for any species, especially for the most deluded and destructive one ever to have lived on the planet. (The idea of “success” in this connection is one of the biggest delusions of all, in fact!)

      That’s my collegial and comradely comment to you. But it is not the main impetus for my writing, which follows: For years now, I have wondered why, in your critique of Israel and Jews, you have sometimes chosen to use language that seems deliberately to smell of the basest kind of antisemitism. Why do you do this, George? It taints your arguments in ways that are unnecessarily provocative of revulsion on the part of readers who might otherwise be enthusiastically in agreement with what you are meaning to say, and want to pass them on to others with approval. Like me, for instance. In particular, the choice of a title for the message below – which in any case doesn’t even relate intelligibly to the content of the message, as far as I can see But “Jewfestation” calls to mind the ugliest of Goebbelsian language and imagery, preludes to mass murder as they were. I really wonder where your “humanity” has gone when you seem to almost enjoy coming up with such ways to malign Jews.

      I realize this is all small potatoes when it comes to the real issues of the day. But small potatoes can be what I have on my plate for breakfast, and I don’t want them if they smell this bad. So please delete my email address from your distribution list. I wish you well personally and politically, and am grateful for the connection I’ve had with you over the years. But enough is enough, already. Ben

4. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 12:05 PM
From: Susan Silver <>

      Please take me off your email list.

5. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 12:12 PM
From: Bill Weinberg <>

      Why am I receiving this evil garbage? Didn’t I ask to be removed from your list?

6. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 1:12 PM
From: David Hunt <>

      Remember George Salzman? Well, he always kind of out there. But this?

6-reply. Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 2:48 PM

      Hello David Hunt, I’m interested to know who the “Paul” is that you are “alerting” about my going off the deep end. How is it that you have that responsibility? I’ll be glad to put this Paul on my mailing list. —George

7. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 3:23 PM
From: Dave Lewit <>

      Hi, George, I agree with your policy, but this “Jewfestation” word is really off-putting. Rhymes with “infestation” which sounds like the Nazi idea of Jews as vermin to be exterminated. And what does the whole phrase mean -- “English language literate world”? —Dave

8. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 3:24 PM
From: Joseph Maizlish <>

      Dr. Salzman, Why use a made-up term (whether your invention or that of another) “Jewfestation?” It takes its form from “infestation,” which is something we use for diseases or pests. This is degrading to dialogue and people (you among them). What was the reason for that word choice? Joe M.

9. Date: Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 9:52 PM
From: David Baillie <>

      Tell you what George. Given the treatment I've been given by your friends and even you at times I'm going to make you work for it, if you are really that interested. My friend states who he is and his organization right at the beginning of the broadcast. I have given you something worth listening to, which I didn't have to do, what you do with it is up to you. What YOU don't understand is that, in the long, Zionists are not the biggest problem, they are focused and operate in the most blatant way, once Christian Zionists understand that Jews are the Antagonists of God and not the Chosen, their fortunes will change dramatically. Christians have got to be reminded of the truth of their belief. That is a matter of cutting down the blinds of propaganda.

      What the real danger is the threat you and your friends pose to civilization as we know it. I, and my kind, understand that imperialism is self-destructive because to invade and take over other peoples of different races leads ultimately to the infiltration of those other races amongst our kind. I started out as a Liberal-minded person, so anti-imperialism IS a core part of my belief system. As I began to understand the consequences of imperialism internally, I became a far more conservative-minded person and made me rethink some history. It has destroyed every Aryan nation of the past that was seduced into becoming an empire by your kind. Egypt, Rome, Great Britain under Cromwell, which led to the endless intrigues that racked our European folk throughout the past 4 or 5 centuries, culminating in WW2, when Hitler finally tried to expel the Jews once and for all from Central Europe, and was brought down by the Allied Zionist powers of the UK, USA and USSR (interestingly, all "united" nations). When I ask if you are a race or a religion you can never answer me straight out because there is no answer, you are neither, your people are of no fixed race and have a faith based on existing for the pleasures of this life, there is no higher aim except the exaltation of your own "bohemian", pleasure seeking lifestyle. Look at Hollywood and Vegas, that is the pinnacle of Jewish culture. Both were created and formed by Jews. I believe that you too are as sincere as my friend, but that doesn't make you right. Would you have millions of White Americans move to Oaxaca and destroy the balance of nature their for the people who have struck a harmonious note with their environs and lives? I think not. Then why should I accept being swamped by every type of alien from all over the world that can be scraped up? This country has just imported a huge number of Africans here. Right in my own city, the impact has been profound in the past three months. I seldom saw a black in our Market Basket, now it is literally swamped with them, and Indians too. That is on top of the Vietnamese and Cambodians that were brought in a decade ago. The only time I see more Whites is in the morning when I take my son in for some fresh baked bread before school. Retirees and veterans. It is the nicest time to go and we are all HAPPY to see each other there.

      YOUR kind has done this. YOUR kind promotes this Liberal idiocy. There is no end to the demands your kind makes, the blood your kind extracts. Open an American magazine like Vanity Fair sometime, George. Jews writing about Jews, or the celebrities that owe their status to Jews. That is American culture these days. In the past thousand years, Jews have been thrown out of European nations over 100 times, for good cause. These people were far more intelligent and less tolerant of the Jewish Pied Pipers. After some many wars caused by the Jews that killed tens of millions of Europe's finest men, the Jews finally got the Europeans pliant enough to succumb to their wiles and the "democracy" of the US made it perfect fodder for any idea pushed with enough propaganda to take hold and an empire with enough might and distance to help turn any war in favor of its benefactor, the Jew.

      That is the real history and situation we face. Yes, Great Britain was an imperialist bastard nation, under Jewish mercantile authority, it handed off to the US with its greater resources and polyglot society. There is no question that Whites did things they shouldn't have done. But who was really pulling the string, George? And whose philosophy of multiculturalism has made it possible for a NATION of people become empires of multiple ethnicities willing to wage war for spoils and silly notions of freeing other peoples by murdering them in endless wars? If I am going to kill someone for any belief, it is to protect my own family, my own folk, my own nation. I would not kill others to steal what is theirs or to rule over them. That is what your kind would do, and claim it was for their enemy's own good, like what they did to the Russians, Ukrainians and Germans in the last century.

      The Zionists enable your kind to rise up within our cultures. You are one of the very few that has decided to not cover for your brethren's misdeeds, not entirely. Apparently, you actually do believe the lion's share of what they tell you about Hitler, so you feel somewhat justified in seeing the Whites here suffer as retribution for our supposed sins, but are still not willing to even accept that I merely want your folks REMOVED from our midst so you can no longer harm us. THAT is a really big problem I have with you. I want some sort of equity at least acknowledged from you and your kind. If I can't get you, the most honest Jew I know personally, how do you think the rest of your kind will respond? And in responding as we KNOW they would, do they not deserve what just may befall them IF my people wake up before being smothered out of existence?

            David Baillie
            62 Pawtucket Drive
            Lowell, MA 01854

10. Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 2:47 AM
From: Mira Brown <>

      Hi George! How are you? I am now teaching Physics and Chemistry to mostly special education students at Boston Community leadership Academy - a public high school in Brighton (Boston public Schools). Quite a change from Bikes Not Bombs! I constantly find myself in quite an oppressive role vis a vis my students . . . I would love to go on about this at length, but as an overworked teacher (78 hours this past week!) I don’t feel I can.

      I just wanted to ask you to think about how you would feel/what you would think if you saw an email entitled, “The Africaninfestation of much of the English-language literate World”? Jewishness is an identity most people are born to, whether it be cultural, ethnic, or religious. To use the term “infestation” about any group of people, people who have no control over whether they are considered a member of that group, to me implies that that group is somehow inferior, and the world would be better off without them. The world may indeed be better off once we’ve helped many American Jews beyond the fear and prejudice they (we?) hold, but it is 1) their feelings and perspective, not the people themselves, and b) not true that all people w/the American Jewish identity share these feelings. I know you don’t say “all” in the text of your message. But I think your email title can so easily be taken as oppressive, that you do your message a disservice.

      OK, back to thinking about how to “grade” students’ notebooks! I loved engaging my mind w/yours, even for a few minutes! peace, Mira

10-reply. Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 3:31 AM

      Thanks very much for writing, Mira. I'm writing to explain why I did something so obnoxious, and will include you among the immediate recipients. Everything you say is of course correct. With lots of love --George

11. Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 2:40 PM
From: L. Urban Kohler <>

      George I read this with great interest, as I have read & continue to read a lot of your postings. I also want to know why our society is collapsing, and for years I’ve looked at a wide diversity of opinions and sources, and concluded that the collapse has come about through a lack of authenticity of our money. The current youth protest “occupy Wall St.” seems to be focussing on the source of our problems without defining or articulating just what must change.

      I really don’t think Jews or Zionists should be singled out to blame for the way our money system has enabled the concentration of our planet’s wealth into the hands of the few while impoverishing the many. There are certainly many Jews who find their way to positions of wealth and power in this monetary system, and it has been my experience that anyone who tries to get to the heart of the matter of how our money creation system is undemocratically implemented will be attacked as anti-Semitic — and even if the critics of this system are themselves Jews they will be labeled “self-hating” etc. ’ This, in my opinion, explains somewhat why Jews and Zionists DO get blamed! — they defend the system – as I experienced when I tried to discuss what’s wrong with our money system with a retired Jewish professor. He immediately told me that the sources of information I was drawing on were “anti-Semitic.” He didn’t condescend to show me where or how this was true, he just proceeded to use his connections to get me fired from my job for the impudence of disagreeing with him. (He admitted as much, years later)

      So I could find cause to blame Jews because he is one and I was badly used by him, and I do think one of the reasons we have not as a society come to the collective realization that it is our system of money creation that is at fault, is that somehow Zionists manage to characterize criticism of this system as anti-Semitic and that pretty much puts a stop to any criticism, and allows the system to go on as is, getting more toxic by the year. I’m sure your neo-nazi friend sees plenty of evidence for blaming Jews. Bernanke, Greenspan, and I think Paul Volker, as well as many prominent bankers, and members of the financial elite are indeed Jewish, and I don’t think it is anti-Semitic of me to assert that I believe Jews tend to stick together and help each other to use the rules of the game to their advantage and to the advantage of other Jews whenever they can. This may make them “tribal,” and clever opportunists as well as making them quite successful in the money and wealth game, and of course lopsided success in a world where wealth polarization is steadily worsening, draws attention and envy. But I don’t think taking away their wealth or blaming them for the imbalances is a productive way to correct the problem.

      I sincerely believe the SYSTEM itself must be changed, not the people who have learned to take advantage of it. It seems to me blaming Jews (or more subtly: allowing defenders of the system to characterize criticism as anti-Semitic) has been a colossal mistake because it has prevented sober analysis that would find the real source of our problems. This is sketchy but I’d be glad to discuss and try to make more clear some of the points sketched here. I know you don’t attach much importance to the money creation process and its flaws, as fundamentally responsible for our problems, but I am more convinced all the time that the way our money is created and prioritized is EXACTLY the root cause of our society’s ills. I yearn for intelligent responses and discussion of this. (you once implied you knew people who would like to take this up with me . . . )

12. Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 3:40 PM
From: Daniel Feder <>

      You expect your Jewish friends to be a-okay with emails using words like “Jewfestiation” (comparing Jews to vermin, an old nazi trope) in their subjects and filled with respectful exchanges between you and your nazi “friend?” If you have any black friends, how long would you expect them to tolerate emails full of language comparing them to animals and promoting the words of KKK members? Many of us with views critical of Zionism in its current manifestation manage to discuss these issues with our families and friends without alienating them. The occupation of Palestine is unjust and should end, but it is not the only or the most severe injustice in the world today. You, for instance, play the low-stakes game of renouncing your Judaism and attackng Zionism for half a world away, but enjoy the privileges of your European/American origins on the occupied land of the Zapotecas. Will you pack up and leave if they ask you to?

      You seem to want to have your cake and eat it too: you want to attack not just the occupation but Jewish culture in its entirety all around the world in the most hateful of terms, and then get disappointed when your Jewish friends feel attacked and leave you. It may be somehow satisfying to you personally to reject and shit on your own origins, but I don’t know of too many social changes that have been helped along by the kind of rhetoric you employ these days. —Dan

12-reply. Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 6:27 PM
To: Daniel Feder <>

      Thanks Dan for taking the trouble to write me. I have been working on an explanatory statement, which is in progress. You are partly correct — I DO enjoy the privileges that I know very well are not mine by any inherent right — and am not at all proud of that behavior. You can see some of the responses I’ve received and my efforts (so far) to explain my motivation. I am motivated by the conviction that people are not inherently destructive, and that it would be possible to have a good world — for all human beings. I do not believe in ethnicity or tribalism of any human groups, or, of course, in religion. Please be patient — it's slow going. Best —George

13. Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 8:18 PM
From: Jan Brin <>

      Your subject line belies the desire you express to “build a culture of trust, sharing, and love.” The language you use to describe what you think about Jews and people who do not agree with you is inflammatory, derrogatory, and, I believe, wrong. I do not see how you expect to “build a culture of trust, sharing, and love” using words like “Jewfestation” and “American Nazi.” Sincerely, Jan Brin

14. Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 8:40 AM
From: Barbara Chasin <>

      I was unpleasantly surprised by this statement and want to be removed from your email list. Barbara Chasin

15. Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 3:17 PM
From: Herb Fox <>

      George: The difference in our viewpoints w/respect to an important generality is not great. I too believe that the necessary condition for survival of our species is that species identification become our primary identification. It does appear that the way we go about struggling for that is different. You are “a former American Jew” uniting with those who would exterminate Jews and use ethnicity as primary identity; I am a present American Jew uniting with all oppressed people because they are humans; and I struggle to understand and expose the class structure that promotes the antagonisms of one ethnicity to another. Since the primary objective is that every human identify first and foremost with all humans and only secondarily with such social formations as family, friends, klan, religious cohort, ethnic origin, etc., it behooves those of us who would, quixotic or not, seek to change the world to take everyone as they are and in collective struggle against class oppression, whether it be manifested in stimulated ethnic strife or at the workplace, strive to bring home to them the centrality of species identification.

      It appears that in contrast to your affirmations of love you are a hater and comfortably unite w/haters. I actively oppose the deeds and views of Clarence Thomas, Netanyahu, Berlusconi and the class forces they represent without uniting with AfricanAmerican haters, Jew haters or Italian haters. George you cannot support universal love and be a supporter of haters, because what we do has much more influence than what we say. No, do not remove me from your list. I do strongly disagree with you and believe that your unity with haters does more harm than good; but I don’t hate you. In fact, even though we’ve had differences in the past, I’ve never hated you and have affection for your Human, Jewish American, Exile self —Herb

      Further clarification of my perspective. As I was working to try to straighten out this beehive of controversy, an e-mail came from an old friend, Herb Fox, who I would categorize as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Since he is writing about the issue at hand, I am adding his note.

  Another Holocaust is coming — this one to America!

      What is not easy for me to understand is the utter stupidity of American Jewish people. How can they not see the rage being stirred in the American non-Jewish population by the “successful” manipulation of the American political machinery in the obvious effort to back the Jewish conquest of Palestine? American Jews who deliberately close their eyes to this development, deluding themselves that they can go on endlessly enjoying their privileged status in a decaying social order, are not fundamentally different than, for example, the well-to-do Armenians in Turkey in 1915. Robert Fisk, in The Great War for Civilization: The conquest of the Middle East paints a horrifying picture of the genocide of perhaps one and a half million Armenian Turks. It’s in Chapter 10, titled “The First Holocaust”. This ought to be required reading for American Jews.

      My effort to understand the thinking of “ordinary”, i.e. non-Jewish Americans brought me into contact with some characters who I’m sure would be shunned by most American Jews. The reason is simple. These characters, of whom Bostonian David Baillie is one, are condemnatory of the manipulation of the American government engineered by so-called “Jewish interests”. David has one virtue which many correspondents lack: he says what he actually believes, in his case much of it is, to my mind, “Nazi” propaganda. Thus, he and I disagree vehemently about many “facts of history”, and each of us believes the other is quite deluded about what is true and false, but we know that the other party says what he believes at that time to be the truth. Of course it’s pretty frustrating trying to discuss things with David, because he’s as stubborn in holding to his beliefs as I am to mine. Nevertheless, there is a great deal in his belief system that I am convinced is basically correct. So we have our areas of ardent disagreement, and areas of strong agreement.

      I think that what holds this exchange together is the fact that each of us knows that the other person is saying what he really believes. If we all behaved by always trying to tell the truth it would of course cause discomfort to people who learned that they were thought badly of by people whose respect they wished they had. But if we did so, and if we really did want to be thought well of, then we might be motivated to behave in ways that merited respect.

  This posting is still in progress, Sun evening 9 Oct

      Correspondence in chronological order: It’s not too surprising that the responses reflect ethnic identifications.

1. George Salzman <>
2. Claudio Coladangelo <>
3. Ben Wise <>
4. Susan Silver <>
5. Bill Weinberg <>
6. David Hunt <>
7. David Lewit <>
8. Joseph Maizlish <>

9. David Baillie <>
10. Mira Brown <>
11. L. Urban Kohler <>
12. Daniel Feder <>

13. Jan Brin <>
14. Barbara Chasin <>
15. Herb Fox <>

[1] Israel Shamir and Kenneth Freeland revealed. The original two articles, Getting at the truth in today’s world — Part I and Part II, are, respectively, at and See in particular, in the second item, where Freeland has relied on a scurrilous piece of trash by a raving Swiss idiot, one Hennecke Kardel, whose book, Adolph Hitler — Founder of Israel: Israel in war with Jews is cited by XXXXXX Coffinman.

[2] Sketch for a humane resolution of the Palestine/Israel conflict.

George Salzman is a former American Jew living in Oaxaca, Mexico, an ex-physics prof, Univ of Massachusetts-Boston.
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