The New England Quarterly

Call for Papers: New England and the Great War

NEQ is entertaining submissions for a special issue commemorating New England's participation in the Great War.

The Colonial Society of Massachusetts 2016 Walter Muir Whitehill Prize

NEQ is accepting submissions for the 2016 Walter Muir Whitehill Prize in Early American History.


In the December 2016 issue of NEQ 

To Secure her Freedom: "Dorcas ye blackmore," Race, Redemption, and the Dorchester First Church, by Deborah Colleen McNally

This is My Body: Communion and Cannibalism in Colonial New England and New France, by Carla Cevasco--Read this article for free.

Hawthorne's Gifts: Re-reading "Alice Doane's Appeal" and "The Great Carbuncle" in The Token, by Alexandra Urakova

Origin Stories: The Boston Athenæum, Transatlantic Literary Culture, and Regional Rivalry in the Early Republic, by Lynda K. Yankaskas


The Opinion of the Cambridge Association, 1 August 1692: A Neglected Text of the Salem Witch Trials, by Clive Holmes


Congratulations to 2014 Whitehill Prize winner Douglas L. Winiarski.

Professor Winiarski's essay, "Lydia Prout's Dreadfullest Thought," was published in the September 2015 issue of The New England Quarterly. 


NEQ is pleased to announce the release of our first BATCH from MITPress.  

A list of contents is available in Announcements




Sybil Ludington, "the female Paul Revere," a conversation between Paula Hunt and Marla Miller about material culture and American mythmaking. 

Andrew Menard and Laura Dassow Walls discuss nationalism and nature in Henry David Thoreau's Walking.

Patriot's Day with Robert Gross and Mary Babson Fuhrer

Richard Brown and Governor Michael Dukakis 

American Restaurants and Cuisine in the Mid-–Nineteenth Century 

Catcher in the Rye Podcast

Femininity, Fashion, and the Recasting of Radcliffe's Reputation, 1900–1950 

Native American Verterans of Connecticut's Volunteer Regiments and the Union Navy Podcast

See Announcements for more information about these podcasts. 

Images courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society

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