For over eighty years, The New England Quarterly has published the best that has been written on New England's cultural, literary, political, and social history.

Contributions cover a range of time periods, from before European colonization to the present, and any subject germane to New England’s history—for example, the region’s diverse literary and cultural heritage, its political philosophies, race relations, labor struggles, religious controversies, and the organization of family life. The journal also treats the migration of New England ideas, people, and institutions to other parts of the United States and the world. In addition to major essays, features include memoranda and edited documents, reconsiderations of traditional texts and interpretations, essay reviews, and book reviews.

Editorial Staff     

Jonathan Chu


Associate Editors
Betsy Klimasmith, Leonard von Morzé


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 Gabrielle Garneau, Sarah Black


Board of Editors 
Virginia DeJohn Anderson       
David Brion Davis
Andrew Delbanco
Bernard Bailyn
Marla Miller
Mary Kelley     
Neil Harris
Nina Baym
Robert L. Middlekauff
      William M. Fowler Jr.
      Robert D. Richardson
  Daniel R. Coquillette
Linda Smith Rhoads
Laura Dassow Walls
     Richard D. Brown
Mary Loeffelholz

The board of editors is responsible for the journal’s intellectual vitality. 

Board of Directors

Richard D. Brown 
Thomas R. Appleton
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John Taylor Williams
Bernard Bailyn
Daniel R. Coquillette

Amy L. Domini
David R. Godine
William M. Fowler Jr.
Lilian Handlin
Amory Loring
Linda Smith Rhoads
D. Brenton Simons
Edward L. Widmer