19 April 2016

NEQ is pleased to share that Donald R. Hickey's article, "A Note on the Origins of 'Uncle Sam,' 1810-1820,"which appeared in the December 2015 issue, was the focus of a New York Times article.


NEQ is pleased to announce the release of "Emerson and Thoreau: Dimensions of Two Intertwined Careers," a BATCH from MitPress.  

Selected essays include:

A Foreword by Robert D. Richardson

Performing Loss, Elegy, and Transcendental Friendship
William Rossi

Emerson, Thoreau, and the Double Consciousness
Joel Porte

Transcendental Vacations: Thoreau and Emerson in the Wilderness
William W. Stowe

Nationalism and the Nature of Thoreau's "Walking"
Andrew Menard

"Sympathy's Electric Chain" and the American Democracy: Emerson's First Vocational Crisis
Mary K. Cayton

Militant Abolitionism: Douglass, Emerson, and the Rise of the Anti-Slave
Len Gougeon

"As You Are Brothers of Mine": Thoreau and the Irish
Laura Dassow Walls

Prophet among Rebels: Henry David Thoreau and the Creation of a Transcendentalist Bible
Lydia Willsky

Emerson and the Fortunes of a Godless Religion
Robert Milder

NEQ accounces its transition from Northeastern to the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

The announcement appeared in the March 2015 issue of the journal. 

Congratulations to David Brion Davis who was awarded the 2013 National Humanities Medal!

The National Endowment for the Humanities has recognized Dr. Davis's work as a historian, for reshaping our understanding of history. A World War II veteran, Dr. Davis has shed light on the contradiction of a free Nation built by forced labor, and his examinations of slavery and abolitionism drive us to keep making moral progress in our time.  In addition to being an emeritus professor of history at Yale, Dr. Davis serves on the Board of Editors for The New England Quarterly.

Congratulations to NEQ author Paul Lewis whose March 2012 essay, “Longfellow’s Serenity and Poe’s Prediction: An Antebellum Turning Point,” recently won the Poe Studies Association’s James Gargano award for the best Poe essay published that year.  Lewis’s piece is available through NEQ’s publisher, MIT Press Journals. 


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