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Off-Campus Part-Time Job Description Form

The Part Time Job Program through Student Employment at UMass Boston is funded in part by the Job Location and Development (JLD) Program. The JLD Program is part of a larger federal grant received by the University to provide financial assistance to students through employment opportunities. The JLD Program has been established to list off-campus job opportunities for students during and between periods of attendance. Jobs located or developed under the program must be suitable to the scheduling and other needs of the employed student and must, to the maximum extent practicable, complement and reinforce the educational program or vocational goal of the student. As such, the positions listed through SES must be with profit or nonprofit employers offering opportunities to currently enrolled students.

As a recipient of these federal funds, each year we are required to report how many students worked in positions posted through our service and how much they earned. We do not report any specific information about the positions or the employers where students work, but we do contact all employers using our service throughout the year to determine if they have hired any UMass Boston students.

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Employer Information

Job Description

Application Details

Contact Person


Employer Information

Employer Name *

Indicate the name of the organization that is hiring students.

Contact Person

Provide the name of the person whom SES should contact for follow-up related to the posting of this listing.

Contact Phone/Fax

Indicate the phone number and fax number where SES may reach the Contact Person.

Employer Address

Provide a mailing address where SES can reach the Contact Person.

Employer E-Mail*

Provide an email address where SES may contact you for additional information.

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Job Description*

Job Title

Indicate the title of the position being advertised.

Job Description

Provide a detailed job description of the job. Be sure to include all duties that the student will perform on a regular basis, as well as marginal duties.


Describe special skills and qualifications required.


Describe the expected employment schedule. This may include an indication of the number of hours per week expected, the daily schedule required (e.g. hours must be between 9 and 5 Monday through Thursday), as well as other scheduling requirements.

Application Procedures

Please provide details of how students should apply. Please be sure to indicate the appropriate address, telephone and/or fax numbers. (SES does not list the name and address of the Contact Person listed below unless specifically requested to do so.)

Pay Rate

Indicate the pay rate for the student employee.


Please check the box for any features listed which are offered for this position. Please also indicate if the job is a temporary position or a summer position.

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